E-Safety Measures @ St Matthew's

As a progressive and digitally aware school, we at St Matthew’s consider On-line Safety to be of paramount importance in helping to safeguard our children. To this end we have a number of systems in place to actively promote On-line safety within our school community.

Acceptable Use Policies

Staff, parents, children and visitors are made aware of and are asked to sign an Acceptable Use Policy.

Filtering & Monitoring Systems

We employ a cloud based web-filtering service called Webscreen 2.0 which is specifically designed for school use.  Panda Anti-virus and Firewall software is enabled on all school computers

All staff have unique logins and passwords which are regularly updated and we are in the process of currently setting up individual logins for all of our KS2 pupils.

We can facilitate reports to provide information on websites being accessed in real time as well as a historical logs of all website requests. We are able to block access to banned sites and have a published reporting procedure in place so that any new sites can be added to the list.

 Staff Training /Briefings

We access training by liaising with outside agencies and by taking guidance from local authority specialists in the area of On-line safety. We invite specialists to speak at staff briefings and any training undertaken by staff outside of school is presented and filtered down during regular meetings.

 Digital Schools Membership

St Matthew’s is a member of the Digital Schools Community which gives us access to the most up to date information training and help on all matters of on-line safety. Our membership also affords any parent or guardian of a child at St Matthew’s, access to free on-line Resilient Parenting training.

 Published Reporting Procedures

We have a simply set out, clear published reporting procedure in place for any e-safety or on-line concerns to reported and dealt with. Our Pastoral Care Manager, Mrs Grier documents all incidences and will escalate any case to our School Safeguarding team if necessary.

 Computing Curriculum / Digital Literacy

On-line safety is a key element within the digital literacy strand of the computing curriculum. As such all of St Matthew’s children are taught how to keep safe online in an age appropriate way as part of their computing curriculum.  At the beginning of every school year and as a key element of any new class induction children are reminded of the school Acceptable Use Policy and the SMART rules for keeping safe on-line. Both sets of rules are permanently displayed within each class or working environment.

We are currently running a unit of work called Play Like Share for KS2 PHSE . Play Like Share is an animated series about online safety produced by Thinkuknow. It follows the adventures of Alfie Sam and Ellie as they form a band and encounter an number of online dilemmas. The friends learn whilst the internet can be a really cool place they need to use it wisely and safely.

eCadets Programme

We’re proud to announce we’ve become an eCadet school. The eCadets is an award winning programme (run by a team of former police officers) which trains, empowers and supports a team of pupils within our school to keep their friends safe online. 

Online Safety Focus Week / Safer Internet Day 2017

For the past three years St Matthew’s has held an online safety focus week to coincide with International Safer Internet Day. The usually begins with a whole school assembly followed by a range of exciting activities & lessons around the topic online safety for all of our children; Reception, KS1 and KS2. In 2017 our focus week will ran from 6th - 10th of February. Every year we order and distribute more than 400 copies of the Vodaphone Digital Parenting Magazine to staff, parents and carers within our school community.

In previous years our children have been invited to perform an assembly at the first ever On-line Safety Conference at LACE, we have had a production company come into school to perform “The Tangled Web” for KS2 children. We have run an exciting Man Hunt Activity based around identity theft for Year 6, whilst Reception and KS1 were introduced to Digiduck and his companions. Parents also have been invited into school so that children could showcase their work in this area and share the online safety message.

Meet our newly recruited team of eCadets!


These children have been successful in their applications to become Online Safety Ambassadors for our school and the wider community. The selection process involved a written application, a design task and an interview. Well Done and Congratulations to them all!

          Watch this space for more eCadet news.........


Online Safety Focus Week 2017
KS2 Enjoy an online safety production "Dot CO Dot OK" performed by Altru Drama
Internet Safety Focus Week 2016
 "Tangled Web" Performance
Altru Creative Education a local theatre company, perfom "Tangled Web" at St Matthew's. Year 6 considered & discussed the trouble three young characters found themselves in using the internet (cyberbullying via Twitter, inappropriate YouTube videos and privacy settings on Instagram) in followup workshops during our Internet Safety Focus Week .
Internet Safety Sorting Game & All About Me! Collages
Year 2 played a sorting game to decide what images were safe or unsafe to share online. They also considered how to create a good user name without giving away personal information. Here are some of their "All About Me!" collages created using ipads.
Internet Safety Focus Week 2015
March 2015, St Matthew's Digital Leaders perform at the first ever e-safeguarding Conference in Liverpool!