Welcome to Class 6B!
Our teacher is Mr. Brooks and our classroom assistant is Mrs. Coleman.
We have Dance every Wednesday and P.E. every Friday.
Please ensure that your P.E. kits are in school every day.
Homework is given on a Monday and collected in each Friday.
You should bring your reading book and reading record in each day.
Meet our Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl 2016/17
Our new prefects are here...
Our class were able to explore the history of our church, St. Matthew's, on Heritage Day.
Our Year 6 Geography trip to Weaverham and the Anderton Boat lift.
Celebrating our first R.E. topic, 'Loving'.
Google VR Device Experience
On Monday, we interviewed Father Conor about his vocation as a priest.
Lewis and Bethany went to St John Bosco for an English Mastery day.
"I really enjoyed the word game challenges that we took part in." Bethany
"My favourite part was studying World War One poetry." Lewis
KS2 Disco night!
Philosophy time
Constructing timelines for History
Ancient Egyptian Artifacts
A few examples of our D.T. Slippers topic.
Class 6B and the Crucial Crew!
Year 6 visited the Imperial War Museum, Manchester
We have been looking at specific parts of the Bible in RE.
Outside dance? In January? Are we mad?
Video clips of our Dragon Dancing lesson
Winner 6B Lucky Red Envelopes Hunt!
Chopsticks Challenge!
Class 6B tackling a task to match scenario to possible consequence as part of On-Line Safety Week.
Lewis and Bethany at the Mastery in English day at SJB.
World Book Day!
Our book for World Book Day and this Creative Writing Week is...'Danny The Champion Of The World'.
My favourite book is...
Making our own samosas
Day 5 - Science Week Feb 2017
Big Bubble Friday!
Three of our class have entered the Radio 2 National
500 Words Competition!
Enjoying outdoor PE while it's dry!
Rehearsals for next week's class vs. class dance competition at SJB.
Sports Week found Class 6B having the opportunity to play golf - even the rain didn't dampen their enthusiasm!
Year 6 were invited to the annual Archdiocesan Day at St.John Bosco. This year's theme was 'God's Greatest Creation'.
We were visited by Jeremy, who taught us a lot about Judaism.
Robot Week
Our class had the opportunity to programme their
ideas and stories into a robot.
2 minute science mini-experiments on sight and sound.
A selection of our excellent Egyptian homework.
Studying fossils and evolution in Science.
Mandarin lesson - 'Guess Who' - knowing parts of a face.
Art self portraits using charcoal and graphite sticks
Beginning our Ancient Egyptian Timeline
Wishing you and your family a peaceful Christmas
from class 6B!
Our favourite books January 2017
We sketched some ideas from the paintings in the Lowry Art Gallery.
Wok's the idea?
Celebrating Chinese New Year 2017 with a lesson in creating your own stir fry - delicious!
Our class have been taught the art of Chinese Calligraphic Writing.
We have become highly trained in
the Art of Dragon Dancing.
Watching the Altru Theatre Company Performance, all about staying safe on the internet - part of our On-Line Safety Week activities.
Day 1 - Science Week Feb 2017
forensic investigation task - Solve the crime time!
Day 3 - Science Week Feb 2017
Bubble Trouble!
Day 5 - Science Week Feb 2017
Big Bubble Friday!
World Book Day 2017
Our girls were dancers in SJB production of 'The Lion King'.
Dance Competition day at St. John Bosco!
Our class 6B comedian/ impressionist won the school Talent Show - congratulations!
Percussion studies in music.
Summer 2017 Arts Week - making 'Welcome' signs in many languages for our School Of Sanctuary.
Summer 2017 Arts Week - We built a song from scratch with our music teacher, using the Garage Band App.
Summer 2017 Arts Week - George and Ed from Anchor Education taught us songs to help with SPaG.