Home/School Partnerships.

St Matthew's supports strong partnerships with parents and always recognise that they are a child's first and foremost most enduring educator. We value parents contributions and encourage a mutual and trusting relationship throughout the Foundation Stage year. We will do this through:
  • Forging strong links in our 'Raindrops' playgroup
  • Website information/signposts to EYFS support materials for parents
  • Open days in the Summer Term
  • Taster sessions for children in our setting
  • Parents welcome pack
  • Children’s welcome pack
  • Meet and greet each morning
  • Messy mornings
  • Stay and play sessions
  • Parent Conferences
  • Parent workshops (Phonics, Number)
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Home/School link diaries
  • Learning journey contributions
  • Parent voice in work books
  • Home School Activity bags
  • School EYFS celebrations (Christmas, Graduation etc.)
  • Assemblies
  • Special planned collaborative events (Cookery, School dinners, gardening, enterprise days etc.)
All children receive a welcome bag when they attend our open day. The bag contains some special surprises. Take a look...
Image result for confetti bag                                                                    Image result for starting school book