Year 3 Class - 3R - Summer - 2017 - 2018

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Welcome to our Summer Term webpage.
We have lots of exciting times ahead of us this term, so keep checking this page for more information and some great pictures.
Important information
Our class teacher is Mr Blackburn.
Our class teaching assistant is Miss Latham.
PE and dance lessons continue to be on a Monday and Wednesday so please keep your PE kit in school all week. 
Homework will be given out on Monday and should be returned to school every Friday.
Children should continue to read at home every night and have their reading records signed by an adult to help them earn rewards in school.
 Reading at home for a small amount of time every night, will help your children progress in all subjects. 
Keep up the hard work year 3 and let's have a fantastic final term!
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As the weather is getting warmer, please provide your child with a water bottle with their name on to keep them refreshed throughout the day.
Children are able to wear school caps whilst playing on the yard.
Please check that you have written your child's name in their tank top/cardigan as we would not like them to be misplaced. 
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Everytime you read at home and get your book signed, you will get one class raffle ticket.
For every fifth time your book is signed, you will get a sticker for your balloon.
The person with the most stickers will win a prize!
Let's get carried away with reading!
Image result for congratulationsWell done 3R!
 We came 2nd in our school's attendance competition last half term and have won £25.00 to spend on our class. 
 Keep up the good attendance to help us push for 1st prize. 
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Our new maths topic is time.
 We have been learning how to tell the time on both analogue and digital clocks. 
 Please take any opportunity you have outside of school to continue to practise these skills with the children.  
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Today 3R made pizza! 
 They tasted delicious and we had lots of fun making them. 
Thank you to all the parents who came to help us. 

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Today we created maps of Spain using a range of materials to represent the different physical features found in Spain. We located mountain ranges, capital cities, rivers and major roads.

 Well done to our winning team ...

Halle- Jo, Ryan L, Alan and Lottie!


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Year 3 took a trip to Chester to take part in the Dewa Roman Experience. The children were given the chance to experience the sights, sounds and smells of Roman Chester. We all had a fantastic day pretending to be part of the Roman Army and have learnt plenty of interesting and funny facts! 
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3R have been working on their sewing skills this week!
For our DT topic, we were challenged to design and make our own pencil case using felt and other materials. We were given the chance to practise different types of stitching before making their final design.
They looked great!
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Our new science topic this half term is all about plants, roots and shoots!
We have been identifying the key parts of plants and the functions they perform. 
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This half term in our English lessons, we are looking at how to write a list of instructions. 
We have started by memorising the instructions on 'How to make the perfect pancake' using symbols and actions to help us. 
We will then use these skills to help us write our own set of instructions, using fronted adverbials, adverbs, time connectives and imperative verbs. 
Can your children find any of these features in instructions around the house? 
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The competion has started!
Working in pairs, we are trying to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. It is up to each pair how much water, soils and light they are giving their plants. 
Keep checking back to see who our winner is! 
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After building our own volcanoes last term, we decided to have a go at setting them off. 
We used bicarbonated soda, vinegar and food colouring to create a chemical reaction to represent the lava. 
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We have been learning all about keeping our environment clean in PSHE.
 We have made posters to put up around school to encourage children to help keep our playground tidy, written poems about littering and today we all went out onto the yard and did some litter picking ourselves! 
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The children have learnt a song in Mandarian all about being friends. 
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Today we dissected flowers so that we could look closely at each part of a flower and separated each part onto our dissection mat. 

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Our new topic in art is all about Henry Moore and his work on 'bodies' .
Today we used chalk to draw around our partners outline.
We then used this shape to create a piece of art in our sketch books by incorporating the style of Moore. 
Through out this topic we will be using charcoal to look at the use of light and dark and modrock to create maquettes, which are influenced by different body shapes. 
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We performed our final piece of music today.

We worked in three groups to create a class performance, using our bodies as instruments, which maintained a repetitive pulse and rhythm. 


Big thank you to Joseph, who bought his flute in to play 'Hot Cross Buns' for us all.