Year 1 Class - 1H - Summer - 2017 - 2018

Things to remember
Our Teacher is Mrs Dillon 
Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Carter and Miss Storey
Our P.E. Day is Tuesday
Our Dance day is Friday
Children will need P.E. kits on both of these days. 
Spelling Homework will be given out on Monday with the test on Friday so please practise with your child. 
Children should reading and practising their phonic skills daily at home. This is important as reading and comprehension are vital skills.
These are the common exception words for Year 1. The children need to be able to read and spell these words by the end of Year 1.
The Phonics Screening Check will take place the week of 11th June 2018. Please continue to practise  phonics with your chid at home ensuring they are able to read all the different digraphs within words. Any issues please feel free to come and speak to me.
Farmer Teds
We all have a fantastic day at Farmer Ted's. We groomed ponies, watched ferret racers, saw the birds of prey and even had time to play in the play area.
In D&T we have been looking at healthy eating. We looked at different fruits and talked about their texture and taste.
We practiced different cutting skills and tasted the different fruits.
Then we designed and made our own fruit salads and on Friday had a Teddy Bear's picnic.
Dance Competition
We took part in the KS1 dance competition with Reception and Year 2.
We performed a dance to a song from The Lion King.
Although we didn't win we tried are best and performed a great routine.
Victorian Morning
When we came into school today our class was different and the tables were in rows. Mrs Dillon was dressed differently and told us we were in Victorian school today. We had to stand up and wait until our name was called before we could sit down.
We didn't write on paper we had to copy words and numbers onto a slate to write. We had recreational time were we played Victorian games like hopscotch and hide and seek.
We then had drill time were we went outside and did our daily exercises.
At the end of the morning we stood up to sing the national anthem.
We had a visit from a lady called Priti Mistry who came to talk to us all about Hinduism. She told us the story of Ganesh and how he got his elephant head.
Miss Story dressed up in traditional clothes called a sari.
We got to try on the different clothes and we looked at different patterns which we could draw.
Mrs Mistry then sowed us henna and we all got different designs on our hands.
We have been looking at different jobs with our community. We talked about Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers and many more. We then dressed up as our favourite job.
Poetry Play
A theatre company came to our school and they did a play all about poems. we heard poems about gardens, flowers and animals.
We invited our parents/carers to help us make pizzas. It was lots of fun and we got to choose our different toppings and also make our own pizza box.
Royal Wedding
We have had lots of fun getting ready for the Royal Wedding. We made flags and crowns and even design wedding dresses and cake.
We had a special party lunch. It was a really fun day!
In Art we have been looking at the artist Joan Miro. We have looked at his surrealist art and drawn our own.
We looked at the different sculptures that he made and on the ipads we designed out own models.
In Maths we are learning how to tell the time. We made our own clocks to help us find o'clock and half past.
In Music we have been learning a new song by an artist called Louis Armstrong called A wonderful world. We have practiced it over the past few weeks and have enjoyed learning it.
In Science we have been looking at the weather and weather reports. We planned and practiced our own  reports in groups.
Then we used a green screen and recorded our very own weather reports just like on the TV.
In RE we have been looking at Pentecost and learning how the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit.
We made our own stained glass window pattern of a dove using different coloured paper.
In Ict we have been using code studio to help us learn all about coding. We had to complete different challenges to complete pictures and also to help the characters move around the screen.
Ruby was presented with her Pen License today for her lovely handwriting. She is the first Year 1 to get a pen.
Well Done Ruby!
We have been looking at the countryside and the city in our Geography lessons and learning how they are similar and different.
We looked at what can Ben found in the countryside and made maps to show this. We then made maps of our playground and used them to navigate to different areas.
Talk for writing
In Literacy we have been looking at stories from other cultures and we read the story Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone. We used a story map to help us to learn the story.
PSHE - Baby Clinic
We had some visitors in PSHE from some babies. We learnt all about the different needles they need to keep healthy and how they get measured and weighed.
We got to have a hold and a cuddle with the babies.