Welcome to Class 1P

We would like to welcome you to class 1P.  We are an enthusiastic and hard working class.  We hope you enjoy reading all about us.
This week is Science Week and the whole school has emerged itself into exploratory Science.  A fictitious 'crime' has occurred this week.  A 'teacher' has stolen £1000 and a laptop.  The children are going to use the evidence found at the crime scene to find out WHO DID IT?
Class 1P would like to Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year.  We decided to sing it to you in Mandarin.  Enjoy!
What fun we had showing off our lovely Christmas Jumpers.
Messy Morning
Here is Class 1P sitting in a carriage of  the old 'Overhead Railway' in the Museum.  Enjoy listening to them singing 'The rails on the track'.  A great time was had by all!
Science Week
Animals Including Humans.   Scientists in 1P labelled internal and external parts of their body.  They investigated their senses and danced to 'hands, shoulders, knees and toes'. Great fun!
We love our new playground.  New class, new playground, new friends...who could ask for more!
This week is robot week.  Today the children enjoyed working with NAO. Here is NAO showing off his footballing skills.
Here are the children learning the dance moves to 'Thriller' with NAO.
Slow down for Bobby
We made posters for the 'Slow down for Bobby' campaign to tell people to be safe on the roads.

Anti - Bullying Week


Please check out our conversations on bullying…

Have a look at my Anti- bullying poster which I  made at home with the help of my mum! 
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