"Through respect, we work together,in Christ,to develop the whole person."
Ash Wednesday 2018
Enjoying leading Collective Worship in Key Stage 1!
Learning Bible Stories through drama in our after school Collective Worship club- 'Worship Warriors.'
Children in Year 2 enjoyed a visit to church where our trainee parish priest Peter explored the topic of signs and symbols in Baptism through role play.
Baptism role play Year 1!
We continued to celebrate our 'School of Sanctaury' satus with a 'hands of friendship' week. We explored the concept of friendship through a cross- curricular approach, this linked with our Judaism week! The children undertook many exciting tasks and had some wonderful interactions with friends in our school and parish community as well as our lovely visitors!
We celebrated 'Other Faith' week learning about Judaism! We enjoyed workshops across both Key Stages with a visit from our Jewish freind Jeremy. While Year 3 enjoyed a visit to the local Synagogue to learn about a Jewish place of worship!
Archdiocese Day for Year 6 - A visit to St John Bosco
We began our new school year with a mass to celebrate the feast of St. Matthew on September 21st!
Celebrating Hinduism with workshops in Key Stage 1 and 2! We enjoyed creating Rangoli patterns, trying on Hindu traditional dress and experiencing Henna tatooing! 
Congratulations on celebrating your First Holy Communion Year 4!
'Yoga and Mindfulness' SAT's preparation in Year 6 with Lizzie!
Children at St.Matthew's have celebrated a 'Global Learning' week, during which each year group studied a different world faith and incorporated work from RE, Geography, Philosophy and Art. They produced some beautiful work and made the following comments about their work:
"I liked the story of Moses and how he set people free." Year 1
"I enjoyed recreating the detailed Rangoli patterns." Year 4
"I enjoyed writing an imagery poem about the beautiful Hindu clothes." Year 4.
"I enjoyed asking my own questions and finding answers to them!" Year 5.
"I loved the map work and found out about where Hinduism originated." Year 5.

"I enjoyed learning about the Sikh Gurdwara because inside everyone is peaceful. They show respect and treat each other as equals." Year 6


"I wrote a biography about the life of Guru Nanak and how he was singled out as special at birth, just like Jesus!" Year 6.

Year 3 and 4 shared their Easter reflections on the 'Agony in the Garden' and 'The Trial of Jesus.'
Year 5 and 6 shared their thoughts and reflections on 'Palm Sunday' and 'The Last Supper' during their Easter assembly.
Congratulations to Year 4 who made their first Reconciliation. We look forward to celebrating your Holy Communion this May.
Please come and celebrate the beginning of Lent with our Key Stage 2 Ash Wednesday service at 9.15 am in Church. All Welcome!
Father Conor visited Year 1 to be interviewed for their topic 'Special People.' The children prepared and asked him lots of interesting questions about his life as a parish priest!
Our Worship Warriors receive their awards in our weekly rewards assembly! Congratulations!
A Collective Worship all about 'New Life' in Reception 
Worship Warriors performing the 'Book of Ruth' for Reception!
Children from Key Stage 2 have had the fabulous opportunity of attending a 6 week Worship Warrior after school club. They have learnt to lead collective worship and assemblies throughout the school, leading prayer times with younger children through dance and drama. 
Nativity 2016
Thank you to all the staff, children and parents who made our 'Where Are You Christmas?' nativity extra special. Our key message was about reaching out to others both local and far as we prepare for the coming of baby Jesus this Christmas. The performance had a number of dimensions from acting to dancing, singing and verse spreading the true meaning of Christmas. We would like to thank parents, carers, grandparents and friends for your continued support. Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year!
On Monday we had a special visitor from CAFOD helping us to learn about how the Year of Mercy links to our topic of Global Caretaking that will run throughout the year. Watch out for lots of fun activities that will raise money for local charities and our global neighbours, linking to Pope Francis' plea to continue to celebrate the gifts of love and mercy that God has given us all.
Our Year 2 class recently visited Father Conor in church to learn all about their Come and See topic of Baptism. They loved getting involved in learning about this Sacrament through role play and discussion.
Year 6 have been learning about Vocation and Commitment in their RE topic. They wrote letters of invitation to Father Conor asking him to come to class for an interview about his Ordination. Father was very impressed with the depth of their knowledge and their thoughtful questions about his life in the priesthood.
This week we celebrate the heritage of our parish. Children are completing cross-curricular work to celebrate the life of World War 1 hero Matthew Honan who was killed in battle. He left money in his will to build our church here at St.Matthew's and on 14th November we commemorate the 100 year anniversary of his death.
If any parents or family members have any photographs or memories of the church or parish life they would like to share, please contact your child's class teacher or Mrs Kent as RE Co-Ordinator. Thank you.
To celebrate Heritage Week, Class 4P are creating ceramic poppies in remembrance of Matthew Honan. 
Today we celebrated a 'New Beginnings' Mass in church. What a peaceful way to begin our new school year!
This week our school has been learning about Judaism. We have visits planned to the Synagogue for Years 3 and 4 and a Jewish visitor running workshops taking place throughout the school!
Year 6 attended an Archdiocese spirituality day at St. John Bosco where they enjoyed workshops in music, art, dance, collective worship to celebrate the theme of 'Creation'.
Heritage Day at church was celebrated by all children in our school. They enjoyed learning about the history of our parish!