Special 'friends' visited our school today to see the wonderful work we have done to recieve the status of School of Sanctuary.  Jill Rowlands, Nick Small, Donna Palmer and Levi Tafari were very impressed with our fantastic pupils. They enjoyed visiting our Raindrops session.  It was great fun to see the little ones dancing to our friendship songs.
Hands of Friendship is a continuation of our status as a School of Sanctuary.  

At St Matthew’s we appreciate that each person is uniquely created and loved by God.  We respect their worth their value and their contributions to school life.

In upholding and developing the distinctive ethos of a Catholic school we embrace the principles of inclusion, equality and diversity.  We ensure that every person is treated with respect, fairness and dignity and actively promote the values of tolerance, understanding and justice for all within the school and in the wider world. 

At St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School we focus on the well- being and progress of every child and believe that all members of our school community are of equal worth. We are a school of sanctuary and will always offer a welcoming hand of friendship to all who come to our door.

We believe that the Equality Act 2010 provides a framework to support our commitment to valuing diversity, tackling discrimination and promoting equality and fairness. We recognise that these duties reflect international human rights standards such as the UN Convention on the rights of the Child.

St Matthew's is now proud to announce that it is a School of Sanctuary.

As part of Liverpool  City of Sanctuary, St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School has now  gained the status of School of Sanctuary. This recognises our inclusive and welcoming ethos towards all our migrant families from all over the world. We value people for our differences as well as our similarities and support their settling into our community.

These are just a few of the art pieces created by our pupils that will form part of a Welcome Display within school.