Class 3G

Welcome to Class 3G.
Our Teacher is Mr Greaves, our teaching assistant is Mrs O'Neill and our one to one support assistant is Miss Lewis. We're looking forward to a wonderful year!
Some important notes:
Our PE lessons are on Monday
Our Dance lessons are on Friday
Homework goes out on a Monday and is due back on Friday
Multisports club is on Tuesday and finishes at 4:15 if your child takes part
Parents: Please try to read at home with your child every night, even for just 5-10minutes and then sign their purple home reading record. It really does make a massive difference to their progression in reading and other subjects!
Home reading in 3G
We do lots of reading in Year 3, but we can always do more (plus it's fun too!)
We have always received Dojo points for bringing in our home reading records and books every day so long as they have been signed by an adult. Starting this week however, we have started a new reward system. Not only do we receive Dojo points, but we can now earn book marks for reading every night at home and getting our books signed!
The more we read, the more Dojo points we'll receive, the book marks we'll get and the more fun we'll have!
Science: Making shadow puppet theatres
For our Science topic of Light and Shadow, we started to make our own theatres using cardboard boxes and translucent paper. Eventually, we'll use them to create our own puppet show using light and shadow.
To be continued...
Catalyst museum
Our Spring 2 trip was a visit to the Catalyst museum to learn more about our Science topic: Light and Shadow.
We had a light show to watch where we saw invisible lasers made visible, light split into a whole 'spectrum' of different colours, body heat sensors and had a go wearing special glasses to see changing colours.
We also went to the observation deck to look all over Runcorn and out towards the old bridge and the one currently being constructed. Great views on a bright and clear day!
After all that, we went to explore the rest of the museum, tried all sorts of scientific machines and games and ate lunch outside in the warm sunshine (the play area might have been used too!) A brilliant day out!
D&T day - making pencil cases
This term's Design and Technology project was to design and make our own pencil cases using textiles. We spent the whole day looking at examples in the classroom, designing our own, choosing materials, practising stitching and then making them.
They turned out really well! Have a look at our pictures:
5.4.2017 - DT day - Healthy sandwiches
Our Spring DT topic was all about healthy sandwiches. We started by learning about the history of bread and making our own Medieval hand-made bread before thinking about our dream sandwich with any filling or topping we could imagine! After that, we turned to thinking more about healthy choices and what we could use for our own designs. We also got to learn and practise some knife cutting skills by dicing a cucumber (and tasting it!)
We had a great day!
4.4.2017 - Chester Roman experience
For our Roman topic, we went on a day trip to Chester to find out more about the mighty Romans. We marched to the amphitheater under Roman commands, learned about battle formations and even had a go at combat - all whilst carrying our own Roman shields. As well as that, we were given a tour of the Roman museum and saw lots of artefacts which were dug up in Chester like coins, weapons and pottery and saw actual remains of buildings buried deep in the ground. What a fantastic day!
10.3.2017 - Roald Dahl adverts
Our literacy topic started off by looking at adverts and persuasive features and language. After exploring different posters to find the features, we watched some 1950's TV adverts to see how they sold products. Then, we were asked to make our own advert to sell a Roald Dahl book of our choice!
We had lots of fun and created some amazing adverts!
Here are a few of them:
8.3.2017 - Lego WeDo 2
Today we put our books away and spent the day working with an iPad program called Lego WeDo 2 to help learn about our Science topic of 'Animals and Humans'. We first followed step by step instructions to build a lego tadpole and looked at how it would move. Then, we changed our build so that it looked like a froglet and learned how to program that to move. They hopped all around the class! Finally, we changed our froglets into fully grown adult frogs - without any instructions! We learned all about how frogs grow up and how they move differently.
9.2.2017 - Zoolab visit

Our Science topic is all about animals including humans so Zoolab came in to Year 3 today to talk to us about different types of animals. They also brought along some animals for us to meet too! We got up and close to Speedy and Turbo the African land snails, Tracy the tarantula, Jarvis a giant hissing cockroach, Blossom the adorable baby rat and our favourite Megatron the python! Phew!

We learned lots from Alex the Zoolab guide and had the chance to all hold or stroke the animals too. What a fun day!
1.2.2017 - Chinese Golden Week
To celebrate the Chinese New Year and learn more about the Mandarin language, we had a Golden Week at St Matthew's this week! We were lucky enough to have an extra dance lesson where we learned about Dragon dancing and even had a go ourselves, we had a lesson on Chinese calligraphy (Chinese writing) on authentic rice paper and also hunted for special lucky red envelopes hidden around the school!
What a fun and busy week!
19.1.2017 - Messy morning
We linked in our Geography topic of Metapolska to our messy morning and decided to make model castles! Why? There's a famous castle in Krakow (the largest city in Metapolska) called Wawel Castle. After learning a bit about its history, we tried to make our own versions.
They might not be completely accurate, but we had loads of fun making them and learned a lot too! 
Here's a few photos of our morning:
As part of our 3 week SPAG extravaganza at St Matthew's, we have been looking at prefixes (as us what they are if you're not sure!) in some of our literacy lessons. We cut out 'root' words and placed them into piles depending on what the prefixes could be for those words. Fun and learning all at the same time! We even had spare time at the end of the lesson to compete boys against girls using what we had learned.
History week
We've had such a busy week this week learning all about the early life in Britain - the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age. There was so much do such as making cave paintings, tasting Stone Age food, looking at artefacts from the Iron Age, examining paintings to find clues about how people lived, investigating photos taken above old Stone Age sites and then writing amazingly detailed descriptions and accounts of what we had learned! There was even a visit from a friendly but mysterious cave man so we wrote a letter to him telling all we had found out.
Wow! We couldn't possibly show you all of our work, but here are some photos of what we've been up to.
17.11.2016 - Anti-bullying week
This week was anti-bullying week in St Matthew's and in Year 3, we did a LOT of work around it because it was such an important issue to us. We started by watching videos to learn more about bullying, talked about how they affect people and thought about how we can make sure St Matthew's will always be a bully-free school. We then completed a 'hand of support' - 5 people who we know we can talk to and trust if we ever have problems with bullying. Our class all signed an anti-bullying charter and a promise to show that we all agree to keeping St Matthew's safe and bully-fee. We also made anti-bullying posters to help share our message with everyone else around the school.
11.11.2016 - School Disco
After school today, we all went to the hall for the school disco. There was music, food and friends galore! Year 3 had clearly been secretly rehearsing their dance moves all week and showed the rest of KS2 how dancing should be done!
Dabbing was the move of choice, although the impromptu conga line was a favourite too!
10.11.2016 - Baptism
For our RE topic of promises, we have been looking at the promises we make at our Baptism. We are accepted into God's family when we are Baptised and our parents and godparents promise to look after, love and guide us on our way to being children of the light.
20.10.2016 - Tectonic plates in Geography
We learned all about tectonic plates this week through making our own jigsaws - cutting along where the plate boundaries are. We then coloured in the gaps between pieces in red to show where the dangerous areas are. These places are where earthquakes and volcanoes are commonly found.
19.10.2016 - Flooding news reports
We turned into news reporters today to tell the class about flooding in a part of Cornwall. We researched what the dangers of flooding were, who was affected, which parts of the county were at risk and most importantly, gave advice on what the local people could do to stay safe.
We really got into character doing this as you can tell from our pictures!
Ask us all about flooding and extreme weather; we're experts on it!
13.10.2016 - Making volcanoes
 To finish off our Science and Geography topics, we thought we'd combine the two and build some volcanoes - all in the name of learning, of course! We worked in small groups to start the process; next up will be painting to make them look realistic. Then, at the end of the next week, we'll make them explore! What a brilliant way to end the topics and the half term!
Here's a few photos of our progress so far:
6.10.2016 - Trip to the synagogue
For our Judaism week, Year 3 have been focusing on synagogues - the Jewish place of worship. After a few days looking at the symbols used in synagogues and then learning about why they are important to Jewish people, we were lucky enough to go on a trip to a synagogue in Childwall! We met Ray who showed us around, described in great detail some important parts of their faith and then opened up the floor to our questions. Some of us even got to try on a kippah and tallit. If you're not sure what those are, ask us - we know all about them!
5.10.2016 - Artist visit
Class 3G had a visit from an artist today! He came in to school to work with us on some UK based artwork. We started by looking at different British pieces of art and then used images of Elmer, the patchwork elephant designed by David McKee, to create our own pieces of patchwork art. We only used two main colours, but they look amazing and will be on display in our classroom for everyone to see. Have a look!
26.9.2016 - Sports week
This week was sports week and we had lots of exciting extra activities lined up for us! First up was PE where we tried a few different Paralympic sports and found how difficult but fun they really were. After that, we tried our hand at Brazilian Capoeira - a kind of martial arts dance - which was incredibly fun and tiring! Last of all was the St. Matthew's Open golf tournament. Like golf always is in England, however, it got stopped by rain just towards the end so we'll definitely be coming back to that!
19.9.2016 - Science week
As part of Science week, Year 3 looked at our Science topic of 'Rocks and Soils' in an investigative and fun way. We conducted experiments such as the durability test on different rocks, made our own liquid 'lava in a cup' and even tried our hand at making rock sugar crystals!
Some of the pictures are below:
We also had Hi-Impact come in to do some work on the iPads with us all linked in to our Science topic too. We learned how to animate rocks and make them come to life - all whilst learning more about what makes them all different and how they're useful to us.
Here are a few of them:
21.6.2017 - Central African Republic mosaics
Our country for Global Week is the Central African Republic. We tied in our Art topic of mosaics and made some beautiful printed mosaics