Welcome to Class 2G
Your class teacher is Miss Rolph and your teaching assistant is Miss Little.
The class have dance on Wednesday and P.E. on Thursday. Children will need their full P.E. kits for these lessons.
Homework will be given out on a Monday, to be returned by Friday, please. Children will be tested on their spellings on the Friday.
Please try to read with your child every evening, thank you!
Do you like our patchwork 'quilt' of children's rights? As part of our Big Culture Week, we looked at the story of a refugee child from Afghanistan and thought about the children's rights that he was being denied. We explored what rights a child should have and made our quilt based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The message from our Year 2 P4C discussion this afternoon was a massive,  "We welcome refugees!" As part of our Big Culture Week, we have looked at what a refugee is and the types of circumstances that force people to leave their homes. We discussed the statement, "Britain should help everyone as everyone has the right to be safe." After many fantastic views and ideas, it was a resounding "YES" from 2G! We designed posters to spread the message and show others how we can help! We wore our stickers "Refugees Welcome" with sincerity and thoughtfulness.
2G would like to wish all the best to Mrs Green who has moved on to pastures new. Miss Rolph will remain as the class teacher until the end of the academic year. 
Good luck to all our Year 2 children in their KS1 SATS this week and next week! They have all been working extremely hard and are ready for the challenge!
Come and read our nonsense poems...........
Don't put coke on your coat,
Don't stick honey to a mummy,
Don't sneak a rat into the flat,
Don't say the cat is fat,
Don't throw jelly at the telly,
Don't say hi to a fly.
Don't squash jelly in your welly,
Don't pour water on your daughter,
Don't put glue in your shoe,
Don't put flies in your eyes,
Don't throw Jake in the cake!
Don't put glue in your shoe,
Don't put the bee in your tea,
Don't throw the pan at nan!
Don't put jam in the pan.
Don't put the rat on the cat.
Don't throw carrots at the parrot.
Don't put the fly in the pie.
Don't throw jelly at the telly.
Don't put toffee in the coffee.
Don't pick your nose and stick up your toes!
Don't squash ants in your pants!!
We were very lucky to have a resident artist in school for our Arts Week. The theme of our session was "school of sanctuary" where we thought about refugees and asylum seekers and their plight. We used basic materials to build shelters and then welcomed others into our make-shift homes to offer them friendship and support. It really made us think what it must be like to go to a strange place with nothing at all! 
On a beautiful April day, we took a trip to Sefton Park as an introduction to our new Science topic of Animals and Their Habitats. We looked at different places animals lived and why Sefton Park was a suitable habitat for them. We also enjoyed lunch in the lovely Spring outdoors. Just in case our coach driver got lost, we also planned a route for him before we went, using local maps. 
Our residential to Colomendy was a huge success with the children trying out lots of new and adventurous outdoor pursuits!!!
Come and read our wonderful poems which we have created and edited! Based on the work of some famous poets, we have adopted their style and techniques to write our own creations!
What is a star? By (username) PJV
A star is a buttercup in the sky.
A star is a knife in the sky.
A star is a  diamond in the sky.
A star  is a key  in the  sky.
A star is  a crown in the  sky
A  star is an icicle  in the  sky.
A star is a lamp  in   the sky.
A star is a window in the sky.
A star is gold in the sky.
A star is a stranger in sky.
A star is a snowflake in the sky.
A star is like a moon in the sky. 
Leaving Assembly by JV
Miss Clean's class got wiped out,
Mr Drive's class drove out,
Mr Dog's class ran out,
Mr Ball's class bounced out,
Mr Storm's class rained out,
Mrs Silly's class laughed out
Mr Horrid's class punched out,
Mr Rhino's class charged out
and Mr Elephant's class sprayed out!
What is a star? by AO
A star is friend ship preciously spreading  in your heart.
A star is a golden feather delicately moving in the bright night.
A star is a ruby magically twinkling in the sky.
A star is a rainbow with many beautiful colours.
A star is a holy angel looking down on us.
A star is a cold,blue and patterned snow flake dazzling in the lovely, bright night.
A star is a shooting star zooming through the world. 
A star is a bell ringing in church.
A star is a buttercup falling down to the ground. 
A star is a teardrop rolling down night's face.
Guess who turned up in 2G on Friday? Can you name all the characters and books? Our 'visitors' certainly inspired our writing!!
Our 2G Scientists were hard at work today, conducting a series of very important investigations for Science week!
Have you ever seen a jaguar catch a rabbit? Well, we did at Chester Zoo, this week! This was just one of the amazing animals we got up close to on our school trip! Baby giraffes, 8ft pythons, low flying bats and baby elephants were all the order of the day. Our trip sparked off a class discussion, "Does the world really need zoos?" This we debated, at length on our return. 
For Internet Safety Day 2017, we watched films and read stories with key messages on how to be safe online. We shared experiences and thought of solutions and by the end of the week, we were Internet Heroes in our online quiz! We made personal profiles to share on line which were "all about me," without giving out personal information. Some of the usernames we thought up were fabulous!
Once upon a time, there was a lovely opportunity for Year 2 to watch a fantastic production on Traditional Tales. The children were entertained with adaptations of The Little Red Hen, The Gingerbread Man and The Enormous Turnip. After the production, the stage actors worked with all our budding actors in a workshop on characterisation. What a fabulous start to our new topic in Literacy!
We had a great DT day today where we had a brief from Father Christmas himself! He wrote to tell us that he was running low on magic and his reindeer were feeling old, so he wanted us to design a new sleigh for him. He requested wheels (to land on any terrain) and materials that would last the long trip, so we thought of lots of different ideas in our design process. In the afternoon we made prototypes using different tools (with lots of supervision  from our teachers) and we hope he will be pleased with the results!
We got all festive at our messy morning, when we invited our parents and carers to come and join in with our learning. We made lots of crafts, decorated biscuits and wrote that all important letter to Father Christmas!!!
Oh! What a wonderful time we had, dancing our socks off at the KS1 disco!!! 
This term, we have been having a Multiplication Celebration in Maths. Through activities such as songs and games, we have been learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables....and we are proud of our results!!!
A big thank you to Father Conor for helping us with learning about the signs and symbols of Baptism, this term.
We enjoyed visiting the church and role playing a baptism with him.
We had a fabulous experience learning all about robots during Robot Week! We were visited by a robot called Nao and we learned to programme him to move and tell stories. During the week, we also invented our own robots and wrote explanations on how they worked. 
Should we have flying cars? What do you think?  This was the question set to 2G in our Philosophy lesson. The children had to decide and debate what the advantages and disadvantages would be, before taking a vote. Watch out, Walton....the majority of the class voted in favour of having them!!
We discussed and reflected on Psalm 8:3-11, thinking about how God is always close to us. Our pictures show children retelling the psalm adding music and song. 
Class 2G visit St. Matthew's Church for Heritage day.