Hello and welcome to Computing at St Matthew's!
We love technology in our school and take every opportunity to use it across the whole curriculum.  Have a look at our vision for computing within our school and the photo's of some of the exciting activities and events we have run recently...... 
Coding in KS1 and KS2
Year 2 Created their own Avatars
Internet Safety Presentation
The eCadets were welcomed into 3B where they successfully delivered their presentation on solving online problems. The eCadets were creative in acting out an online scenario and teaching the 3B children how to respond to online issues (using BRIT). Well done eCadets, you have completed your Spring Challenge!


Online Safety


Online Safety is a very important part of our Computing Curriculum here at St Matthew's. Our approach is to educate and equip our children with the skills and knowledge to make the right decisions online. Digital safety messages are ever present in our everyday work however, our February focus week (which coincides with International Internet Safety Day each year) helps us to engender digital resilience and allows our children to celebrate their skills & knowledge in a variety of fun ways.

Digi Dog our Online Safety Hound helps children in KS1 to sniff out great ideas and tips to pass on to their families.
Children in Year 2 consider their Digital Footprints and make pledges to work together to build a better Internet!
Year 4 Internet Safety Thoughts.....
Drama Club consider how we can take care of each other online by being a good and kind friend.
Cyber Sense PSHE Programme
The children learn Online Bullying Hurts! They are encouraged to think about how they would feel before they post, not to copy online games and to "speak out" if they don't think it's fun. 
Years 1 & 2
Learning about how we can make "Positive Connections" online.
They had great fun using a ball of string to connect with each other and created a physical web. Miss Rush made a lucky escape in Year 2 after nearly getting trapped in the centre!
Playing an emoji game to talk about how they felt in different situations.
A Better Internet Starts with Us!
Year 6 work together with the whole of KS2 to create a school jigsaw from individual pledges.
Year 5 get involved in a Safe Skills Workshop