Year 4 Class - 4P - Summer - 2017 -2018

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Welcome to the Summer section of Class 4P's webpage!
We will continue to have lots of exciting lessons and learning opportunities this term at St Matthew's, so please keep checking our webpage for information and pictures! 
Here is some important information that you need to know: 
Our class teacher is Miss Parry. 
Our classroom teaching assistant is Mrs O'Neill.
We also have Miss Parker and Miss McCann in class with us this year.
PE days continue to be Monday and Friday so please make sure PE kits remain in school all week. 

Homework will be given out on a Monday and should be returned to school every Friday. 
Children should continue to read at home every night as part of their homework and have their reading records signed by an adult.
Class 4P will continue to earn fantastic points and rewards for their reading efforts at home with our special 'Starbooks' display!
Reading at home every night for a small amount of time will make a huge difference in your child's progression across all subjects. 
Don't forget to practise your new precision and accuracy times tables homework! Who will make it to 'The Impossible Test?'
Keep up the hard work Year 4 and I am sure we will have a fantastic Summer Term! 
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We are still trying really hard to improve our spelling and handwriting. Children receive spellings every week as part of their homework and should be practising their handwriting at home as much as possible! If you have any spare time at home, ask your child to practise their neatest cursive handwriting! Below is a list of words that children in year 4 should be trying to spell.
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We had a very special artist called Calvin visit us today! He taught us all how to draw cartoon images! We learnt six different sets of eyes and six different mouth expressions! We then drew our own cartoon characters! 
We had a fantastic end of year reward trip at Otterspool Adventure Centre. The bouncy pillow was our favourite! Have a look at the pictures below. 
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Today we had a fun and exciting Science experiment. We used Litmus paper to decide which water samples contained acids or alkalis! We used scales to decide the pH level and practised our measuring skills to measure 20ml of water. 
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We have been to Cherry Lane today to measure the Carbon content of our local trees. We had to use our Maths skills and Science measuring skills to measure the girth and height of the tree in order to calculate the carbon level. Have a look at the pictures below!
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Congratulations to Libbie and Adam who have completed Course C on Code Studio! This is a fantastic achievement, well done! 
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In Literacy we have been learning all about Performance Poetry. We have used 'Talk for Writing' to learn the poem, 'The Cave of Curiosity.'
We have written our own poems that include a destination and an abstract noun.
Below are some of the amazing ideas we have created and some lines from our poems: 
  • Lewis - The Lake of Life
'In the lake of life I created, a daring, dancing dolphin on the water.'
  • Isabella B - The Waterfall of Wishes
'In the waterfall of wishes I created, a weird and funny boy who lived with an exploding turtle.'
  • Mark- The Sea of Satisfaction
'In the sea of satisfaction I captured, a climbing crab crawling cautiously.' 
  • Luke - The Mountain of Memories 
'In the mountain of memories I remembered, the fresh taste of spring water on a hot summer day.' 
  • Josh - The Pitch of Possibilities
'On the pitch of possibilities I created, European dreams trembling with fear as Liverpool scored creating a cheer.' 
  • Charlie - The Forrest of Fear
'In the Forrest of fear I discovered, the sound of a lonely owl hooting for happiness.' 
  • Olivia - The Greenland of Glory 
'In the greenland of glory I created, a mooses majestical antlers ramming into a bunch of bushes.' 
  • Heidi- The Wave of Wishes 
'In the wave of wishes I shadowed, a silly seal slipping silently.'
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Congratulations to all Year 4 children who made their First Holy Communion this weekend.
We had a lovely and respectful service in church on Saturday followed by a second mass and party in school on Monday morning!
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Today we celebrated the Holy Spirit with a Pentecost themed Collective Worship. 
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Have a look at Year 4 racing to complete their Speed and Accuracy tests! Well done Year 4! You are achieving 'Mission Impossible!' 
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We have started Art Week. Our new topic is 'Fruit and Vegetables'. Today we were practising our mixing skills with different colours of paint! 
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We have started our new Science topic, 'Animals Including Humans.' Today we have been learning all about the human digestive system. We used white binbags to draw the digestive system onto our partner's body. We learnt all of the different names of the organs and even the length and width of some of them! 
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Today we went outside and made food webs. We were all given an image of an animal and pieces of string.

We made the food web below in teams of 14. We thought about the producers, primary consumer, secondary consumers and tertiary consumers

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We have been learning a variety of Sea Shantie songs in our Music Lessons. We are becoming experts at singing and performing, 'What shall we do with a drunken sailor?' We are learning how to sing, harmonise and play the glockenspiel!
We are improving every week, have a look at the video below!
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Today we started our new DT topic, 'Seasonal Fruits.'
We made some fantastic fruit flans using Marscapone, Sponge, Sugar, Vanilla Flavouring and a variety of fruit. We designed and evaluated our product and we even got to taste our final flan! They were delicious! Have a look at the pictures below!
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Well done Year 4 for completing your fantastic Come and See assembly today.
Our assembly was all about showing self discipline and thinking about the self discipline that Jesus often showed.
We thought about what self discipline means to us and how we can be more like Jesus in our own lives. 
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In Geography we have been learning all about the London Underground. Georgie is currently reading a book called 'The Victory Dogs' and inside his book he found a map of the London Underground! Well done Georgie, you are nearly an expert! 
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Well done class 4P for your fantastic 60's style 'Twist and Shout' dance in the competition today! You worked extremely hard and should be proud of yourselves! 
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Today we made healthy pizzas in our Cookery lesson. Have a look at the pictures below! They were delicious! 
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We have started our new Geography topic for the Summer Term. Our subject question is, 'Why is London such a popular place to live?' Today, we looked at the Atlases and found London on a map of the UK, Europe and even the World. We looked at London compared to the size of other major cities and we labelled the main river that flows through London - The River Thames! 
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Our new Literacy topic is 'Stories from Imaginary Worlds!' The book we have chosen to study is Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister. We are enjoying reading all about Leon's adventures in the mysterious place between. We look forward to writing our own 'Imaginary Worlds' story!