Year 4 Class - 4F - Autumn - 2017 - 2018

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Welcome to Class 4F! 
We have all settled into Year 4 very well and are looking forward to all of the exciting things we have planned this year. Come and have a look at some of the work we have done already .... 
Our Class Teacher is Miss. Finnegan and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs. Wilkinson. We also have Miss. Lewis working in our class this year. 
P.E is every Monday and Dance is every Friday so please make sure P.E kits stay in school all week. Tracksuits are now needed during the winter months! 
Homework is given out in Homework books every Monday. Please return completed books to school by Friday. If you spend some time learning spellings using the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check method, this will prepare children for their spelling test each Friday. 
Reading each night at home is essential and we ask for support from Parents to help us encourage this. Mrs. Wilkinson will monitor home reading and children will receive rewards for regular home reading.
Please remember to sign your child's reading diary as an indicator of reading at home. 
Thank you 
Miss. Finnegan and Mrs. Wilkinson 
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We investigated different levers and linkages during DT Week to help us design and make our moving Christmas cards.
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We have been using the work of Louise Bourgeois to inspire our Art topic of Insects. We have sketched, shaded, observed and printed all in one week! 
We approached the issue of Bullying in a Philosophical way. We looked at 4 different types of Bullying: Verbal, Physical, Cyber and Indirect Bullying. We signed our Class Pledge where all agreed against bullying at St. Matthew's. 
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We used the book 'The Frog and the stranger' as a stimulus for our discussion. Some of the questions we asked were, 'Why does your appearance matter so much?' 
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History Week
Looking at the Industrial Revolution and observing how Britain changed during this time. 
Life Skills - Smoking Awareness 

Today we used different leaflets to help us to find features of persuasive texts. We found special offers such as 10% off and alliteration like Liverpool’s funniest, filling day out! Mia found a pun which said the farm park was complete and ‘otter’ fun! We are more aware of persuasive features and we are going to use them in our writing this week. 

Cooking Flapjacks 
Thank you to our Parents who helped us to make our flapjacks this week.
We used oats, syrup, sugar, butter and different flavours to make our flapjacks. They were delicious! 
We tasted them once they were cooked. Our favourite flavours were cherry and chocolate. 
Scientists are us! 
As part of Science week, we are looking at Electricty. Today we worked in our groups to build some circuits. Miss. Finnegan gave us some circuits to construct but we had to predict whether or not the bulb would light before we tested it. We each had an important role to play. We were either the Lab Technician, Lead Scientist, Experimenter or Co-Experimenter. Christian thinks that the best circuit is made with a cell, two wires and a bulb. 
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Colomendy 2017
What a fantastic time Year 4 have had during their 3 days at Kingswood Colomendy. We have learnt so many new skills and have had a fabulous time with our friends. Some of our favourite activities were Caving and Jacob's Ladder. 
Today we had our second session of our Life Skills training with Barnardo's. 
It was all about self esteem. 
Lewis said, "Self esteem is how you feel about yourself."
Ethan commented, "It can affect your behaviour or your mood." 
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Ruby helped to lead our Collective Worship by reading our Scripture. 

A reading from the book of Proverbs.

Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who

need it. Never tell your neighbours to wait until

tomorrow if you can help them now. Don’t plan

anything that will hurt your neighbours; they live

beside you, trusting you. Don’t argue with others

for no reason when they have never done you any

harm. Don’t be jealous of violent people or decide

to act as they do

The Word of the Lord

(Proverbs 3: 27-31)

Hands of Friendship Week 
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We had another successful Philosophy session today, discussing the issues that arose regarding friendship from watching the animated clip 'The Present' by Jacob Frey. 
Impressing Miss. Finnegan with all of our Maths calculations! 
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Using our equipment and methods to help us solve number word problems. 
Our Mathematicians of the week! 
These children have been working so hard on methods we can all use to calculate numbers up to 10,000. 
Well done! 
Google Earth adventures 
To enhance our Geography topic, we have used Google Earth to locate and explore different places that have been affected by natural disasters. We have looked at the path Hurricane Irma has taken through Miami, Tornado Alley in the USA and the 2004 Tsunami through Indonesia and Thailand. 
Our Computing session all about Computer Science
We have used code studio to improve our coding skills. We are advancing very quickly!
Klem from Anchor Education visited us today to teach us all about Prepositions. Our favourite game now is Preposition tennis. Eve and Jacob have shown us how it's done! 
Our first Philosophy Lesson 
As our warm up activity, we had to order different items in order of how happy they made us. Miss. Finnegan was so impressed with our responses and how we were able to explain the reasons for our choices. 
After we had generated 5 questions as a class, we took a vote on the question we wanted to explore further in our discussion. Our stimulus was an image of a family didn't appear to be getting along very well. 
Our discussion was very Philosophical! Harry thought that sometimes it is acceptable to argue as it is a way of communicating your feelings. Rachel thought that arguing is acceptable sometimes as long as it doesn't become the norm. Ruby suggested that not everybody is perfect so we can fall out sometimes, but it is important to remember to make it right again. 
A huge well done to Neve, who was elected as the school councillor for our class. Well done to all the children who put themselves forward. It was a tough choice! 
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We have got going on our spelling objectives already! We enjoyed a spelling carousel where we got to take part in different spelling activities such as silly sentences, fastest word finder in the dictionary, crossword making and Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check. 
To help us with our Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) objectives this year, George from Anchor Education popped in to teach us some really catchy songs!