Important information: FREE SCHOOL MEALS
As you maybe aware the children's centres will no longer be providing free school meal vouchers after Easter. For those parents in receipt of free school meals you will be receving an e-voucher emailed to you before 20th April (you will receive these weekly).

Parents can redeem these vouchers in named supermarkets e.g Asda.
Please ensure school has an up todate email address for you
contact school via email:

Parents Important Information: Please check out our Parents/ School Dinners Section on the school website. All the information needed is provided on this page regarding latest updates and recent eligibility changes for Free School Meals entitlement.

Parents: MyClubmoor are offering households the opportunity to loan a tablet, with internet access if needed, for as long as the family may need this help. It could be used by children to do their homework, older people to keep in touch with family or for the family to do their weekly shop for example.

Please look on our Parents/ Parents Info page for more information including Children, Young People and Families
Temporary COVID-19 Service Offer.

Key Workers: Parents – Please note St Teresa’s hub closes on the 22/05/2020 and School reopens on 08/06/2020. Please see below key worker information and criteria.

Please note the local authority have clarified the list of key workers and identified the following:

• Social workers, care workers health and social care staff and those required to maintain the sector
• Teachers, specialist education professionals and Nursery staff.
• Staff essential to the operation of the justice system
• Staff involved in the management of the deceased
• Administrative staff in local government essential to the delivery of the COVID-19 response
• Staff delivering essential pubic services such as payment of benefits
• Staff involved in the distribution of food or other key goods.
• Police and police support staff.
• Fire and rescue staff and support staff.
• Transport workers
• Utilities workers
• Probation staff
• It staff necessary to support COVID-19 response
• Payment providers
• Waste disposal service presumably including refuse collection

In addition, other workers described include:

• Armed forces personnel
• MoD civilian staff and contractors
• National Crime Agency
• Border security
• National security staff
• Religions and charity staff
• Journalists and broadcasters

Many parents working in these sectors maybe able to ensure their child is kept at home every child who can be safely care for at home should be. However, if a parent or guardians work is critical to the COVID-19 response or is in a key sector such as health and social care and the child/ children cannot be kept safely at home, then they can attend school.

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