Class 1H

Welcome to Class 1H
Our Teacher is Miss Hewitt and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Higham.
We have all settled really well into Year 1 and are looking forward to all the new and exciting things we will be learning this year.
Some key things to remember in Year 1
Our P.E day is Tuesday.
Our dance day is Wednesday. 
Children will need their P.E kits on both of these days. 
Homework will be given out on a Monday and should be returned on a Friday. Children should try to read at home every night and always practise their spellings, times tables and phonics.
Key information for Year 1 parents taken from the Welcome meeting.
Some important information for parents regarding Phonics in Year 1
We have been looking at different types of fruit and making our own fruit salad. First we had to try lots of
different types of fruit so we could decide what we would want in our fruit salad.
We then designed what we would make it look like. Some people made palm trees, flowers and even our own faces.
When we were done we got to have a Teddy Bear's picnic in the reading yard.
It was lots of Fun!
Den Building
For Arts week we were had a session all about making dens. We used different materials, pegs, tape and poles to make the dens. After we had finished we played in them and we made sure that we welcomed other members of our class into our dens.
D & T Day
In D & T we were looking at playgrounds and the different equipment they have in them. We chose our favourite piece of equipment and tried to make our own.
First we made a design and thought about what materials we would need and how we would make it.
Then we started to make our model. It wasn't as easy as we thought and they kept falling down but we manged to make them all stand up in the end.
For the talent show we did a dance to the Gummy Bears song.
In music we have been writing our own songs about things we like. We worked in small groups to write the songs and then performed them together.
Visit to The Storybarn
We have had a very exciting day in The Storybarn. We got to play inside and look at all the different books they had. Charlotte and Annie told us some great stories and we made scary masks based on the Troll from The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We even got to have a go on the big slide.
After lunch we explored Calderstones park with The Captain and Smee. We saw a tree that was 1000 years old and a statue of a dog that had saved 150 people in WW2. We even saw the stones that the park was named after that were over 5000 years old.
We all really enjoyed our trip and had a fantastic day.
Mystery Suitcase
A suitcase was found in the corridor and inside there was some artefacts such as a map, compass, letter and picture.
We had to use the clues within the case to find out who the mystery person was. We did this by examining evidence, analysing a letter and going on a treasure hunt all using artefacts from the case.
We discovered at the end that the case belonged to Christopher Columbus.
Visit from the Vet
We had a visit from 2 nurses who work in a vets.
They brought 2 dogs with them called Peggy and Molly.
They told us all about what they do and how to look after pets especially dogs.
Observational drawings in Science
We have been looking at different fruits in our science lesson. we cut a tomato, a kiwi and an orange in half and look at them closely with magnifying glasses. We then drew a picture of what we could see inside the fruit.
We had lots of fun dressing up as our favorite book characters
We had some competitions in class too for World Book Day:
Louise won best bookmark design (Little Red Riding Hood)
Isabella G won best book cover design  (Fantastic Mr Fox)
Cali won best costume (The Queen of Hearts)
When we came into school this morning we found a bag with 3 presents in it. The presents had labels on and that said:
To 1H from ?
Prize for best costume.
Prize for best book design.
We decided that 2 of the presents couldn't be opened until Friday when we dress up but the one that was addressed to 1H we decided to open.
It was a book called Fantastic Mr Fox! We can't wait to read it.
Science Week
There has been a crime in our school someone has stolen money and a laptop. We needed to become scientists to investigate the evidence and try and discover who the theif was.
We looked at lots of different evidence such as blood samples, footprints, fingerprints, clothing fibre analysis and pens found at the crime scene.
After looking at evidence we went on an evidence trail around the school and we discovered that the thief was Mr Edwards.
Bubble challenge
The whole school was given a challenge to try and make the best bubble using water, washing up liquid and glycerin.
We used 3 different quantities of the solutions in 3 tests to see which made the best bubble. We decoded that the one with the most washing up liquid and glycerin was the best as it made bigger bubbles.
Harry made the best one in our class as it was the only one that floated.
Online Safety Week
This week we have been learning all about how to be safe when using the internet. We learnt that some information such as addresses, phone numbers and pictures of us in our uniforms should not be shared online. We also learnt that if we see something we don't like we should tell an adult straight away.
We played a sorting game to identify what information can go online and we also made 'All About Me' posters using just safe information.
Chinese New Year
This week we are learning about Chinese New Year.
We had the chance to make a Chinese stir fry using lots of different vegetables that are very good for us. It tasted delicious!
We also watched a story of the Chinese Dragon and made our own to take home with a fortune cookie and a special red envelope.
We have also been learning all about the Chinese Dragon and we even had the chance to learn how to do a Dragon dance.
In music we have been learning a song called I like the flowers.
Today we had to write our own lyrics for the song. We all thought about what we liked and put these into our song and it sounded really good.
We also learnt about rhythm and pulse and we use the instruments to show these in the song.
Which material will make the best house for the 3 pigs?
We have been looking at which material is best to make a strong house for the 3 pigs. We chose different materials such as cardboard, paper, straws, sticks and bricks. 
We discovered that bricks are the best material to make a house out of as they are strong.
We have been looking at floating and sinking in our Science lessons and we did 3 experiments using different equipment to see what floated and what sank.
Christmas Jumper Day 2016
D&T Week
In our D&T topic we have been looking at moving pictures. We started by looking at different pop up books and talked about how they move and how we could use these ideas to make some pictures that move. We focused on levers and sliders and as a test we made some pictures that we moved along a piece of paper.
We then designed some ideas for making a Christmas card and we thought of different ways we could make Father Christmas move up and down a chimney using a lever.
We had lots of fun making our cards!
History Week
In History this week we have been learning all about old and new toys.
We had a visit from Mr Vose who had come to talk to us all about the toys he played with when he was a child like us.
Mr Vose told us all about the different toys that he had when he was little such as a top and whip, bag a tell and cars. He told us that the toys he had were not made of plastic like ours today but that they were mostly metal or wood.
We asked if he still had any toys and he said he still had a teddy bear from when he was very little. He told us that his favourite toy was a fire engine that was wooden which his Dad had made and we told him what our favourite toys were.
Visit from the School Nurse
The school nurse came into our class to talk to use about how to look after our teeth. She brought a teddy called Deano and showed us the right way to brush our teeth. We then looked at some foods that are good or bad for our teeth and she read us a story about a trip to a dentist.
We then looked at the correct way to wash our hands and the nurse put a special gel on all of our hands and told us to go and wash it off. When we came back we put our hands under a special light to see if we had any dirt on them. All of our hands were really clean.
Anti Bullying Week 2016
We have been looking at bullying this week. We have found out that bullying is mean and can hurt peoples feelings so we made a poster to show how bullies can hurt peoples feelings.
We also did some role playing showing what bullies do and how to stop them.
Visit to the Museum of Liverpool
We visited the Museum of Liverpool to support our History topic which is Toys. We had a look at all different types of toys and we had to guess if they were old or new. We found out that lots of the old toys were made of metal and wood and the new toys that we have today are made from plastic. We had a chance to play with all of the toys our favorites were the spinning tops, the rubix cube and the dressing up.
After we had looked at the toys we had a chance to look around the museum and find out lots of interesting things about the city we live in. 
Information regarding Messy Morning
Messy Morning
For our messing morning we were focusing on our Science topic - Animals including Humans. Our Parents/Carers came in to help us and we made lots of different types of animals such as Reptiles, Mammals, amphibians, herbivores and carnivores. We had lots of fun but not as much as the adults.

Cookery Morning 


Today we had the chance to be cooks and make our own healthy meal. Cook demonstrated how we were going to the healthy wraps. We put cheese, tomatoes, onion, sweetcorn, guacamole, salsa and lime on our wraps. We had never tasted some of the food before so we had a try but not all of us liked it especially the lime.


When we had finished we got to eat our wraps and they were yummy!

Slow Down for Bobby
We made posters for the 'Slow down for Bobby' campaign to tell everyone to be careful when crossing the road and also to ask drivers to drive at 20mph by schools.

Robot week

 We had a visit from a Robot in our class today, its name was Nao. Nao is a very clever robot and it was made in France. Nao could do lots of different things like play football and tell stories but its favourite thing to do was dance.

Mr Gregory then showed us a drum kit on the computer and told us that we could be drums too just by holding onto a wire. It was lots of fun and even Miss Hewitt had a go too.
Mr Gregory told us that we could use wires to control different things and that the drum kit worked by us holding onto each wire and making a circuit.
Visit from a Child minder
We having been looking at families in our R.E. topic and on Friday we had a visitor who came to talk to us. Her name was Claire and she is a child minder. She told us that she looks after children from all different families, some that are big and some that are small. She brought her daughter to visit us and told us about her own family and we told her about ours. We learnt that no family is the same but that they are all special.
Judaism with Jeremy
During other faiths week in R.E. we have been learning about Judaism. A man called Jeremy came into our class and told us all about Judaism and what it means to be Jewish. He taught us a special song about God and read us some stories about Abraham and Moses.
We have been learning a new language called Mandarin and we have learnt how to say lots of new things such as:
Hello - Nǐ hǎo
Goodbye - Zàijiàn
Thank you - Xièxiè
Good morning - Zǎoshang hǎo
Good evening - Wǎnshang hǎo
Sports Week
During sports week we learnt all about agility in our P.E. lessons and we know that agility means changing directions. We had to travel around different areas changing directions so we didn't bump into anyone.
We also went into the front playground and some of the Year 5 children showed us how to play golf.
We had lots of fun!
Science Week
We had  a lot of fun during Science Week, we learnt all about the parts of the body and all of our 5 senses.
We used the ipads to look at different programs to help us identify the 5 senses. We learnt how to take pictures and how to upload them so we could use them in different games.