Attend every day,
Achieve in every way!

At St Matthew's we believe that a good education will help children for the rest of their lives. Their journey to success starts with us working together to make sure the children get the best out of every single day!

We believe that good attendance at school directly supports better attainment and a more stable school environment. Mrs Grier works closely with children and parents/carers in connection with attendance so that each child can achieve their full potential.

Our school target is to achieve better than 97%. We are aiming for this level because this is the attendance needed for children to acheive the best from their schooling. We beleive by working together we can acheive this.
Whole School Attendance -  Week - 3rd July - 7th July 2017
Whole School Punctuality - Week - 3rd July - 7th July 2017