Creative Arts

At St Matthew's the purpose of Creative Arts is to challenge, create and collaborate!  
Having achieved Artsmark Gold in 2014, we're reaching even higher this time and aiming for Platinum! Wish us luck!!
Stage Door
Each term, we publish Stage Door to celebrate all the incredible Creative Arts that goes on in and out of St. Matthew's! Check out our previous editions and look out for your name in lights!
Children from Years 4, 5 & 6 were treated to a fantastic performance of Annie at St. John Bosco as a reward for all of their hard work this term. The children loved it and are looking forward to getting a chance to perform in our big, summer production next year!

Christmas Number we come!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our choir’s very own Christmas single, The Gift of Peace. This beautiful song is available to buy NOW on iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores. We’re raising funds for charity, as well as school, so if you can, please pick up a copy and get us to number one!


The Emperor's New Clothes
Reception right up to Year 6 were treated to a hilarious performance of The Emperor's New Clothes by Altru Theatre Company. All of the children really enjoyed the show and could still be hearing singing the songs the day after!!
The Poppy Centre
Our wonderful choir had fun spreading some Christmas cheer at The Poppy Centre. Everybody enjoyed a festive sing-a-long and the children loved the chance to chat to people from St Matthew's wider community.
Primary Choir of the Year
Congratulations to our wonderful choir who won the Student Voice award at St. John Bosco's Primary Choir of the Year Competition. Their beautiful rendition of Where are you Christmas? was absolutely fantastic. Well done to all those involved.
Primary Dance Festival

Congratulations to our wonderful Gifted and Talented dancers who won St. John Bosco’s Primary Dance Festival with their amazing Calm before the Storm performance.


In My Life
Year 6 representatives were lucky enough to visit the beautiful Central Library to attend the launch of In My Life, a city-wide diary writing competition. We were treated to readings from Frank Cottrell-Boyce and a re-worked version of Cinderella. We even had time to take a look at their fantastic Harry Potter exhibition. 
London's Burning!
Year 2 have been learning how to sing in rounds in Music. 
Anchor Education!
To kick off the new school year, we invited Anchor Creative Education into school to help us develop our SPAG skills through Drama and Music! Year 2 learnt all about the power of exclamation sentences. What a wonderful way to start the new term!
Bugsy Malone!
We're sure you'll agree that this year's end of year production was the best yet!!! Full of drama, laughter and, of course, SPLURGE, our whole school production had it all. Well done to EVERYBODY involved; staff, parents, really is a team effort!
Matt Fest!
Everyone at St. Matthew's had a wonderful time at the very first Matt Fest. We were all treated to a host of amazing musical performances throughout the day, including a Bugy sing-a-long led by our brilliant Choir. We're all really looking forward to next year's Matt Fest already!!!
Gifted and Talented Music

Our Gifted and Talented group have all worked extremely hard to perform in a concert alongside other local schools, Formby Band and The Symphonic Wind Orchestra of North London. The concert took place in the beautiful SFX Church on Salisbury Street. It proved to be a wonderful opportunity for the children to perform on their own and as part of the larger group. They also helped raise £700 for Zoe's Place. 

iSing @ The Philharmonic

The Choir had a wonderful; trip to The Philharmonic for the annual iSing event! The children sang a range of songs, new and old, alongside schools from across the city. Some of our children were even selected to sing on the stage. One boy commented that “it was the best day of his life” and he was so excited! We’re looking forward to next year’s iSing already!


The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Manchester Actors Company treated us to an updated performance of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Complete with lots of audience participation, our children loved shouting out and joining in!!
Arts Week!
Wow! What an amazingly artistic week we've had for Arts Week 2017! From Art to Drama to Dance to Music all of our children have had the opportunity to experience a range of art forms. Take a look at what we've been up to...
Key Stage Two Dance Competition
Congratulations to Class 4F for swooping to victory in the very first Key Stage Two Dance competition held at St. John Bosco! Their powerfully fierce Hakka dance, which they performed using only their voices for accompaniment, was a worthy winner. Thank you to all the parents who came to support the children; we'll see you same time next year!
Circle of Life
Children from across key Stage two took part in St John Bosco's 'all singing, all dancing extravaganza': The Circle of Life! The Choir sang throughout the performance, Year 4 and 5 were cackling hyenas and our Gifted and Talented Dancers performed their lion dance for the show's finale. 
Alice in Wonderland Performance
M&M Theatre entertained and impressed all with their production of Alice in Wonderland. What a treat!
Nativity 2016

 Singing at Clubmoor Poppy Centre

Our lovely Choir will be singing at the Age Concern Poppy Centre in Clubmoor on Monday 5th and Friday 9th December. This is something that they very much enjoy as it gives pupils at St Matthew’s the chance to give back to community.


A Huge Congratulations to The St Matthews Choir!!!
Our fantastic Choir have won he Choir of The Year Competition for the second year running! Their beautiful rendition of a song written by our very own Music Teacher- Miss Rosy Smith entitled The Gift of Peace blew the audience away with the fantastic message it delivered about the true message of Christmas. Well done, we are so proud of you!

Primary Dance Festival 2016

Years 5 and 6 children have been working hard for the last 6 weeks to develop this dance. The children wanted to perform to a track from The Lion King because it followed on from our 2016 summer performance. We are really excited to perform at St John Bosco this year to show all of our hard work!



Watch out for our Half-termly newsletter'Stage Door'. It aims to celebrate outstanding creative Arts in St Matthew's. If you think you have an outstanding talent in The Arts and would like to be featured- See Mrs Evans (Creative Arts Coordinator).
After School Clubs
As St Matthew's we aim to develop the interests of children with a creative flair. We therefore offer the following afterschool clubs to support this:


  • Dance Club
  • Drama Club
  • Band, flute and clarinet
  • Percussion Club
  • Choir Club (Award winning)


    Choir Club
    Art the moment, the Choir club are working hard to perfect Christmas songs for the Nativity on 19th December. They sound fantastic with some very impressive harmonies. Great work!
    Percussion Club
    In Percussion Club they are learning how to play a range of instruments such as drums, maracas and  glockenspiels. "The best part is when we get to be a conductor, because its fun to act like a Teacher and organise the band" (Anna-Year 5).
    Flute and Clarinet Club
    The children are beginning to learn the basics in flute and clarinet club. With the help of Miss Little, they are learning how to control tempo, dynamics and rhythm, Keep up the great work!
    Animal Fun at Dance Club!
    This week, the Year 3 children have been working with our Dance Teacher Lindsey to create sequences based on animal movements. In addition to this, they have learnt to perfect basic moves such as leaping, prancing and spinning. The children had so much fun!
    Drama Club
    Yesterday, we were beginning to gather ideas to help develop characters, settings and stage directions. This planning will go towards the children's final play, which will be performed later in the year. Keep visiting this page to find out more!
    Whole School Performance Charlotte's Web September 2016 (M and M Productions)
    This is the story of a little pig named Wilbur who was born a runt, and Mr. Arable decides to kill him! His daughter Fern begs him to let the helpless little pig live. Her father decides to let Fern keep him as a pet. Wilbur meets a bunch of new friends including Charlotte.
    Lion King 2016
    We are very proud of all pupils, staff and parents who worked extremely hard to create such a fantastic performance. Well done St Matthew's, all your hard work was worth it, there wasn't a dry eye in the house!