Art & Design

Welcome to Art & Design at St. Matthew's
This year we are very lucky to be working in our brand new sketchbooks. 
During Summer Term, each class will be studying: 
Year 1 - What is sculpture?
Year 2- Can Buildings Speak?
Year 3- Pablo Picasso
Year 4 - Dreams 
Year 5 - Talking Textiles 
Year 6 - A Sense of Place
During Spring Term, each class has studied a different topic, with studies on Artists such as Claude Monet and L.S Lowry. 
Year 1 - William Morris 
Year 2 - African Art (Martin Bulinya) 
Year 3 - Roman Art 
Year 4 - Rivers (Monet) 
Year 5 - The Rainforest 
Year 6 - L.S Lowry 
During Autumn Term we have learnt all about different Artists such as Stephen Wiltshire and Andy Warhol. 
Each class has studied a different topic: 
Year 1 - Hot and Cold 
Year 2 - Picture This 
Year 3 - Landscapes 
Year 4 - Buildings 
Year 5 - Andy Warhol 
Year 6 - Egyptian Art 
Summer Term 
Some fantastic KS2 Art projects. Children have studied a wide range of Artists both local and further afield. Lucas has studied the Liverpool Artist Tom Murphy and Taniska was inspired by the Japanese Artist Yoskay Yomamoto.  A broad scope of Sculptors, Painters and Street Artists! Isabella told us all about the joint partnership of Steve and Heather Brice and Joanie has recreated a Ludo masterpiece! 
A wonderful assembly to celebrate all of our achievements during a very successful Arts Week. Well done children! 
We have held a very successful Arts Week from 1st - 5th May. 
Children have enjoyed workshops from a local artist Sarah Hicks. Our theme is linked with our work on making our school a place of sanctuary, which we will work more on during the Summer Term. To tie in with this theme, children have been making dens, welcome plaques, banners and flags. We have also looked at ways of saying 'Welcome' in different languages. 
Our Gifted and Talented Art children have had an additional session working with Sarah to create a display piece for our school. As our theme is 'School of Sanctuary' we have incorporated some scripture into our work, thinking about the words of Nahum 1:7.
"The LORD is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble, And He knows those who take refuge in Him."

Nahum 1:7

We have used recycled materials such as shoe laces, pea sticks and chamois leathers to make wall hangings which show how we welcome visitors to our school and we make them feel safe. We thought of some of the things that make us feel safe and secure, such as teddy bears, homes, families, and love and included these in our final pieces. 
Year 5 using road maps to create Welcome plaques for visitors to our school. 
We have been taking advantage of the warmer weather and took the opportunity to do some outdoor Art. Our focus was the Artist Banksy. We have been learning all about his graffiti work and found his anonymity fascinating. We were inspired by his work "There is always hope." We used acetate and permanent markers with a stencil to work with. 
Spring Term 
Year 4 visited the Grosvenor gallery in Chester and spent the afternoon critiquing the selection of Art work on display. 
What fantastic Artists we have in our school! Well done 6M, your sketchbooks are outstanding. 
Class 4F have turned their classroom into a mini Art Gallery! After the success we had in creating our waterfront pieces, we went around the class admiring each others' work and looking at the techniques that were used. We then became Art critics and gave feedback to our peers, telling them what we thought about their work. 
Year 6 visited The Lowry during their wonderful study of L.S Lowry. 
Autumn Term 
Children are learning how to evaluate their own Art work. They are encouraged to analyse the journey they have taken in achieving their final piece by commenting on what went well, what they were inspired by, and what they would change or improve if they created their work again. 
Katie said: I like mine because I based it on Tokyo and I love Tokyo! I would love to be able to add in all of the people. 
Isabella said: I liked the part where we had to do the stars. I was inspired by Liverpool because it is where I live. 
Scarlet said: I liked doing the windows and I think that was what I mainly focused on. I think it would be even better if I would have added a bit more newspaper. 
Year 4 working on their final piece as part of their topic on 'Buildings'.
They have taken inspiration from our beautiful Liverpool waterfront, thinking about including iconic buildings such as the Cathedrals and the Liver Buildings. 
Class 4F have been learning all about observational drawing but also the importance of drawing to scale. We have sketched our beautiful church building using photographs as a guide. We have used viewfinders to help us to concentrate on smaller details. We divided our photographs into grids and then were able to use grid references to draw to an accurate size and scale. It was tricky but our drawings are looking great! 
During Other Faiths Week, Year 4 used Indian Ink to try and replicate some Hebrew writing. We had to make sure we had a very steady hand! The ink was tricky to use at first but we soon got the hang of it, and were able to write most of the Hebrew alphabet! 
How talented are Class 3G?! They have been making lots of fantastic marks with charcoal whilst studying 'Perspectives' They know all about the vanishing point and how objects appear in the distance. They have developed their knowledge of line and tone and their finished pieces look amazing! Well done Class 3G. 
Class 4F were visited by an Artist, Peter Swidrak. 
We were inspired by the famous sculptor Barbara Hepworth and her piece, 'The Family of Man' 
We created 3D structures using lots of cutting and folding skills. 
Our final designs were very colourful and we were really impressed with them. 
We are very lucky to have such a beautiful Church building right on our doorstep! Year 5 have taken advantage of this wonderful structure and have completed some observational drawings outside. 
Andy Warhol collage in Year 5
Class 4P made some beautiful flower arrangements taking inspiration from the York and Lancashire roses. 
We very carefully assembled them using canes and straws to make a 3D structure. 
Each rose is unique but together they look stunning! 
Class 3G were inspired by David McKee and how he created 'Elmer' the patchwork elephant. We layered different colours of torn sugar paper to create a patchwork effect. 
Year 5 children worked with 6th Form Students from our local high school Holly Lodge. The aim of the project was to create 'bottle bugs' to be displayed in the beautiful setting of the Palm House in Sefton Park. Well done to all those children who had their work exhibited! 
Year 6 have been creating portraits using digital medium, paint, pencil and charcoal to create work inspired by David Hockney and Fernand Leger