Welcome to Class 5E!
We hope you enjoy sharing in some of the lovely things we do.
Things to remember;
  • Our dance day is Tuesday.
  • Our PE day is Wednesday.
  • Homework is given out on Monday and should back in on a Friday.
  • Please try to read every night!
Hinduism Workshop
Today we learnt all about Hinuism with Miss Mystery. We looked at Hindu Gods, dressed in Hindu clothes and some of us got henna tatoos.
Wirral Country Park
We really enjoyed our trip to Wirral Country Park to think about our 'Habitats' topic in science.
Lego We Do
Today we made Lego models and used Lego We Do to make them move using code. It was great fun and we didn't know how much we already knew how to code.
Separating Materials Experiment 
Today we devised our own experiments to test separating materials. We went outside just in case we made a mess. 
SPAG with Anchor Education
Today George from Anchor Education came in to teach us about relative clauses and relative pronouns. He taught us a new song and we we did some drama to help us remember.
Art Week - School of Sanctuary 
As part of the School of Sanctuary project a special artist called Sarah came in. We have been making 'Welcome' signs to show that everyone is welcome at St Matthew's.
Manchester Museum of Science and Industry 
We really enjoyed our trip to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. The best part was the expositions investigation.
Rain Forest Art
We have been studying the works of Henri Roussau, an artist who painted lots of images of rain forest. We tried to recreate a painting called 'Tropical Forest with Monkeys'  by mixing yellow and blue to make lots of different greens for the different types of leaves. 
We have been learning all about all the different instruments and rhythms that are played in a Samba band. We will upload another video at the end of the topic to show how much we have improved.
World Book Day in 5E
We had lots of fun on World Book Day. Can you guess who we have dressed up as?
Dissolving Experiment
Today we learnt about the solubility of different substances in different temperature water. We found that some substances like sand would not dissolve at all while some like sugar dissolved easily. We also found out that the warmer the water the easier the substances dissolved.
Making Slime
Rocket Fuel Experiment 
Today we we made rockets using vinegar and baking soda for fuel. When they mixed together they fizzed up and produced lots of carbon dioxide which helped propel them upwards.
Bubble Trouble 
We have been in competition with the other classes trying to make the perfect bubble. We mixed different concentrations of water, washing up liquid and glycerine to find the perfect formula. We think we've got it but we can't say just in case anyone is looking.
CSI - St Matthew's
On Friday 10th February there was a crime committed at St. Matthew's Catholic Primary School. A laptop and £1500 went missing from the school office. There were several suspects and through testing footprints, blood samples, handwriting and finger prints we managed to narrow it down until we found the culprit.
Unfortunately as the police investigation is ongoing we cannot say who was guilty at the moment. Just that it was definitely not in any way Mr Edwards.
Making Pizzas
Today some of our parents came in to help us make pizzas. We started off with a dough base then we added tomatoes, cheese, onions, peppers and sweetcorn.
Chinese Cooking
As part of Chinese Culture Week we attended a Chinese cooking demonstration. The food was really tasty and also very healthy as it had lots of vegetables in it. 
Dragon Dancing
The dragon dancing was really exciting. We paraded the dragon around to the hall to the beat of the drum.
Chinese Calligraphy
We learnt how to draw Chinese letters using traditional brushes and ink.
Testing the properties of materials in Science
In our materials topic we were testing how different materials have different properties. We tested if they were magnetic, transparent, flexible and their strength.
Rain forest project in Geography
In Geography we have done a lot of research about rain forests. So far we have concentrated on the plants and animals that are found there.
Classic Poetry Reading with Mr. Woodhouse
We are taking part in a poetry reciting project. Mr. Woodhouse came to visit us and read some of his favourite classic poems.
Tag Rugby in PE
In Tag Rugby we have bean learning how to pass the ball sideways.
Building Bridges in DT
Making Parachutes in Science
On DT day we completed our Building Bridges project. It was tricky because we had to be very accurate with our measurements to make sure we met our brief. 
Andy Warhol collage
In Art we were trying to recreate Andy Warhol's Mickey Mouse picture using collage. 
Poetry workshop with Valarie Bloom
Today we had a visit from our favourite poet Valarie Bloom. She taught us about writing ‘Kenning poems.’ They are poems that are written in rhyming couplets with two words in each line. The first word has to be a noun and the second word a verb. This is the one we wrote together as a class.
Tail wagger
Stick bagger
Bone cruncher
Biscuit muncher
Night barker
Tree marker
Park howler
Street fouler
Kennel sleeper
Garden creeper
Face licker
Saliva flicker
Cat fighter
Postman biter
Flea horse
Dog of course!
Valarie Bloom at the Philharmonic Hall
This morning we went to the Philharmonic to see one of our favourite poets Valarie Bloom. She read some of her poems and we even got to join in. Below is a video of 'Pindar Cakes', which is the one we liked the most.
Lego Robots
To finish off 'Robot Week' 5E have been using code to program Lego robots.
Google Expeditions
Today we used Google Virtual Reality to explore different locations around the universe. We went to space and looked at the International Space Station, the Moon and Mars. We went to the bottom of the ocean and we explored all over Brazil. It was great fun.
(While we were exploring Mr Edwards was live tweeting what we were doing).
Sketching the church
As part of our Heritage Week we have been sketching our church in honour of Matthew Honan the man who left the money for it to be built.
Singing Wartime Songs
In music we have been learning some songs that people used to sing during the war.
Scratch Maths
In Year 5 we are taking part in the Scratch Maths scheme. We use coding to help improve our maths skills. Today we used our measuring and angle skills to create patterns.
Year 5 meet 'Nao' the robot
Mr Gregory from hiImpact brought Nao in to meet us today. He told us the story of Star Wars, danced to Michael Jackson and we even taught him to dab.
5E learn Lacrosse
As part of Sports Week we had a member of the Liverpool Lacrosse team come in to teach us. At first it was hard to control the stick and catch the ball, but we got better the more we played.
Learning about the Solar System in Science Week
We used the blow up planets to help us understand how the Solar System works.
Dance in 5E 
Learning about Judaism 
During 'Other Faiths Week' we had a special visitor who came in to tell us all about how Jeweish people celebrate Passover.