Welcome to Class 4F!
"Turn your ear to wisdom and apply your heart to understanding." Proverbs 2:2
We have all settled into Year 4 very well and are looking forward to all of the exciting things we have planned this year. Come and have a look at some of the work we have done already .... 
Our Class Teacher is Miss. Finnegan and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs. Wilkinson. 
We have completed our swimming lessons for this year, thank you for your co-operation. 
P.E is every Tuesday and Dance is every Friday so please make sure P.E kits stay in school all week. 
Homework is given out in Homework books every Monday. Please return completed books to school by Friday. If you spend some time learning spellings using the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check method, this will prepare children for their spelling test each Friday. 
Thank you 
Miss. Finnegan 


For Global Week, Class 4F have been learning all about Iraq and why refugees have had to leave. We know more about the Middle East and what the flag represents. 
Image result for iraqImage result for iraq flag
We have been learning about the symbolism of the Lampedusa crosses. We were inspired by these and worked collaboratively to construct our own crosses out of wood, just like the original crosses were. 
Image result for lampedusa cross
During DT day we looked at seasonal foods and their benefits. We know more about food that is caught, reared and processed. We had a lot of fun designing and making our fruit flans. They had a lemon cream base and were decorated by lots of fresh fruits, including British strawberries! 
In Science we have been looking at human and animal teeth. We have checked our partner's teeth and counted up how many molars, premolars. canines and incisors that they have! We know how important it is to take good care of teeth. 
Congratulations to all those children who have just made their First Holy Communion. A beautiful celebratory Mass and a well deserved party! 
Our role plays capture the day of Pentecost. 
Taking advantage of the warm weather and doing some Art work outside. 
Making Welcome banners for visitors to our school. 
History Week in Year 4 - The Saxons and the Scots 
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Arranging our Saxon timelines and deciding which events we think are the most important and why. 
Scarlet thinks that 410 AD was an important time because "If the Romans hadn't of left Britain then the Anglo Saxons may never have came." 
Today was session 4 of our Life Skills training Level 1. 
We looked at the effect that smoking can have on our bodies. 
Science Week 
This week we are trying to solve the mystery of who has stolen some items belonging to our school! 
To do this, we became forensic scientists for an afternoon. We had to test samples of 'blood', handwriting, footprints and items left behind by the culprit. We think we may have solved it! 
We used glycerol, washing up liquid and water to try and create the biggest bubbles possible. 
We even made our own wands out of pipe cleaners and found we were able to blow 20cm bubbles! 
A fun time we have had making our own slime! 
An afternoon spent critiquing Art in the Grosvenor Gallery in Chester. 
Class 4F enjoyed a day out to Chester, so we could learn more about the River Dee for our Geography topic. We learned all about how the river has changed over many years, from the Roman period, to the Victorian period. We went for a tour of the river and learned all about its weir and how it has physically changed. It was very interesting!
This half term we are receiving essential Life Skills Training, Level 1 from Barnardo's. Please follow the link for more information. http://www.barnardos.org.uk/lifeskills
Thank you to all those children who shared their wonderful projects with the class. You have spent a lot of time and effort researching and presenting all of your information about what life was like for children during the Victorian period. A huge well done! 
Image result for victorian children
We have turned into journalists and reporters today! 
As part of our understanding of the Christmas story, we wanted to find out a bit more about why King Herod tried to deceive the Wise Men. 
We have interviewed the Wise Men to find out their thoughts and feelings behind Herod's actions, and why they decided to travel back a different way. 
We used some super open ended questions so that we were given lots of detailed answers. 
Christmas in 4F 
We have arrived in school today feeling very festive, whilst supporting Save the Children by wearing our Christmas jumpers. We have each decorated our own Christmas jumper thinking of ways in which we can help others who are less fortunate than us at this special time of year. 
DT Week! 
Our task was to design and make a pop up story book. We decided on the book 'The night before Christmas' so we have planned, designed and made our own story books with 3D features and pop up parts. We had a lot of fun making the levers and the leverages. 
We have kicked off History Week in Year 4! After a hugely successful trip to Quarry Bank Mill, we are really enthused to learn more about the Victorians. We have sorted our timelines so that we know lots of the key events and we are ready to know more. Next up ... The Industrial Revolution. 

On Thursday 24th November Year 4 visited Quarry Bank Mill. We had a wonderful time visiting the Apprentice House and experiencing what life was like for children during the Victorian period. Mrs. Shawcross treated us like real apprentices and showed us where we would be sleeping and eating. We then visited the mill and learned so much about how the cotton was turned into thread. We loved watching the Spinning Jenny in action!  

We have been learning about the importance of Armstice Day in Class 4F. We held a 2 minute silence at 11am in memory of all the people whose lives have been affected by war. We have written about how the world changed when the war started in 1914. Isabella wrote "All of a sudden, the sky turned grey and the world felt like something was missing." When the war was over, the ending changed to " Then, a bright beam of light shone onto the ground and a flower called a poppy started growing and the world became the same bright land again." 
In R.E we are looking at different ways that we are Called by God. We invited some children from Year 5 to come and talk to us about when they received the Sacrament of Confirmation. They told us what their Confirmation names were and why they chose them, and they also told us all about their sponsors. Thank you to those children, we know so much more about this important Sacrament thanks to you. 
As part of our Geography topic on 'Cities' we looked at why London is such a busy city. We looked at the different transport links in London, particularly the London Underground system. We used an Underground map and had to ask our partner questions about different stations and lines on the network and see if they could find them. Did you know that there are over 270 stations? 
Today we were visited by an Artist named Peter Swidrak. 
We turned our classroom into a mini workshop. 
Peter showed us lots of images of paintings, sketches and sculptures which tied in with a theme of 'Best of Britain' 
We were inspired by Barbara Hepworth's sculpture 'The Family of Man'
We designed our own 3D sculptures using different fold and cutting techniques. 
We noticed that Barbara's sculptures often have holes through the centre so we tried very hard to recreate this.
Come and look at our work in progress! 
A very successful Science Week in Class 4F, looking at how circuits are made. We made a human circuit that allowed the charge to pass through but our favourite part of the week was making fruit instruments that actually made sounds when we played them! Who knew you could use a banana to make a drum?!