Year 4 Class - 4F - Summer - 2017 -2018

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Welcome back to Summer in Class 4F. 
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We have all worked extremely hard in the Autumn and Spring terms and are looking forward to the final term of Year 4! Come and have a look at some of the work we have been doing ...
Our Class Teacher is Miss. Finnegan and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs. Wilkinson. We also have Miss. Wilkinson working in our class this year. 
P.E is every Monday and Dance is every Friday so please make sure P.E kits stay in school all week. Tracksuits are no longer needed during the Summer months! 
Homework is given out in Homework books every Monday. Please return completed books to school by Friday. If you spend some time learning spellings using the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check method, this will prepare children for their spelling test each Friday. 
Reading each night at home is essential and we ask for support from Parents to help us encourage this. Mrs. Wilkinson will monitor home reading and children will receive rewards for regular home reading.
Please remember to sign your child's reading diary as an indicator of reading at home. 
Thank you 
Miss. Finnegan and Mrs. Wilkinson 
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Wow! What a ball we have had today at our Festival Day.
We have been blown away by some amazing singing and dancing acts. 
The ice cream and treats have gone down really well too! 
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This week we were very lucky to have special visitors in our class to talk about their jobs.
Jack's dad, who is a paramedic, came in to tell us about how rewarding his job is when he has to help people. 
Neve's dad, who is a fireman, talked to us about all the different ways that the Fire Service has to help people. 
We had some excellent questions for our visitors and we have learnt so much!
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Exploring Viking artefacts! 
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Congratulations children on your very special First Holy Communion.
You worked so hard in preparation for this Sacrament and we are very proud of you all. 
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In Maths, we made our own triangles and squares. We then used them to create a figure of 3 squares and 2 triangles. When we investigated the Area, we found that the 2 triangles made 1 square unit. So we each made a different figure but the area of all our figures was the same! 
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Our class Collective Worship to celebrate the end of our topic - New Life. Our scripture was read beautifully by Rachel. 
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Well done Georgie for helping St. Matthews's claim their victory at the Highland Games this week! 
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A huge well done to Lennon, who has been working so hard developing some of his drawing skills this week! 
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The results of our Science experiment!
We wanted to find out which liquids are the most harmful to the enamel on our teeth. 
We were surprised at how much the Diet Coke could cause staining to our teeth.
We thought fresh orange juice was a healthy drink, yet it caused the most decay to the egg shells. 
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We have been looking at 'Seasonal Foods' and selected some seasonal fruit to create our own fruit flans. 
We designed and decorated them and then we got to have a taste at the end! 
We learnt lots about food hygiene, cutting skills and food which is either caught, reared or processed. 
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Thank you to our Parents and Friends who came to join us this morning for our Come and See Assembly.
The children have worked very hard during our topic of Self Discipline and were delighted to be able to share their learning with you!
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In Music, Rosie has been teaching us all about Sea Shanties. We have been creating our own lines to accompany the famous, "What shall we do with the drunken sailor?" 
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After learning all about Roman Numerals in Maths, Lucas found some Roman Numerals from a clock face in one of our research books. 
Well done Lucas! 
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We have been working on apostrophes in singular and plural possession. We also looked at irregular plural possessive nouns and their apostrophes! It was tricky but Anthony and Eve have created some super examples. 
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We are learning all about London! We used our atlases to find London on a map of England, Britain and the world. We also found out which seas and rivers are close to London and how far away it is from where we live.
Why do you think so many people want to live in London? 
Christian has been helping us to learn all about which countries make up the Commonwealth. 
Did you know it is made up of 53 countries and over 2 billion people? 
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Inter-Class Dance Competition at St. John Bosco
As part of our school theme. Dancing through the Decades, our class was representing the 2010's. 
Our song was 'Can't stop the feeling' by Justin Timberlake. 
Although we didn't win (this year!) we had a fabulous time and loved showing off our dancing skills to our parents, families and the rest of the school. 
Well done children, you were amazing and we are so proud of you all! 
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As part of our R.E topic of Self Discipline, Mr. Goss wanted us to appreciate the dedication that athletes such as Mo Farah have when it comes to their training regime and their preparation for a big event. 
We timed ourselves jogging throughout the day, just like Mo has to do!