Year 1 Class - 1H - Spring - 2017 - 2018

Things to remember
Our teacher is Mrs Dillon 
Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Carter and Miss Storey
Our P.E. Day is Tuesday
Our Dance day is Friday
Children will need P.E. kits on both of these days. For Tuesday's lesson children will be outside so tracksuits would be more appropriate as the weather is getting colder.
Spelling Homework will be given out on Monday with the test on Friday so please practise with your child. 
Children should reading and practising their phonic skills daily at home. This is important as reading and comprehension is a vital skill.
In Year 1 the children will be sitting their Phonics Screening check in June. Please ensure you continue to practise these sounds.
These are the Year 1 common exception words. Please practise reading and spelling these words with your child.
In music we have been learning a new song called I like the flowers.
We had the chance to write our own lyrics and perform the song.
We had lots of fun at the school disco.
The children have been learning all about how to use the Internet safely.
We talked about how we connect with people online came up with lots of different ways such as through messages and photos.
In class we used string to show how we connect to different people in our class. It showed how all the different connections together can form a web just like on the Internet.
Art Week
Our topic for Art week this term is Colour Chaos. 
We started the week by exploring different ways we can use our pencils to create different shades and patterens.
We then looked at different types of paper and explored the different textures before making our own collage. We use the drawing techniques we had learnt to decorate our collages.
Paintings inspired by Mark Rothko's Colour Fields.
Drip paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock.
IN our dance lessons we have been learning dances from around the world. Today we learnt a hula dance from Hawaii.
Science Week
During Science week we have been loking at different types of materials and their properties.
We have done lots of experiments such as testing what properties different materials have and also looking at what materials are magnetic and non-magnetic.
We havve had lots of fun!
Visit to the Walker Art Gallery
The children had the chance to go on a trip to the Walker Art Gallery. They explored the different exhibits and had a go at dressing up as some of our famous Monarchs. The children had a tour and looked at different portraits before drawing their own.
Using Directions
We have been learning all about the Arctic in Geography and have looked at how people used compasses to help them travel around.
We made our own maps using different things from the Arctic such as polar bears and igloos as starting points. We then drew a map and wrote down the directions such as North, South, East and West. W
hen our map was finish we had a go at programming the beebots to folow the route of our maps.
Come and See Assembly
We invited our parents to our special assembly to show them what we have been learning in RE. Our assembly was all about special people. We told the story of Jesus' Presentation in the temple and how he met Anna Simeon. We also drew pictures of people who are special to us.