Class 3C

Welcome to Class 3C.
Our class teacher is Miss Connor, our teaching assistant is Mr Johnson and our one to one support teaching assistant is Miss Wilkinson.
We are already becoming more independent now we are in the juniors and have settled in very well. We are going to have a really fun year in Year 3. 
Some important things to remember in year 3:
  • Our P.E day is Monday
  • Our dance day is Wednesday
Children will need their P.E kits on these days. 
Homework will be given out on a Monday night and should be returned on a Friday. Children should try to read at home every night and always practise their spellings and times tables. A research may also be given out, the date for this to be returned will be on the homework.  
Parents: Please try to read at home with your child every night, even for just 5-10minutes and then sign their purple home reading record. It really does make a massive difference to their progression in reading and other subjects!
Home reading in 3C
We do lots of reading in Year 3, but we can always do more (plus it's fun too!)
We have always received Dojo points for bringing in our home reading records and books every
However, we have now started a new reward system. Not only do we receive Dojo points, but now for every full week we read at home we move along our reading race track and earn fantastic prizes. But we need to remember to get our reading record signed!
The more we read, the more Dojo points we'll receive, the more prizes we'll get and the more fun we'll have!
Image result for there are gold and rubies in abundance but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel

15.6.17 – Mandarin

This week we have celebrated some important birthdays and we had the chance to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in Mandarin. Please see below for the video:

15.6.17 – The Pied Piper Performance

Today we were very lucky to have a fantastic performance of the Pied Piper in school. It was very fun and there were lots of rhyming words used in their version of the story. A great break from our tests this week!

25.5.17 - D&T day - Pencil Case making
This term's Design and Technology project was to design and make our own pencil cases using textiles. We spent the whole day looking at examples both within our classroom and looking at what is available in the shops, we then designed our own pencil cases, choosing materials that were appropriate and available. We then practiced our stitching methods as there are a lot f different was to sew. Finally, we then made our design and evaluated them.
We had such a fun day and our pencil cases turned out really well and there were no injuries at all, we all did so well and were very sensible with the needles. 

23.5.17 – Class trip to the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre

Our Spring 2 trip was a visit to the Catalyst museum to learn more about our Science topic of Light and Shadow and our history topic of the Marvellous Mersey.


We had a wonderful time in the light show where we watched and discovered ways to make invisible lasers become visible, light split into a whole 'spectrum' of different colours, we looked at body heat sensors and had a go wearing special glasses to see changing colours.


We also went to the observation deck to look all over Runcorn and out towards the old Runcorn bridge and the new one currently being constructed. We saw great views on a bright and clear day and learnt a bit about the history of the Marvellous River Mersey, but it was so hot up there we had to leave early to get a drink and cool down on the grass outside!


As well as all that, we went to explore the rest of the museum, tried all sorts of scientific machines and games and ate lunch outside in the warm sunshine, we even got to play on the play area. A fantastic day out!

Science – Light investigations

Take a look at some of our science investigations complete on light. During this topic we have looked at how light travels, how it is reflected, what colours you can see easily in the dark and which are more difficult as well as the shadows that are caused when an opaque, transparent and translucent object is placed in front of the sun.

We love science lessons because they’re always hands on. 

WC: 1.5.17 - Arts Week & School of Sanctuary Week.

Class 3C had a wonderful week during Arts Week. We celebrated our School of Sanctuary and made welcome banners for our homes out of different types of recycled materials. We also all added our handprint to our school welcome banner, which is hopefully going to be put on display for all to see. We know the importance of being welcomed to places and want our school to be as welcoming as possible to everyone.

7.4.17 - St Matthew's Got Talent.
Today was our 'St Matthew's Got Talent' competition. 
Representing Class 3C was our very own Luke performing his super owl whistle. Well Done Luke. Class 3C were all behind you and you did so well, as did all the competitors. 
What a talented school St Matthew's is!

5.4.17 – DT Day

Today we enjoyed our DT day and class 3C were making healthy sandwiches.

We recapped all about a healthy balanced diet that we learnt about in science last term and learnt all about what fillings we would and would not include in a sandwich. We even thought about who our sandwich would be made for and decided to make one for our partner to try. After trying different fillings and thinking about sandwiches we have for our own lunches we then designed and made our healthy sandwiches and evaluated them. It was a fun, messy day and the sandwiches were delicious.

4.4.17 – Year 3 Roman trip to Chester

A fantastic way to finish the Roman topic. We travelled to Chester and visited the Dewa Roman Experience museum. Whilst walking around a lovely lady took us around and talked to us all about the Romans, what they ate, where they slept, their buildings and lots more we even had the chance to act like archaeologists to dig and find Roman artefacts. Then after lunch we explored Chester and visited the ruins left behind by the Romans, we made a Roman formation and watched a gladiator fight between Miss Connor and Sarah (Lydia’s mum). Some of us were very embarrassed singing and marching through Chester with our shields…left, right, left right left!  

29.3.17 - Dance Competition.

What a brilliant morning KS2 had at the St John Bosco Dance Competition!

Class 3C performed a brilliant Spanish dance.

Image result for History week -   WC: 20.3.17 - History Week.   Image result for roman soldier
This week we have celebrated our second history week of the year. This week we focused on learning all about the Romans and how they invaded Britain. On Wednesday we learnt about Boudicca who was the queen of the Iceni tribe that fought the Romans. We learnt lots about Boudicca and decided whether we thought she was a hero or a villain. We even role-played the story of Boudicca in groups to the whole class as our understanding was so great. 
Image result for Boudicca
Image result for lego and computers10.3.17 - Lego Education.Image result for lego education
 Today we put our books away and spent the whole day working with an iPad program called Lego WeDo 2 to help us learn about programming we even linked it to our Science topic of 'Plants'. We first used our ipads to follow step by step instructions to build our own flower and bee, we then learnt how to programme our model to make the bee move around the flower. The bee then buzzed around the flower to mimic the relationship between the pollinator and the plant. We had a fantastic day!
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This year to celebrate World book day we linked a whole week to it:- Creative and distance writing week. The children in class 3C were very lucky to receive a bag full of wrapped presents on Monday morning. One was addressed simply to class 3C, the other two were for best costume and best book cover. We opened the present for the class and to our delight it was 'The BFG' by Roald Dahl. We produced some fantastic writing this week all about giants, we also had great fun on Friday dressing up as our favourite book character!
Congratulations to Libbie and Heidi for winning our best book cover and best costume.  
WC 13.2.17 - Science week.
This week is a very important week. It's science week and unfortunately one of the teachers in St Matthew's has stolen £1,200 and a laptop! Therefore we need to use our Scientific skills to get to the bottom of the mystery and solve the case! Have a look below at some of the pictures showing the brilliant activities we have taken part in this week! 
9.2.2017 - Zoolab visit

Our Science topic this half term is all about animals including humans so Zoolab came in to Year 3 today to talk to us all about different types of animals. They also brought along some animals for us to meet too! We got up and close to Speedy and Turbo the African land snails, Jarvis a giant hissing cockroach, Blossom the adorable baby rat and our favourite Megatron the python! Phew! We did also meet Tracy the tarantula but we couldn't touch her because sometimes if she gets annoyed she can bite. 

We learned lots from Alex the Zoolab guide and had the chance to all hold or stroke her animals too. We were all very brave with the animals and had such a fun day!
WC: 31.1.17 - Chinese Golden Culture Week -This week we have took part in lots of exciting activities. We had the chance to help cook and taste a Chinese stir-fry on Monday, dance with the special Chinese dragon and complete some calligraphy using Chinese symbols and pinyin on Wedneaday, and took part in a chopsticks challenge. We even had a whole school search for some lucky red envelopes which we learnt are given out to family members during Chinese New Year as a symbol of good luck.  
We had a fantastic week!
Image result for chinese new year animals
What animal year are you? 
19.1.17 - Year 3 Messy Morning.
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During the run up to Christmas in class 3C we have been learning about how it is celebrated in China. We have even made our own Christmas cards with Mandarin pin yin writing and learnt how to sing 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' in Mandarin. 
6.12.16 - DT Day
Today we took part in a DT day, this was a whole day dedicated to completing our DT topic. This term our topic was to design and create a desk tidy. The children really enjoyed this day and all ended up with their own desk tidy. The children looked and researched lots of different desk tidies and shell structures before discussing their purpose and then designing and creating their final product. 
What a fantastic day!
5.12.16 - Year 3 cooking morning
Today we welcomed lots of our special parents into our school to come and help join in with our cooking morning. Lots of parents and carers turned up from Class 3C to help join in with making our Christmas themed shortbread biscuits. All of class 3C would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who could make our very special morning more fun and it was a great start to our Christmas countdown. 
WC: 28.11.16 - History Week 
This week we were very lucky in St Matthew's to celebrate our history week. All week we focused on our history subject, which in year 3 was the Stone Age. 
We learnt so much information about the Stone Age and mapped the dates on a timeline, learnt about Stonehenge and the possible reasons it might be there. We got really stuck into the topic, making things like jewellery, tasting some food from the Stone Age times and even had a Stone Age invasion in our classroom on Thursday evening. 
We also learnt that not many weapons were found from the Stone Age which would indicate that life was possibly peaceful during that time. Would you like to live in the Stone Age? Class 3C could tell you all about the reasons why you might and might not want to live way back then. 
17.11.16 - Anti-bullying week.
This week was a very important week in St Matthew's Catholic Primary School as we joined in with a lot of other schools in the country to discuss anti-bullying and how we can use our 'power for good'. It was a very important week and we did lots of work around it because we know it is such an important issue. 
We  started the week by watching videos to learn more about bullying, then we talked about the affects it has in people and discussed ways we could make our school a bully-free zone. As a class we complete a class charter and all signed it along with a promise to show that everyone agrees to keep St Matthews a bully free zone. We also talked about who we could go to and trust to speak about any problems we feel regarding bullying. Posters were also made and in the school assembly we asked all children to join in with a prayer about bullying. 
11.11.2016 - KS2 School Disco.
This week was extra special because after school on Friday we had the opportunity to go to after school disco in our school hall. There was lots of food, music, friends and fantastic dancing! Year 3 had the best dance moves and put the rest of the school to shame with their dance moves. 
The conga looked like so much fun with everyone joining not in and having the longest conga line. It was so much fun and a lovely opportunity to all get together and have some fun! 
21/10/16 - Today we finished off our science and geography topics. We had a remember session and discussed all that we had learnt about 'Rocks and Soils' along with 'What make the Earth angry' we then used vinegar and baking powder to make the volcanoes erupt.
Once the volcanoes had finished erupting we all turned into Paleontologists and were able to excavate our fossils. What a super Friday!! 
18/10/16 - As part of our science topic we found out how fossils were made underneath layers of sedimentary rock. We had a go at making our own fossils which we are going to excavate tomorrow. 
17.10.2016 - Today in Class 3C we painted our volcanoes, which had dried over the weekend. They look very realisticl. On Friday we will finish off our Geography and Science topics as we watch our volcanoes erupt. 
Wow...what a busy but fun-packed day Thursday was! After we had traveled the world we started to make our volcanoes for our Science and Geography topics. Next Friday we will be watching them erupt. Keep checking the website for more pictures. 
WC - 10/10/16 - This week is Unplugged/Robot week. 
We had the chance to meet a very special visitor on Monday, Nao the robot. We played a guessing game with him, where we had to guess which sport he was doing the actions for. Then he gave us a couple of dances before he had to leave.  
We also had an amazing opportunity to travel around the world on Thursday without leaving the comfort of our classroom. This was thanks to Google and St Matthew's even made it into the Echo newspaper! In Class 3C, we visited the Colosseum in Rome, Italy and got to swim with some bull sharks in Fuji. We even took a trip into space and had a look around the moon. 
WC - 3/10/2016 - This week we have also been celebrating other faith week and learning all about Judaism. Year 3 have been focusing on synagogues - the Jewish place of worship. After a few days looking at the symbols used in synagogues and then learning about why they are important to Jewish people, we were lucky enough to go on a trip to a synagogue in Childwall! We met Ray who showed us around, described in great detail some important parts of their faith and then opened up the floor to our questions. Some of us even got to try on a Kippah and Tallit. If you're not sure what those are, ask us - we know all about them now.
WC - 3/10/2016 - This week has been a very busy week for Class 3C. On Wednesday we had a very special visit from an artist! He came in to school to work with us on some UK based artwork. We started by looking at different British pieces of art and then created our own field of poppies made from red and clack clay. When they were finished they looked fantastic and will be on display in our classroom for everyone to see. Have a look at us making them. 
WC: 26/9/2019 - This week was P.E week and the children had lots of fun. They were given the opportunity to learn about and take part in many different sporting events. We even had the chance to meet two very special visitors who taught us some Brazilian martial art Capoeira! Class 3C also joined the St Matthew's Golf Club and had a chance to develop their golfing skills with a game of mini golf. The children also took part in their weekly dance and P.E sessions and also had an extra P.E session. What a fun week! 
WC - 19/9/16 -As part of our science week we took part in many different exciting investigations. We continued with our rocks and soils topic and looked at the durability of many different rocks and even used the computer programme splice on the i-pad to make different rocks talk. Class 3C also had the chance to make lava cups and rock candy. Have a look at some of our pictures: