Year 5 Class - 5JE - Summer - 2017 - 2018

Welcome to Class 5JE. Your Class Teacher is Mrs J Evans and your Teaching Assistant is Miss L.Bligh. We hope you enjoy our class page.
Important information to remember
Please ensure that your P.E kits are always in school. 
Dance is on a Tuesday afternoon
P.E is on a Wednesday afternoon.
Homework is given each Monday and must be returned on Friday.
Daily reading is essential and please remember to bring in your reading book each day.
5EV Winners!
Year 5 won the intra-dance competition at SJB on Friday 13th April and won!. They mesmorised the audience with their dance piece inspired by 1970's musoc and dance moves from that decade. With energy and enthusiasm, they performed to September by Earth Wind and Fire. Well done Year 5! 

The Demon Headmaster

Children explored the structure of short stories and modal verbs and dialogue. Children wrote a drama based on one they have heard and then a new story in the Gillian Cross style.

Reciprocal Reading
Maths Booster Session at St John Bosco 
Timeline of the history of California. 
Memorial Sacrifice Collective Worship Planning and Delivery 
Hot Seating 
Today, children hot seated Jesus' Disciples and Mary Magdelane. They compared and contrasted accounts of the Easter Sunday which included those given by John and Matthew. 

Collective Worship Assembly

Year 5 celebrated Pentecost by delivering a Collective Worship Assembly to parents. They told the story of how the Holy Spirit can share the mission to spread the Gospel message. The acted out the feelings of the Disciples after the crucifixion of Jesus. Without the warmth of Jesus’ presence among them, the Disciples felt stranded and clueless. When Jesus had walked and talked with them, their hearts had burned within them; but now there was a death-like stillness and silence within them, which chilled their hearts and froze their power to act. Then on that Pentecost morning, everything changed. The friends of Jesus knew all would be well.

Play Scripts

Tim Peak Exhibition at Manchester Science and Industry Museum

Year 5 had a fantastic opportunity to visit the Manchester Science and Industry Museum. Children were excited to work in teams and use interactive resources to learn in an engaging and exciting environment. The children were also grouped together to solve the crime of the explosion in the milk warehouse. This workshop encouraged the children to look carefully at the evidence and find the key ingredients that make a loud and colourful explosion. Other opportunities included the development of steam trains and how the Industrial Revolution has impacted on how we live today. Finally, the children had a one in a lifetime opportunity to see the Soyz Captule that Time Peak used to land on earth after visiting the International Space Station in 2016. They even had a chance to see the spacesuit he wore whilst on this epic journey into Outer Space. Wow!

Science-Changes in Puberty Venn Diagram
Child-Led Collective Worship
Paper Mache Birds
Final Designs
Industry Week July 2018 
It’s that special time of year when we hold ‘Industry Week’. Last year was a huge success and our children enjoyed meeting parents who came into school to talk about their jobs. The week was inspiring and demonstrated to our children the achievements that hard work can create.
Life Skills
What are the health impacts of smoking? 5JE find out...
Continous Line Drawing. 
Much more tricky than it looks. 
Winners of Sports Day July 2018!