History - 2016 / 2017
 History at St Matthew's this year, is being delivered differently to how it has been in past years. Rather than children having on History lesson per week for a whole half term, there will be three History themed weeks ever second half term (Autumn 2, Spring 2 and Summer 2). During these three weeks, the children will fully immerse themselves in their given topics; they will still work through the planned work drawn from the national curriculum, but will also link in other subjects such as their Writing, Art, Music, Philosophy and PE to attain a much broader and engaging experience.
Spring Term History week
Our Spring Term topics are as follows:
Year 1 - Mighty Explorers
Year 2 - Fighting Fit (Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell)
Year 3 - Rocking Romans
Year 4 - Smashing Saxons and Scots
Year 5 - Meet the Greeks
Year 6 - The Incredible Maya
Year 3's Chester Roman experience
For their Roman topic, the Year 3 classes went on a day trip to Chester to find out more about the mighty Romans. They marched to the amphitheater under Roman commands, learned about battle formations and even had a go at combat - all whilst carrying their own Roman shields. As well as that, they were given a tour of the Roman museum and saw lots of artefacts which were dug up in Chester like coins, weapons and pottery and saw actual remains of buildings buried deep in the ground. What a fantastic day!
Autumn Term History week
Here were our topics for the first of this year's History weeks:
Year 1 - Toys toys everywhere
Year 2 - Fire! Fire!
Year 3 - Scavengers and Settlers
Year 4 - Victorians
Year 5 - Battling Britain
Year 6 - Egyptians
Here are some photos of the amazing things we have been doing this week including making timelines, Anderson shelters, cave paintings, investigating toys from the past, WWII poetry, comparing Victorian schools to our own, food tasting from the Stone Age and much much more! Can you guess which topics the pictures belong to?
The following link is a great tool for home and at school to develop History skills
  • Choose an artefact and make it full screen.
  • Talk about its features; what does it look like, what patterns are there, any colours, what about textures?
  • Where do you think it came from?
  • What might it have been used for and why do you think that?
  • Read some of the background information and discover the real reasons!
Even if your guess was completely wrong, that's fine! It's all about exploring History, making observations and drawing conclusions.
History displays
Displays are used in our classes to both support the children with their learning and to show off their work. Here are some of our displays at St. Matthew's: