Year 1 Class - 1B - Summer - 2018 - 2019

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 Important Information
PE day is Tuesday morning.
Dance is on Friday morning.
PE kits should stay in school and will be sent home every half term.
Homework will be given on a Monday and returned on Friday.
Children are allowed to bring a healthy snack (fruit, breakfast bar) and a bottle of water to school (no fizzy drinks). 
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Phonics is the first important step to learning how to spell and read.
In Year 1, the children will be given a reading book and a phonics pack to take home.
Please practice this as much as possible with your child.
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The children had so much in the Summer Fair this year! They had lots to do, which included: 
  • Sweets and treats stall
  • Circus goodies
  • Face painting/tattoos 
  • Photo booth 
  • Circus games with P.E. teacher (tug of war, limbo, spinning plates, juggling, hook-a-duck)
  • Dementia table sale
  • Singers
  • Bands
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The children have had a few visitors come in to talk to them about their jobs and responsibilities. The children enjoyed meeting them and found it very interesting. They had many questions to ask them and learnt so much about what their jobs involves. 
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The children had so much fun during their school trip to Farmer Ted's. 
They had so much to do and learnt a lot of interesting things about the animals. Here is a list of things they did:
  • Groomed a pony 
  • Tractor ride
  • Met the guinea pigs
  • Climb and slide
  • Watched a bird show
  • Watched a ferret race
  • Free time outside in the playground 
Take a look at some videos pictures of us!
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In art, the children have been looking at Miro's famous surrealism sculptures. They had the opportunity to design their own surrealist sculpture, then create it using clay.
The children had so much fun! Take a look at some of their amazing sculptures.
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The children have been focusing on The Storm Whale. They have been applying their prior knowledge of co-ordinates to answer comprehension questions about the book.
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The children have been introduced to Joan Miro, who focuses on magical realism and surrealism art. 

The children have had the opportunity to observe some of his paintings and make comments and ask questions.



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Take a look at some pictures of their surrealism art, inspired by Miro. 
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The children competed in a tough dance competition against other KS1 classes. Class 1B did a Chinese inspired routine. They did so well to work together and do their moves in time with the music. Well done to everyone who was involved, you did amazing dances! 
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 We observed how much our plants grew over the last 4 weeks. 
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The Countryside or City?
Basic skills opportunities: Use world maps, atlases and globes to identify the United Kingdom, the city of Liverpool and features of the countryside.
The children have been exploring the similarities and differences between the countryside and city. 
Look at some of their posters!
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The children have been listening to the song What a Wonderful World. They have been discussing the rhyme scheme and verse structure of the song. 
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Global week
The children have been exploring animals on the farm and where they get their fruit and vegetables from. 
 They had the opportunity to look at a root vegetable. 
Have a look at some pictures of them observing the potato plant. 
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In maths the children have been exploring numbers to 40 in a variety of ways. They have focused on counting to 40 in different ways and writing numbers to 40. The children have also started to compare numbers and looking at number patterns.
Take a look at some examples of children's maths journals, showing how they solve maths problem by using different methods.
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The children have been learning about 2 types of trees- deciduous and evergreen. 
They have explored different types of trees and their properties. For example, the leaves on a deciduous tree can change colour and they fall off in Autumn. Their leaves are flat, broad and they have veins. Whereas, the leaves on an evergreen tree are green all year round. Their leaves are more thicker, smaller and narrower compared to deciduous trees. 
The children had the opportunity to look at a variety of leaves and identify them using a leaf identifier sheet.
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Freestanding Structures- Playgrounds

Learning objectives :
  • To investigate different types of playgrounds.
  • To investigate the materials needed to make a playground.
  • To generate a simple design criteria.
  • To design a model playground.
  • To make a model playground.
  • To evaluate your product identifying any strengths and any areas for development against the original brief.                                                         
  • To identify any changes you would make if you repeated the activity.

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In literacy the children have been using Talk for Writing to create their own non-fiction story based on Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone. 
Look at some examples of the children's work so far. 
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Wild Plant Hunt
In science the children explored wild plants and flowers. They talked about what makes a wild plant and shared our experiences with common wild plants. The children went on a wild plant hunt in their local area. They had a to identify and record the amount of wild plants/flowers they saw using a tally chart. 
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Topic- Plants
The children have writing a set of instructions for planting a bean. After this, they had the opportunity to plant their own bean whilst talking about what they need to grow effectively (water, soil/nutrients, sunlight and air). Over the next four weeks, the children will return to the bean plants weekly to measure their growth with a ruler and fill in their Bean Plant Diary.
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Victorian Day
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The children had the opportunity to have a full days experience of being in a Victorian classroom. The children had to sit in rows and work on slates, just like in the Victorian times. They found out the teachers used to be very scary and strict. They also found out if the children did not behave or follow instructions, they would get the cane which would really hurt, or they would have to wear a Dunces' hat. The children enjoyed Victorian day and they got to talk about what they liked and what they did not like about it. 

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Our trip to the Storybarn was so much fun. We read lots of books, dressed up, used props to create stories and used our imagination! We also did some art, using different types of media and got creative with our pictures. In the afternoon, we got to explore Calderstones Park, we played a fun game called 'Fruit Salad' and looked at different trees around the park.