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Home Learning – Sandfields Primary School
Hello everyone, please have a look at this page to find all of your home learning work packs and any extra information about learning at home! 
You don't have to print these packs off, you can take pictures of your work at home and send them to me via Class Dojo! 
The activities in the pack will mirror what we will or would be doing in class.
Have a go at everything and try your best. Remember, I can offer you feedback and support through Class Dojo.
The weekly learning packs can be viewed on this page, Class Dojo and Google Classrooms. Paper copies can also be picked up from the school office if needed. Thank you :)
Monday 12th October 2020
English - Comprehension- Plastic Pollution (in learning pack.) 
Maths - Lesson 10-Dividing (in learning pack.) 
RE- Judaism Week - Rosh Hashanah Activity (in learning pack.) 
Reading - Log on to Oxford Owl eBook Library - Read a book of your choice from your level. You could send me a 1 minute video on class dojo summarising or reviewing your book! 
Tuesday 13th October 2020 
English - Apostrophes for possession and contraction (in learning pack.)
Maths- Lesson 17 - Common Multiples (in learning pack.) 
Science - Describing Materials - (in learning pack.) 
French - See Activity on Dojo
Wednesday 14th October 2020
English- Maya Angelou Poem (in learning pack.) 
Maths- Lesson 18 - Common Multiples (in learning pack.) 
PSHE - Activity on Google Classrooms and also on Dojo. 
Reading- Log onto Oxford Owl- Read a non-fiction book from your level. 
Thursday 15th October 2020
English- Instruction Writing (activity on Dojo and Google Classroom.)
Maths- Lowest Common Multiples ( activity on Dojo ) 
Extra Maths game to play - https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/multiples-and-factors (link on dojo) 
RE- Judaism ( activity on Dojo and Google Classrooms.) 
Friday 16th October 2020
English-Creative Writing-'The Troll!' (activity on Dojo and Google Classroom.)
Maths-Place Value and Rounding Revision-(activity on Dojo.)
English SPaG- Homophones 'there, their or they're' (activity on Dojo and Google Classroom.)
Music - Mozart Research -(activity on Dojo and Google Classroom.)
Reading-Log onto Oxford Owl and read a book from your level. See if you can find a book that features a poem! 
Monday 19th October 2020
English -After the Fall Setting Description-(activity on Dojo and Google Classroom.)
Maths - Lesson 19 Finding Common Factors (in learning pack) 
RE 1- Belonging -(activity on Dojo and Google Classroom.)
Extra Maths Games-https://phet.colorado.edu/sims/html/fractions-intro/latest/fractions-intro_en.html
Tuesday 20th October
Literacy- Character Description (activity on Dojo and Google Classroom.)
Maths- Lesson 1 Simplifying Fractions (in learning pack) 
Science-Lesson 1- (Template is on dojo and details for lesson are in learning pack.) 
Computing-Diary of screen time-(activity on Dojo and Google Classroom.)
Extra basic skills-Please log onto Spelling Shed and TTRockstars! 
Wednesday 21st October 
Literacy-Newspaper Article (template available on Dojo and Google Classroom, details for lesson are in learning pack.) 
Maths-Lesson 2 Simplifying Fractions-(in learning pack.) 
RE-Commitment- (Dojo and Google Classroom.) 
PSHE-(Dojo and Google Classroom.) 
Thursday 22nd October 
Literacy-Recording a broadcast (details in learning pack-you can send it in via dojo.) 
Maths-Comparing and Ordering Fractions (in learning pack.) 
RE-Lesson 3 Levels of Commitment (Dojo and Google Classroom.) 
PE-Circuit Training (Template on Google Classroom and Dojo-you could send a video in of you completing it via dojo.) 
Friday 23rd October
Literacy - Black History Month Comprehension (in learning pack.) 
Maths- Comparing and Ordering Fractions (in learning pack.) 
Maths Extra BODMAS Revision (Dojo and Google Classroom.) 
Science 2- Changes (learning pack and Google Classroom.) 
Reading- Visit Oxford Owl eBook library and read a book of your choice. 
oxford-owl - Holy Family Catholic Primary School
You also have access to over 550 brilliant eBooks. Visit www.oxfordowl.co.uk and click on 'My class login' to enter the eBook library. 
Our class login details are below: 
Class username: class6parry
Class password: stmatthews 
Enjoy reading the wide range of fantastic books! 
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Just to let you know, I will be making a few phone calls throughout the week to parents to make sure everything is okay and you can all access the work provided. See you all soon year 6! 
Thank you, 
Miss Parry 
Times Table Rock Stars | St Joseph's Catholic Junior School Birtley
We are back up and running with our Times Tables Rockstars ! I will message every child in class via class dojo with their login details for TTRockstars so they can start using it straight away! 
EdShed Web Game - Spelling Shed and MathShed
Spelling Shed is back!

Your username is exactly the same as the beginning part of your St Matthew's email.
For example:


You do not need to add the rest of the email, just the '14' and your 3 letters.
Then, your password to log in is exactly the same password you have for Google Classrooms!
Log in, play some of the games and perfect your spellings!