Transition to Key Stage 1.

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Practitioners in St Matthew's recognise the imprtance of children experiencing a smooth transition to our Foundation Stage from their Pre-school settings. Equally we believe that it is vital to ensure effective strategies for pupils making the transition to Key Stage 1.
In the Summer term the school hold a variety of events to welcome our prospective families: Open Days, Taster sessions, Visits to nurseries etc.
At the same time EYFS staff will be adjusting their teaching and learning to prepare our Reception children for moving to Year 1.

Transition to Year 1:

  1. Summer term- adjust teaching/organisation to smooth transition.
  2. Introduce elements gradually to ensure a sensitive approach.
  3. Reinforce routines and elements that are the same to deal with uncertainties.
  4. Classroom visits/organised activities.
  5. Meet with Year 1 practitioners.
  6. Moderation meetings between EYFS and Year 1 staff to secure judgements and inform planning in Year 1 Autumn Term.
  7. Implement moving on up days/events.
  8. Compile transition packs/strategies for identified pupils, work with Inclusion Manager.
  9. Graduation event.

In year 1:

  1. Practitioners to adjust curriculum and organise the environment accordingly with the cohort.
  2. Ensure the provision is matched to the need of the cohort through comprehensive analysis of EYFS profile data, monitor impact and move on when appropriate.