Modern Foreign Language

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Welcome to our Modern Foreign Language page.
Here, you'll find out about all of the MFL things that we do at St. Matthew's including events we have done and things which are coming up.
At St Matthew's we are very proud to learn the world's most spoken language 'Mandarin'.
Around the world Mandarin is spoken by 800 million people. 
For years UK schools have taught Modern foreign languages to their children as part of the National Curriculum. Most schools teach European languages, however at St Matthew's we believe in providing our children with the skills and knowledge they will need for later life. The British council have reported that the most important language for children to learn for the country’s future is Mandarin. This is because they believe with brexit our links to China will become closer and Mandarin will soon become the language of business, which the children will need for future careers.
Mandarin will be taught to all children from reception through to year 6 every week on either a Thursday or Friday. The lessons will be interactive, fun and engaging.
Please take a look at some of the exciting things that happen as part of our Mandarin learning.

As part of our MFL curriculum we are lucky enough to be able to plan a whole week focusing on Mandarin and the Chinese culture. This week will be taking place in early 2017 and will include a range of different activities, therefore we are looking for any Mandarin speaking parents to possibly help out that week. If you are interested in helping please contact Miss Connor.




Zuòwéi wǒmen MFL kèchéng de yībùfèn, wǒmen hěn xìngyùn nénggòu yī zhěnggè xīngqí zhuānzhù yú zhōngwén hé zhōngguó wénhuà de jìhuà. Běn zhōu jiāng jìnxíng 2017 nián niánchū jiāng bāokuò yī xìliè de huò bùtóng de huódòng, suǒyǐ wǒmen zài xúnzhǎo rènhé jiǎng pǔtōnghuà de fùmǔ zhè yīzhōu kěnéng zhùzhèn. Rúguǒ nǐ yǒu xìngqù bāngmáng, qǐng liánxì kāng nà xiǎojiě.



Many Thanks
Year 1 singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas in Mandarin".
Children in year 3 and 4 enjoying Mandarin lessons with Mrs Ahern.
During the run up to Christmas we have been learning about how it is celebrated in China. We have even made our own Christmas cards with Mandarin pin yin writing and learnt how to sing 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' in Mandarin. 
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Chinese Golden Culture Week
WC: 30.1.17
This week we have took part in lots of exciting activities. We had the chance to help cook and taste a Chinese stir-fry on Monday, dance with the special Chinese dragon and complete some calligraphy using Chinese symbols and pinyin on Wednesday, and took part in a chopsticks challenge. We even had a whole school search for some lucky red envelopes which we learnt are given out to family members during Chinese New Year as a symbol of good luck.  
We had a fantastic week!
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What animal are you? 
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Children from the School Council putting our Mandarin signs up around the school. Starting to get ready for our Chinese students visiting in July.
5.7.17 - 7.7.17 - Chinese Student Visit
Over the last three days we have had a visit from 26 Chinese students from China. These children are all year six boys and girls and have travelled to England for 17 days. Over in China they had heard all about our school and wanted to come and see us.
We have had a lovely week and have made them all feel very welcome in our school and classes. Why they've been with us we have welcomed them into our classes and shown them normal lessons, we have played games, joined in with an after school drama session and had a celebration party with fish and chips. The children even helped our year 6 children get the set ready for our end of year 'Bugsy' performance and visited our church. What a fantastic week!
We hope they have all had a brilliant stay and wish them a safe flight back home. 
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Mandarin Stars of the Week
WC: 6/2/2017
RM - Daisy Duffy     RC - Luca Bennett     1P - Ethan Guy     1H - Sonny Snell    
2R - Emily Byrne     2G - Jake O'Brian     3C - Lewis Bovill     3G - Emily Wightman    
4F - Thomas Fury     4P - Jake McIntyre     5E - Beth O'Brian     5W - James Makin      
6M - Ella Bimson     6B - Olivia Gill
WC: 13/2/2017
RM - Lilly Sansum     RC - Reece O'Donoghue Hassan     1H - Dexter Bilsborrow    
2R - Maggi Connor     2G - Hayden Collins     3C - Mmesoma Attueyi & Charlie Wilding    
3G - Dylan Cavanagh     4F - Chloe Bigley     4P - Kaiden Weaver     5E - Isabella Hayes    
5W - Joseph Thornhill     6M - Meschach Otus     6B - Lewis Challinor
WC: 27/2/2017
RM - William Burns     RC - Noah Spencer     1H - Divine Babalola     1P - Maisy McCardle      
2R - Myley Carter     2G - Harry Gray     3C - Mark Stulberg    
3G - Lucas Robinson     4F - Harley Collins    4P - Eva-Rose Curran     5E - Sophie Cawley   
5W - Thomas McFadden     6M - Luis Sweeney     6B - Nathan Sandison
WC: 6.3.17
1H - Michael Harris     1P - Daniel Ferguson & Maisy McCoy     2R - Runako Weaver
2G - Harry Gray     3C - Sonny Grimmant     3G - Olivia Tyrell     4P - Oluwadamilola Omiwale
4F - Olivia Morris     5E - Isabella Hayes     5W - Lucy Boot     6M - Faith Spence    
6B - Antony Wood  
WC: 13.3.17
RM - Nevaeh Santageli     RC - Reuben Coyne Ashworth     1H - Grace Treanor     1P - Wayne Toner
2R - Alfie Knight & Ciaran Snell     2G - Anna-Kia Shakhbazyan & Thomas Murphy
3C - Adam Connolly     3G - Christian Williams     4P - Ruby Hawkes     4F - Lucas Newell & Kieran O'Sullivan
5E - James Donnahey     5W - Anna Holmes     6M - Ruby Allan     6B - Ellie Hetherington
WC: 20.3.17
RM - Michael Gough     RC - Alana Wyllie     1H - Luke Readle     1P - Lily Blackburn
2G - Harry Gray & Adaeze Ojiako     2R - Joseph Dawson     3C - Libbie Dowling     3G - Jacob Bimpson
4F - Isabella Mousley     4P - James Glover     5E - Adam Ainscough     5W - Connor Bigley
6B - Bethany White     6M - Liam Connolly
WC: 27.3.17
RM - Williams Burns     RC - Noah Spencer     1H - Lexi Jones     1P - Ben Otaegui
2R - Gabriella McKinnell     2G - Thomas Murphy     3C - Lydia Jones     3G - Madison Goodwin
4P - Ruby Hawkes     4F - Daniel Duffy     5E - Molly Johnson     5W - Kenny Stulberg
6B - Ruby Connor     6M - Shekinah Tshituka
WC: 3.4.17
Due to half day and St Matthew's Talent show only half of the classes were covered this week:
1H - Lucas Graham     3C - Adam Connolly     3G - Ruby Cavanagh     5E - Matthew Moore
6B - Alice Turner & Joel Peers     6M - Dominic Makin & Connor Tope
WC: 24.4.17
Whole school were Mandarin Superstars, due to class teachers teaching input due to illness of Mandarin teacher.
WC: 1.5.17
RM - Savannah O'Toole     RC - Luca Bennett     1H - Sonny Snell    
1P - Pauline Moore & Lily Blackburn     2G - Anna-Kia Shakhbazyan     2R - Sophie Byrne
3C - Jay Pham     3G - Emily Wightman     4F - Harley Collins     4P - Finely Morgan
5W - Carney Jackson     6B - Alice Turner     6M - Dylan Shaw    
WC: 8.5.17
 RM - Ellis McKenzie Marshall     RC - Marcus Chiduwa     1P - Sophie Murphy    
1H - Dexter Bilsborrow     2G - Alfie Morris     2C - Sophie Cody     3C - Katie Murphy    
3G - Ryan Worthington & Ruby Cavanagh     4P - Callum Lockett & Thomas Davies     4F - Kaelem Smith     5E - Olivia White     5W - Oyinkan Babalola     6M - Jessica Rodriguez     6B - Ben McNally & Lily Francis
WC: 15.5.17
No Mandarin this week due to illness and school closure.
WC: 22.5.17
Due to inset day on Friday 26.5.17 only half of the classes were covered this week:
1H - Chloe Holding      3C - Isabella Gill      3G - Madison Goodwin      5E - Sophie Cawley      
6B - Olivia Keith      6M - Phoebe Muldoon & Dylan Shaw
WC: 5.6.17
RM - Olivia Gibney     RC - Alex Piech     1P - Pauline Moore     1H - Chloe Holding & Luke Readle
2G - Lewis Jones     2R - Maddison Robinson & Alan Cierpich     3G - Holly Brisco
3C - Miley Bennett & William Beyga-Broomfield     4P - Georgia Gill & Eva-Rose Curran     
4F - Ryan McQuiggan     5E - Ellison Grogan     5W - Olivia Murphy     6B - John Gilboy    
6M - Jamie Garvey    
WC: 12.6.17
RC - Alana Wyllie     RM - Hannah Smith     1H - Cali McQuiggan & Jack Foster     1P - Paulie Moore    
2R - Joshua White     2G - Angel Leather     3C - Jessica Gough     3G - Harry Gallagher    
4P - Anthony Welsh     4F - Louis Quinn, Thomas Fury, Daisy Caton & Olivia Morris    
5E - School trip (missed)      5W - Ava Simpson & Henry Wang    
6B - Nathan Sandison & Lewis Challinor     6B - Ruby Allan & Ruby Cole
WC: 19.6.17
RC - Ruby Sambor     RM - Daniel Fury & Ryan Cavanagh     1H - Chloe Holding & Esme Cluskey
1P - Seth Holding, Thomas Goodwin, Cian McKendrick     2G - Joseph Vose     2R - Christina Chen
3C - No lesson due to Busgy practice     3G - Oliver Curry     4F - Joshua Lawson
4P - Finnley Morgan, Caiden Guy & Callum McKendrick     5E - Isabella Hayes & Adam Ainscough
5W - No lesson due to school picnic     6B - Lewis Challinor & Leah O'Hanlon    
6M - Ellie Shea & Meshach Otus-Nwaoha
WC - 26.6.17
RM - Eve-May English Bowen    RC - Bella Lea Dixon     1P - Alfie Parker     1H - Harry Caron
2G - Oliver Donnahey & Lottie Fulton     2R - Isabella Hughes     3G - Neve Gilboy    
3C - William Simpson     4P - Joel Kane     4F - Jack Cole & Joanie Sutton     5E - Oliver Thompson
5W - Reece Jones & Carney Jackson     6B - Sean Fenlon & Harry Jones    
6M - Matthew Grogan & Grace Bradley
WC: 3.7.17
RM, RC, 1P, 2G, 2R, 5W, 6B & 6M - No lessons due to Bugsy Malone rehersal
1H - Chukwuka Okoroigwe     3C - Lucia Dunne & Christopher Graham    
3G - Anthony Brooks & Dylan Cavanagh     4F - Jessica Ross    
4P - Joel Kane, Finnley Morgan, Kevin Piech & Chukwudubem Okoroigwe     5E - Luke Newby
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