Year 5 Class - 5JE - Autumn - 2017 - 2018

Welcome to Class 5JE. Your Class Teacher is Mrs J Evans and your Teaching Assistant is Miss L.Bligh. We hope you enjoy our class page. 
Important information to remember
Please ensure that your P.E kits are always in school. 
Dance is on a Tuesday afternoon
P.E is on a Wednesday afternoon.
Homework is given each Monday and must be returned on Friday. 
Daily reading is essential and please remember to bring in your reading book each day. 
Anchor Creative SPAG Workshop fun. 
What a fantastic session with Anchor Education. The children learnt songs about relative clauses, nouns and irregular past tense verbs. Check out their videos on 
Congratulations to Hufflepuff for excellent Teamwork. You are our 'Team of the Week'. 
Fun Maths challenges. 
Can you make the largest number using the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 to make a 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication? 
E safety Presentation
At St Matthew's we care about using computers safely. As part of the role as an E CADET, representatives  educate other pupils in how to use the internet safely. 
This week, we are celebrating that 5JE have acheived 100% attendance. Yipee!
Philosophy- Discussing Marine Polution
Today, we had fun debating how a range of shocking facts had an impact on the rest of the world. Did you know that there is an island of rubbish inside the Atlantic Ocean that is 10 x larger than the country of Wales! 
Life Skills
Year 5 will be working over the next ten weeks to earn a  level 2 Life skills qualification. Children will learn how to develop key skills such as decision making, assertiveness and ways to combat stress. Check back to see what we will be learning over the next few sessions. 
Congratulations to Griffindor for winning 'Table of the week'. Your listening skills have helped you earn this prestigious award. 

Judaism With Jeremy

As part of ‘Other Faiths Week’ a member of the local Jewish community visited us to teach us more about Judaism. More specifically, he spoke about the celebration of Passover or Pesach. We learnt about the story of Exodus (12:14-17) and how Moses lead the Jewish people from slavery to freedom. Secondly we learnt that Passover is celebrated by placing certain foods on a Seder plate. Each part of the plate symbolises the story of Exodus which is a very important event in Jewish history.

Collective Worship- Oursleves
Hands of Friendship Week 
Beat Life
What a fun drumming workshop we had today. The chn played a range of South African instruments such as timbas, cowbells and tanbarins. Watch the video below to see us in acion!
Life Skills
Building self esteem- using fingerprints to show that we are all unique. 
Can you match up the written version to the picture of the animals? 
Modelling the Solar System and proving Gallileo's Heliocentric Theory
How can we use toilet rolls to calculate the relative distances of the planets within our Solar System? If 1 sheet = 20million km. How many would we need to show the dastance between Uranus and Neptune? (244)
Creating Air Pressurised Rockets
How does the shape and size of a fin affect distanced travelled?
Small Steps to Peace Workshops
Conflict resolution workshops
Cookery Session
Brownie making. Yum!
Anti-smoking workshop 
Today, children learnt about the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes. 
Anti Bullying Celebration Assembly
Year 5 have worked hard this week to create a pledge against bullying as part of Anti Bullying Week 2017. We also studied celebrities that have bullied and the impact on their self esteem. Finally, we discussed key people to talk to at school and home if you or anyone you know has suffered from the consequences of bullying.
What is peace and what does it mean to you? How can we create a peaceful envornoment? How does stress and anger work against creating a peaceful environment?
Science Booster at St John Bosco
Girls in year 5 had fun today dissecting a heart as part of the sceience booster sessions at St John Bosco. The children worked in groups to study the heart in detail, created detailed scientific drawings and learnt how structure and function are linked. This is the first of three sessions the girls will attend and aims to create learning at a greater depth for these learners. Fantastic!