Year 3 Class - 3R - Autumn - 2017 - 2018

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A huge welcome to the Juniors and Class 3R! We are very excited about our new year!


Here is some key information to help you get started.....


  • Your teacher is Miss Rolph and your teaching assistant is Miss Latham.


  • PE will be on a Tuesday and dance will be on a Wednesday. The children will need full PE kit (kept in school) for these lessons.


  • Homework will be Spellings and Maths which will be handed out on a Monday, to be returned on a Friday. (We believe that weekends are for family time!) There will be a test on Friday, based on the homework. 


  • A home reading book and a home reading record will be issued to your child, at least weekly. Please ensure that you read regularly with your child at home and sign the reading record. It is hugely important for their development AND it earns them rewards in class. 


  • Finally, keep watching our class pages for news and announcements throughout the year! Thank you!
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We had a visit this week from a Stone Age expert who has actually spent months surviving in the wild, only using resources and skills that would have been used in the Stone Age. He really brought to life what life was like 3 million years ago and gave us an insight into the type of people they were. He brought many artefacts for us to explore - we even had cave man snacks of edible bugs! What a WOW starter to our new History topic!
We had a competition today to see which group could assemble a skeleton quickest and how many of the bones we could name correctly. We were all superb at it and enjoyed the challenge!
What do you need to build a tower strong enough to hold a book? During our Computing unplugged activity, we explored this question. From a variety of materials, we had to choose the most appropriate and assemble them to make our structures. We learned the most important elements were perserverance (trying different methods and never giving up,) choosing the right materials, a strong foundation and team work.  

What an amazing effort from 3R with their homework projects on Poland. Well done everyone and thanks to all the parents for their support!

Beat Life joined us in school today and we worked together as a class to produce some brilliant beats!

We visited the Allerton Synagogue and learned about Jewish symbols, celebrations, traditions and what happens on Shabbat.

To celebrate and respond to our Homes topic, the children shared in a Collective Worship that was planned by some of the class members themselves. These children led the worship and chose children to join in with various tasks, responses, thoughts and prayers. The children concluded that they felt at home, here as a class as well as with their families and that they were thankful for their families, homes and friends.


Jesus says, "Love one another."
Come and read our beautiful recipes for sharing the love of Jesus....
You will need:
  • A sprinkle of joy
  • A pinch of care
  • A dollop of happiness
  • A dash of support
  • A teaspoon of hope
1. First, sprinkle some joy on everybody.
2. After that, drop a dollop of happiness.
3. Next, put a dash of support on everyone.
4. Then, put a pinch of care to make everyone understand.
5. Lastly, put a teaspoon of hope on the family. (MC)
You will need:
  • A pinch of love
  • A sprinkle of hope
  • A tablespoon of support
  • A dash of family
  • A bit of friendship
  • A heap of strength
First, sprinkle hope over the family.
Next, a dash of happiness over my friends.
Then, a tablespoon of love for everyone.
...A handful of strength for the weak
And a dollop of joy for the poor. (RL)
You need:
  • love
  • joy
  • happiness
  • caring
  • support
  • family
  • hope
  • strength
Get a scoop of love and dash it on lots of people. 
Get some delicious joy.
Get a bit of hope.
Get a dash of strength.  (KC)
You will need:
  • A sprinkle of joy
  • A pinch of family
  • A spoonful with happiness
  • Lots of strength
  • A dash of care
First, sprinkle joy on yourself.
Next, put in a spoonful of happiness.
Then, lots of strength to show you're not scared.
4. Share with others.
Finally, put a dollop of work in. (MCa)
Can you make a rap of silly sentences using words with the ending -le? Well, we can  - using Pic Collage on our Ipads, we designed and performed raps and poems with these words. Have a giggle  at our photos!
We hammered our grammar (and spelling) this week, in a sing-a-long assembly all about past tense verbs.
We enjoyed putting our times tables knowledge to the test, doing interactive Maths challenges on our Ipads today.