Design & Technology

At St Matthew’s, D&T skills are taught through our Creative Curriculum. The children learn to design, make and evaluate products in a range of contexts with a focus on creative and critical thinking. Throughout the school they are given opportunities to apply their learning and skills in some amazing projects! Some large scale projects and some small, they all help the children to see how the designing, making and evaluating process works in real contexts. 

These are the skills the children learn throughout each key stage: 


• investigate things and say how they work, what they do and what they are made of; 
• plan what to make and be able to tell someone else about it; 
• make things from our plans and be able to say what has or has not worked well and why; 
• work with tools and equipment safely to measure and mark, cut and shape, join and combine and decorate and finish different materials;
• learn about how to use different materials and mechanisms.


• investigate and evaluate products to help generate ideas for our own work; 
• make detailed plans for our ideas showing what we want to achieve and how to do it; 
• use our plans to make products, evaluating and adapting our ideas as we work; 
• work with tools and equipment safely and accurately to measure and mark, cut and shape, join and combine and decorate and finish different materials; 
• learn about how different materials and mechanisms can be used for a purpose


‘What is D&T – and why do we need it?'
Cookery Mornings
Making Shortbread in Year 1
Making Chocolate Chip Cupcakes in Year 2
D&T Day
D&T day was a huge success, enjoyed by all of the children. Take a look at some of the projects we have been working on...
Making Christmas cards in Year One
Pupil Voice - Christmas Cards (Mechanisms-Sliders and Levers)
"It was hard to get Santa to pop up but I tried lots of different ways and in the end I did it. My Mum said my card was really good, I was proud of my work." Bobby
"I made a chimney for Santa to pop out of. I loved making my whole entire card, even picking a beard for Santa!" Grace
Making Santa a New Sleigh in Year Two
Making a Desk Tidy in Year Three
Making Story Books in Year Four
Building Bridges in Year Five
Year 6  Slippers: making and testing our designs
Cookery In St Matthew's
In addition to cookery topics covered in class, the children take part in extra cookery sessions throughout the year. Parents can attend these sessions where the children learn to make delicious food like healthy pizza, smoothies, biscuits, stir fry and cheese and onion pasties. This is a experience that the children and parents can enjoy together. Take a look...
Cookery - Pupil Voice
"It was so much fun making stir fry. We added red peppers, onions and soy sauce. I took them home for my family to eat." Cian 
"We made cheese and onion pasties in cookery. We put onions and cheese into the pastry and they had to go in the oven. My Grandad said it was yummy." Halle
Take a look at projects from our Raindrops Playgroup to Year 6