Year 1 Class - 1H - Autumn - 2017 - 2018

Welcome to Class 1H
Our Teacher is Mrs Dillon and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Carter and Miss Storey.
We have all settled into Year 1 really well and are looking forward to all the new and exciting things that we will be learning this year.
Key information for Year 1
Our P.E. Day is Tuesday
Our Dance day is Friday
Children will need P.E. kits on both of these days.
Homework will be given out on a Monday and should be return on a Friday. Children should read at home everynight and always practise their phonics, spelling and numbers.
Design Technology Moving parts - Christmas cards
Children investigated what a moving mechanism is and how to create one. They focused on slider mechanisms, recognising different types and how they work before using a character to create their own moving picture
Visit to the Museum
Year 1 went on a trip to the Liverpool Museum.
We went as part of our History topic to look at old and new toys. We answered questions about how the toys are different and we even got to play with them.
We had a lovely day and enjoyed looking around the museum at all the exhibits.
As part of our Science topic we have been learning all about Minibeasts and their Habitats. 
We went on a mininbeast hunt around the school to see what we could find.
It wasn't a very successfull hunt as we think it might be too cold for minibeasts but we did find a worm, a ladybird, an ant and some spiders.
In RE we have been looking at the Sacrament of Baptism. 
we learnt all about the role of the Godparents and the different signs and symbols associated with Baptism.
We role played a Baptism service and each had diffrent roles.
In our new History topic we have been learning all about toys from the past to present day. 
The children have been sorting toys into new or old and they comapred them by discussing what they are made of and what they do.
We also had a visit from Mr Vose who talked to us about what the toys were like when he was a child and how they differe from todays toys.
Zoo Lab
We had a visit from Sophie and the zoo lab today. she brought lots of different animals for us to look at and we learnt all about the different things they eat.
We now know what a herbivore, omnivore and carnivore is.
It was so much fun and we loved holding the animals. We were all really brave.
Philosophpy for Children
The children have been thnking all about friends and what makes a good friend. We had a discussion about what makes a good friend and each group had to order a set of images from the most important quality to the least.
The children enjoyed giving their own reasons for what makes a good friend.
Drumming Workshop
In Mandarin we have been learning how to say some new things:
Hello - Nǐ hǎo
Goodbye - Zàijiàn
Good Morning - Zǎoshang hǎo
Good Evening - Wǎnshàng hǎo
We also learnt a song to help us remember.
The 5 Senses
Today the children have been learning all about the 5 Senses.
We became scientists and did some exploring of the senses.
Taste - we tried 4 different food and had to describe how they tasted.
Smell - We smelt 4 different things and had to guess what they were.
Touch - we had to put our hands into a covered box and guess what was inside without looking.
See - we played a game were we had to guess what object was taken from a group.
Hear - we went outside into the playground and talked about the different sounds we could hear.
The children were practising their ICT skills today. The had a go at logging in to purple mash and completeing a task set for them.
29.10.17 - Macmillan Coffee Morning
Today the children all took part in the Macmillan Coffee Morning and helped raise money for such a great charity. Thank you for all of your donations, the children all enjoyed their cakes. 
This term we have introduced 'Talk 4 Writing' in Key Stage 1. 'Talk 4 Writing' enables children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally before reading and analysing it and then writing their own version.
In Year 1 we are learning the story 'Oliver and Patch'.
Here is the story so far...
School Council
Alana Wyllie is the new School Councillor for 1H and she is
 very excited to start her new role.
Cookery Morning
Today the children had the opportunity to take part in a cookery session. The children dressed up as chefs and made their own shortbread.
Thank you to all the parents/carers who came to help.
We had so much fun and can't wait to eat our biscuits!
Today the children had their first P.E. lesson.
They all had a great time and can't wait for the next session.
Our Bodies
We started our new Science topic which is all about 'Animals Including Humans'. We have been labelling the different parts of the body.