5G Home learning

Hello 5G,
I hope everyone is safe and doing well.
I'll be posting work here for you to complete at home, it will also be posted on to Class Dojo as well. Please don't worry about printing off anything, you can just complete it on a piece of paper. I'd love to see what you've been doing so please send me any photos of your work through Class Dojo!
Your homework will also be posted through Dojo as always - reading, literacy and maths work.
Plenty to keep you going!
Stay safe and I'll see you soon,
Mr Greaves
These resources should help with your rounding tasks this week. Take a look:
We should be taking a look at Habitats this week for our Science topic so to keep us ticking long, here's a really interesting comprehension about the dangers of plastic pollution in the world today.
Have a go and send any answers to me on Class Dojo
Eureka Dr. Seuss Classroom Banner, Cat in The Hat Reading is Fun, 12 x 45
We've just signed up to this amazing website which lets you read any book from our school set online!
All you need to do is visit the page and log on. I'll send your login details through Class Dojo.
When you're logged in, go to the Oxford Owl Ebook Library and choose your level in the Oxford level menu. Start the level that you're normally reading, but try to challenge yourself and read a level higher if you're feeling confident!
Happy reading
Have a go at these prefixes and suffixes! Some are easier than others so think carefully and take your time. How creative can you be with finding interesting words?
Prefixes go before a root word.
Suffixes go after a root word.
When you have wrote examples for each one, see if you can use each word in a sentence.
Our next Maths topic is addition and subtraction
It's exactly the same as in Year 4 except we need to add a ten thousands and a hundred thousands column
Have a go!
RE - Ourselves
To finish off our RE topic about 'ourselves', here's a little collective worship.
Find a nice, quiet time of the day to read through it. It's only short, but spend a bit of time thinking about the questions. Maybe see if any of your family want to join in with you
Maths - Subtraction
Have a go at these subtraction questions today, take your time. Remember that it is top number subtract the bottom number; if it's not possible, steal from its neighbour.
Here's our next Science lesson. It's all about vertebrates and invertebrates.
Watch this video first:
Then, have a look through the information below and find out what you can. There are two tasks to have a go at here, see what you can do and send any photos of work to me on Dojo.
Featherstone All Saints CofE Academy - Reading
A bit of inference work for you today! It's all about parts of Room 13 we have already read in class and working out how Fliss might be feeling at various points in the chapter.
Good morning 5G,

Here is this week's learning pack, it's also on Class Dojo for you if you need.

I'll also be adding little tasks throughout the week such as some basic skills and guided reading tasks.

There'll also be a few bigger lessons added towards the end of the week in case you finish!

It makes me smile seeing all the amazing work that you send in to me so keep up the hard work :)

Stay safe,
Mr Greaves
Basic skills for this week
Hi everyone,
Here's some basic skills tasks to help wake your brains up in the morning and get them warmed up and ready for learning!
RE - Judaism
This week is our Other Faiths week and we're looking at the Jewish faith. In the work pack, there was a lesson about the story of Passover and its importance. Today, there's a lovely lesson on the Seder plate - one of the key elements of the Passover celebrations. Have a look and, as always, send any work through to me on Class Dojo to have a look at.