Year 5 Class - 5E - Autumn - 2017 - 2018

Things to remember;
Our dance day is Tuesday.
Our PE day is Wednesday.
Please make sure P.E kits stay in school all week. Tracksuits will be needed shortly as the weather starts to get a bit colder!
Homework is given out on Monday and should be returned completed on a Friday. Each week there will be a Maths and an English task connected to the work we will be doing in class that week. 
Spellings can be practiced every night using the look, say, cover, write, check method. And times tables can be practiced with speed and accuracy sheets.
These skills are very important as we prepare for Year 6! 
Please also try to read every night! Children who read every night and bring their reading records in every day will be rewarded with certificates and book marks as they progress up our reading ladder. 
We appreciate all of your time and help and hope to make lots of progress and have lots of fun this year!
Mr Edwards and Mrs Clewes
Art Week
This week we have been studying Sounth and Central American Art.
We have been studying the art of Frida Khalo this week. In many of her pictures she included pictures of monkeys. We used various line and linear drawing styles to try and recreate some of the monkeys in our sketch books.
Peace Foundation Graduation
Today we went to the Peace Foundation in Warrington for our Graduation from the Small Steps for Peace programme. 
We spoke to Tim Parry's parents about the Warrington bombings and then the Everton ambassador Ian Snodin presented us with our certificates. 
Road Safety Rap
This week we have been looking at road safety. As a class we composed a rap based on the Green Cross Code. We hope you enjoy it and remember the message.
Peace Foundation
Mark from the Peace Foundation came in to do a workshop with us today. We thought about conflict and how it makes us feel as well as ways we can control the. We have got some more work to do in school before we graduate from the Peace Center in Warrington later this month.
Cooking Brownies
Today we cooked chocolate brownies in the hall. We ate them after our lunch  and they were delicious.
Performance Poetry
This week we have been looking at Prine Ea's poem 'Can you Auto-correct Humanity?'
We debated wheather we would be happier if we didn't use technology at all.
We looked at pictures of poeple using technology and we thought about how this might effect the way they intereact with others around them.
We created mindmaps to show the good and bad points of various technology.
Image result for technology overuse quotes
Science Week
This week we have have been studying 'Earth and Space' in Science. 
We went out onto the playground to look at how the planets orbit the sun.
First we put the planets into the right order, then we thought about the speed that they move around the sun.
Finally we thought about the way each planet rotates on its axis.
Then we got very dizzy!!!
Today we made our own video blogs about 'Night and Day'.
We went outside to make a scale model of the solar system. We used toilet roll as a scale to show how far each planet was away from the Sun. 
1 sheet of toilet paper = 20 million KM.
We used the lap tops to help us find some more information about the planets. We were researching how large the planets were, how far they were away from the sun, what their atmosphere was made of and how many moons they had.
Our favourite websites were;
Today we followed instructions to build our own rockets. We tested whether they would fly higher with three fins or four fins. We also tested if the shape of the fin effected how high the rocket would fly.
We watched the this video as a stimulus for our P4C lesson. We thought about how the planet is changing over time and how it might change in the future.
The question we decided to debate was 'What if we keep destroying wildlife?'
Here are some of our thoughts...
Poetry Reading with Mr Woodhouse
Today Mr Woodhouse came into class to read some poems with us. Next we are going to pick some poems to perform to enter a competition.
Hands of Friendship
Year 5 looked at some different concept collision activities deciding what the most important qualities of a friend are.
We decided that the most important qualities were being kind and being trustworthy.
After watching a film about a girls who struggles to keep friends as a stimulus we decided to ask the question, "If you let your friend win all the time how would this affect them in later life?"
Here are some of our final thoughts.
We have each made a print of our hand for our whole school 'Hands of Friendship' display.
Beat Life came in to deliver a drumming workshop as part of our 'Hands of Friendship' week.
We learnt a lot about different drum beats from around the world.
Judaism with Jeremy

As part of ‘Other Faiths Week’ a member of the local Jewish community visited us to teach us more about Judaism. More specifically, he spoke about the celebration of Passover or Pesach. We learnt about the story of Exodus (12:14-17) and how Moses lead the Jewish people from slavery to freedom. Secondly we learnt that Passover is celebrated by placing certain foods on a Seder plate. Each part of the plate symbolises the story of Exodus which is a very important event in Jewish history.

Life Skills Level 2
Today we started our life skills level 2 course. Over the next few weeks we will be building on what we did in Year 4 by learning about self esteem, decision making and dealing with stress.
Researching Patagonia
In Geography we researched the Patagonian region of Argentina and made leaflets with lots of interesting facts for tourists wishing to visit the area.
Marine Pollution Philosophy
We did some research about marine pollution in Geography. We found some shocking facts such as; 1,000,000 sea birds die every year because of oil spills and for every square mile of sea there are 46,000 floating pieces of plastic.
We decided to debate the question, 'Would life be different if there were no marine life?'
Ballet in Year 5
In Class 5E we have been learning ballet. We have learnt how to do different positions and express emotions through gesture.
What do we need to be happy?
We agreed that the things we need to be happy are the things that you can not buy, such as family friends and love. Things like cars, computers and television are nice but we though that you could live without them.
SPAG week with Anchor Education
George from Anchor Education came back this week to teach us some new songs to help with our spelling, punctuation and grammar. We loved it!
Great North Runner
This weekend Joseph went up to Newcastle to to take part in the Great North Run. He ran 4km in 28 minutes. 
Well done Joseph!! We are all very proud of you!