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At St. Matthew's we believe that English is at the heart of everything we do. The children live in a world in which communication, reading and writing are all essential parts of every day life, this is why the staff at St. Matthew's are committed to helping all of the children reach their full potential.
On this page you will find relevant information about the English Curriculum at St. Matthew's as well as keeping up to date with what the children are learning.
Teaching of Reading and Writing
 English Lessons
At St. Matthew's English is taught daily in every class. We are developing the immerse, analyse and write approach to planning and teaching. This involves spending approximately a week reading and exploring texts on a particular genre. Then the children analyse the texts to learn the different features and use of language/punctuation. In the final week the children produce their own pieces of writing which include planning, drafting, editing and publishing.
During lessons children are encouraged to develop their reading and writing skills.
Reading is taught in a variety of ways at St. Matthew's this includes; daily guided reading sessions and activities, 1:1 reading with an adult in school, shared reading as a class, comprehension and phonics lower down the school.
Children are encouraged to read for pleasure throughout the school day and at home. At St. Matthew's we promote reading opportunities through all curriculum subjects.
We have also recently introduced Reciprocal Reading into the reading curriculum. Reciprocal reading is an independent method of guided reading where children are gradually taught to take on group roles to explore and find meaning in texts. Reciprocal reading emphasises teamwork and supports independent comprehension skills. Children are encouraged to build on the skills of: summarising, predicting, clarifying, questioning and being the 'boss' of the group. Have a look at the links below that explain Reciprocal Reading in more detail. 
There is a strong emphasis on phonics in EYFS and KS1 to develop children's early writing ability. From the end of Year 2 upwards the children will begin to learn spelling patterns and rules. Children will take weekly spellings home to learn which are based on phonic sounds or spelling rules that they have been taught. Writing across a range of genres is effectively modelled by class teachers then practised by the children. The children learn how to develop the whole writing process from planning to publishing.
At St. Matthew's we promote lots of cross-curricular writing opportunities to allow children to apply their writing skills across a variety of subjects.
Reading Scheme
At St. Matthew's our core scheme for reading is Oxford reading Tree. Oxford Reading Tree is a highly structured reading scheme that introduces new words in a controlled way. All children are provided with a reading book and home reading record. We have recently purchased a wide range of new reading books including an EYFS scheme that includes fully decodable home reading books. As part of your child's homework they are expected to read every night. We ask that when you listen to your child read, you record it in their reading record. This along with their reading book should be returned to school each day so children can continue to read in school with teachers and teaching assistants. We would like to emphasise that teaching a child to read is a partnership between home and school.
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Today I got to teach Year 4 the Tear Thief story using Talk for Writing actions. The children wrote some great Tear Thief stories and innovated parts of the original story.
Today I had the pleasure of teaching writing in Reception. The children were excited to meet a special visitor but when they opened the box they discovered she had escaped. The reception children wrote missing posters, welcome messages, shopping lists and labels for a new home to try and help find the special visitor.
Year 6 wrote their own stories based on the Tear Thief. They explored abstract nouns to create their own innovated versions.
St Matthew's children have been making the most of our fantastic reading yard on these gloriously sunny days! Year 6 children have been reading books to younger children in school. They enjoyed relaxing in the sun and listening to a good story! 
Congratulations to Ruby, our first ever Year 1 pupil to get her pen certificate.
Take a look at some of our amazing writing that we have produced from our Talk for Writing lessons.
Key Stage 2 have been enjoying using Talk for Writing in their lessons to help improve their writing.
Year 5 use Talk for Writing actions to help them to orally retell Macbeth.
Take a look at some of our Talk for Writing videos from Key Stage 2.
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We had a fantastic day at St Matthew's this year for World Book Day. Our book day was themed around reading through emojis. Children and staff enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters and taking part in Emoji themed activities all day. Have a look at some of the pictures below! 
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Taffy Thomas visited Year 3 and 4.
He is a special story teller and told the children lots of exciting stories and riddles.
He has a fantastic story for every animal that features on his wonderful coat! He even has an MBE and has met the queen! 
Charlie- "He was really funny and I liked the way he used people in the room to tell his stories!" 
Summer - "I like the way he acted out the stories and pretended we were all in them!"
Lennon- "The stories involved children in the class and they were so funny."
Jack from class 4F wrote Taffy a lovely poem in anticipation of his arrival. Taffy loved hearing the story and signed Jack's book for him. Olivia also won a signed poster. Taffy asked Jack if he could come back in two years to read more fantastic stories that he has written! Have a look at the pictures below!
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Reception had a fantastic trip to the Story Barn this week! Have a look at some of the pictures below! 
St Matthew's Reading Club had an exciting trip to the Story Barn. They had a brilliant day and were able to choose one free book each! 
William -"It was so much fun."
Summer -"I learnt lots and had fun reading!"
Harvey- "I enjoyed the story at the end!" 
Have a look at the pictures below! 
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Some special Year 6 children recently attended the 'In My Life' diary competition at Liverpool Central Library. Beth and Jamie had a fantastic time and even managed a sneaky little visit to the Harry Potter exhibition! 
Creating poetry with Levi Tafari
Children continue to work hard during their reciprocal reading sessions. We are becoming experts at the different roles and enjoying the independence involved in the sessions.
Yet again this year, we have some fantastic class reading displays to encourage children to read at home. Children can earn bookmarks, certificates and class prizes for reading at home every night. Have a look at some of the fantastic class displays below. 
This term we have introduced 'Talk 4 Writing' in Key Stage 1. 'Talk 4 Writing' enables children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally before reading and analysing it and then writing their own version.
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We kick started the new school year off with 2 fun and engaging weeks of SPaG. All the classes received a workshop from Anchor Education were the children learnt memorable songs about punctuation and grammar. This was then followed with 2 weeks of games, activities and lessons with a specific focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Image result for congratulationsCongratulations to the children who won our Summer diary competition. We had a number of great entries and it was great to see so much writing. The staff really enjoyed reading about all your adventures over the holidays.
This term, St Matthew's is having a Global Week. Each year group will be given a country to study that produces a larger number of refugees. St Matthew's is becoming a School of Sanctuary, so we will be learning all about the prejudice attitudes that refugees face and thinking about how we can help and become a loving and welcoming environment. Each year group has been assigned a book that teaches children all about Refugees. Our writing will be themed all around the books we have been given
Reception - Snow White 
Year 1 - Paddington Bear 
Year 2 - Azzi in Between 
Year 3 - The Silence Seeker 
Year 4 - The Arrival 
Year 5 - Refugee Boy 
Year 6 - Shadow 
We have recently introduced Reciprocal Reading at St Matthew's. Reciprocal teaching refers to an instructional activity in which students become the teacher in small group reading sessions. Teachers at St Matthew's will model, then help students learn to guide group discussions using four strategies: summarising, question generating, clarifying, and predicting. This strategy of reading will help us to become independent and analytical readers. Have a look at some of our photos below.
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Children at St Matthew's were recently treated to a fantastic performance of the Pied Piper. Children found the play very entertaining and enjoyed learning all about the classic story by Robert Browning. 
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Image result for world book dayAt St Matthew's we teamed Book Week with Creative Writing Week.
St Matthew’s had a very special delivery at the beginning of the week and each class was provided with 3 mysterious presents. Every class in the school was given a Roald Dahl book and all of the children’s writing was themed around that book. The children produced some fantastic writing!  
The children and staff in St Matthew’s had lots of fun dressing up as their favourite book character for world book day! Here are some of the fantastic costumes children created for World Book Day. Have a look at our individual class pages for more photographs! 
Reading Initiative
Children are always encouraged to read at home, but now they have the chance to win class prizes, dojos, certificates and bookmarks for their reading efforts! Children must read every night at home and reading records must be signed by an adult. Please help your child as much as possible by reading with them at home! Staff at St Matthew's have already noticed a huge improvement in children's enthusiasm for reading at home! Children's efforts are being displayed in school in our wonderful reading areas. 
SPAG week
Class 4P have been learning all about prefixes. They then used a dictionary to check the new words they had made.
Year 4 have been looking at punctuating direct speech. They used Iphone text messages to learn how to punctuate speech with a reporting clause. They have been concentrating on remembering that every time there is a new speaker, it needs to be on a new line. 
Year 2 have been identifying different types of words. They can recognise nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
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National Story Telling week was celebrated by lots of classes in St Matthew's. We had Chinese Golden Culture week at the same time, so lots of classes themed their story telling around Chinese myths and traditions. Year 4 predicted the end of the Chinese New Year Story and performed their stories in a Drama lesson. 
Reading Clubs 
Children in St Matthew's are also given the opportunity to attend reading clubs. In KS1 we have an after school story telling club and in KS2 we have a lunch time book club where children are enjoying reading Gangsta Granny by David Walliams
Valarie Bloom at the Philharmonic Hall
Year 5 went to the Philharmonic to see one of their favourite poets Valarie Bloom. She read some of her poems and the children got to join in too.
Poetry workshop with Valarie Bloom
Today Year 5 had a visit from their favourite poet Valarie Bloom. She taught them about writing ‘Kenning poems.’ These are poems that are written in rhyming couplets with two words in each line. The first word has to be a noun and the second word a verb. This is the one Class 5E wrote together.
Tail wagger
Stick bagger
Bone cruncher
Biscuit muncher
Night barker
Tree marker
Park howler
Street fouler
Kennel sleeper
Garden creeper
Face licker
Saliva flicker
Cat fighter
Postman biter
Flea horse
Dog of course!
A big congratulations to our first set of children this year who have received their handwriting pen and certificate. Miss Rush has lots more pens and certificates ready so keep practising your handwriting!
This year we are having a big push on cursive handwriting and presentation throughout the school.
Children in Reception will begin to form their letters using a range of media. In year's 1 and 2 children will develop their cursive letter formation and will begin to learn how to join letters together using the horizontal and diagonal joins. Children in Year 3 will continue to develop the joining of letters using the appropriate joins. In years 4, 5 and 6 children will work on the consistency and fluency of their handwriting.
Children who demonstrate consistent use of neat cursive handwriting will receive a handwriting pen and certificate from Miss Rush.
Parents-please encourage your child to practise their letter formation and cursive handwriting as much as possible.
Year groups 1-6 will be taught the following cursive letter formations to promote consistency throughout the school.
Years 2-6 enjoyed watching the production of the fantastic book Charlotte's Web. The show was a great stimulus for the children's writing back in the classroom.
 Reading Quality Mark
A big thank you to all the children, parents and teachers who have helped us to achieve the Silver award for the Reading Quality Mark. We are very proud of this achievement. Next stop Gold!
Take a look at our new Reading yard!
During the Summer holidays St. Matthew's got a brand new quiet/reading yard. Children in KS1 and KS2 have enjoyed reading their books on the new yard. Maddison from Year 2 even read a story to the other children from Years 1 and 2!
We love our new Reading yard and helps to promote reading.