Year 2 Class - 2L - Autumn - 2018 - 2019

Welcome to Class 2L!   

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Our class teacher is Miss Little.
Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Walters. 


 Important information:

  • P.E. is on Thursdays and Dance is on Wednesday. P.E kits should remain in school all week. 
  • Homework is given out on a Monday and is due in on a Friday. Dojo points are awarded for the return of completed homework.  
  • Children will be tested on their spellings and times tables every Friday.  
  • Please read with your child every night. Class 2L earn points and rewards for their reading efforts at home. Reading records should be signed by an adult to earn these points!  
  • Please bring your reading book to school every day.  
  • Music is on Monday and Mandarin is on Wednesday.
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Please practise reading and spelling the words below with your child.
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The children have been exploring the theme of 'responsibility' during Collective Worship and have been discussing the responsibilities they have in our community.
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Class 2L have been using Talk For Writing to retell the story of 'The Tear Thief'. The children have been using their own actions to perform the story. Soon, the children will be using the story to help them write their own stories based on a familiar setting.
The children have started to write their own stories using The Tear Thief story to help them. The children have changed the characters and settings to make the story their own and have used lots of expanded noun phrases to describe them.
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The children have started learning actions for instructions on 'How to Trap a Dragon'. The children are using this list of instructions to learn about imperative verbs and adverbs and how to use commas in a list. The children are really enjoying the actions for these instructions!
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In Maths the children have been learning about place value. They have been using their dienes (tens and ones) to represent different numbers. 
The children have been using their place value knowledge to add 2 digit numbers! The children used their tens and ones columns and their dienes (ten strips and ones) to calculate how many cakes Ruby and Ted had altogether.
The children have been learning how to subtract different amounts of tens from 2 digit numbers. They have been working together using their dienes (tens and ones) to complete the questions.
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In Music the children have been learning and performing the song 'London's Burning' which links to this term's history topic!
 The children have been learning to sing the song in canon.
The children have been learning to sing 'London's Burning' in a round and can even do it in 3 parts! The children have also started to use percussion instruments called Glockenspiels to begin playing the tune.
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 Our Geography topic this term is maps. The children have been looking at different types of maps and have been using directional language to describe a route.
The children explored and navigated the school grounds to identify key landmarks. The children did observational drawings and planned the route. They will be using their findings to create their own map of the school, soon!
The children have been making their own maps in 3D! They have talked about the positioning of their human features, such as homes and shops, using directional language (such as North, South, East and West) and explained why they have placed them there.
"I love Geography because we get to make 3D maps!"
"I liked looking at pictures from an aerial view."
"I liked making my own key."
"I liked adding my own things to my map."
"I liked working with my friends."
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Meet Jackson the Digi Dog!
 Jackson is Class 2L's online safety hound. The children work with Jackson to help them understand how to stay safe online and how to build a better internet!
Jackson will be going on lots of different adventures with the children in our class so keep an eye out on our page for more pictures and stories.
Digi dog has been on four adventures so far and has played on ipads and xboxes, learning how to stay safe while doing so.
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Well done to the children in class 2L for reading lots at home! They have now reached the moon on our reading chart in class and have been awarded with special certificates and extra Dojos for their efforts and enthusiasm for reading.
During guided read the children enjoy asking each other questions and working together to identifdy and define interesting words. 
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The children have been working hard in dance particularly on their timing and rhythm. 
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In R.E the children have been talking about signs and symbols. They have identified signs they see on thier way to school and in school and have talked about what they mean.
The children have also been looking at and talking about the signs and symbols used during Baptism. They have visited the Church and spoke with Father Dominic who explained what each of the symbols mean.  The children took part in a role play, reanacting a Baptism to understand the purpose of each of the symbols. The children learned what order the symbols are used in, with Father Dominic encouraging them to think and talk about why they occur in this order. The children had lots of fun! Thank you, Father Dominic!
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In Mandarin the children have been practicing their greetings, focusing on thier pronunciation.
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The children have been working together to identify the offspring of different animals. The children have planned a test to determine whether we get faster as we get older. They have decided they are going to complete 5 races between children of different ages to see who is faster. Some of the children have predicted it will be the older students who will be faster because they have longer legs and are older so have had more practice. Stay tuned to see the results!
We completed our test/experiment and we discovered that younger children are faster than older children, most of the time, but to make it a fair test we would have to do more tests to make sure this was true!