Year 2 Class - 2L - Summer - 2018 - 2019

Welcome to Class 2L!


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Our class teacher is Miss Little.
Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Walters. 


 Important information:


  • P.E. is on Thursdays and Dance is on Wednesday. P.E kits should remain in school all week. 
  • Homework is given out on a Monday and is due in on a Friday.  
  • Please read with your child every night. Class 2L earn points and rewards for their reading efforts at home. Reading records should be signed by an adult to earn these points!  
  • Please bring your reading book to school every day.  
Please practise reading and spelling the words below with your child.
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Year 2 will be sitting their SATs at the end of May.
Please follow these top tips to help your child prepare; 
  • read every night with your child
  • ask your child questions about what they have read
  • practise 2, 5 and 10 time tables
  • practise reading and spelling common exception words (listed below)
  • practise an addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sum every night
  • play spelling shed and times table rockstars
  • be in school on time and get a good nights sleep
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The children used their ICT skills to create a postcard. They used their typing skills to write their letter describing all of the things they could find and the seaside and offering different facts. They also decorated their postcards and editted the font size and colour. They had lots of fun showing off both their ICT and Geography skills and knowledge.
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The children have been learning to tell the time in Maths. They are learning to tell the time to five minute intervals. For some extra practice, the children used their ICT skills to play different games to identify and match up the time on the clocks.
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In Art the children are learning about 'weaving'. They are beginning to make their own designs so that they can eventually include it in their weaving patterns.
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The children have been reading and writing their own riddles. To improve their word choices they read through some riddles and identified the different suffixes. They worked together to locate the different suffixes, creating a word bank which they later used to write their own riddles about The Twits and later, a character of their own choosing!
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In Geography the children have been looking at maps of the UK and locating the different countries, their capital cities and seaside resorts. They did a quiz on the interactive whiteboard, working together using clues to identify the different countries and their capitals before working in groups using Atlases to label the different countries, their capitals and the seaside resorts. The children used their maps skills to navigate the maps in their Atlases to locate the capitals and label them on their map before presenting them to the class. The children gave a presentation, sharing what they had learned, describing the places using geographical language.
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In DT the children have been learning about puppets. They researched the different types of puppets and used this information to design their own. They are now working hard to sew their materials together carefully with the sewing equipment and are looking forward to decorating them in Messy Morning!
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In Geography the children have been learning about the seaside. They have been learning about the different features that you see at the seaside including rock pools. The children researched rockpools together and then worked together to write down all of their facts and information about the different animals they found in this habitat before sharing their knowledge with the class!
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The children competed in a tough dance competition against other KS1 classes. Class 2L did an Irish inspired routine. They did so well to work together and do their moves in time with the music. Well done to everyone who was involved, you did amazing dances! Take a look at some of the pictures and our amazing performance below.
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The children have been reading and discussing Nonsense Poems. The children worked together to read the poems, identifying their favourite words and phrases and key techniques such as rhyming words and alliteration. The children enjoyed reading the different poems together and sharing their opinions about them.
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Now we are growing cress too! We placed our cress in two different conditions - one hot and one cold - to determine what temperature is required for cress to grow. We have predicted that warmer conditions are more suitable but are curious to see if the cold conditions will help. What are your predictions?
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We have been growing plants in four conditions and observing their growth. We measured their length and predicted whether they would grow more or not. We also compared their growth and their appearance and considered why they may or may not have grown and why they look the way they do. 
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Well done to all of the Year 2 children for completing their SATs! You have worked so hard and received some well deserved treats. 
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In science the children have been discussing what plants need to grow. Before setting up our experiment, the children first observed and discussed the different types of plants and trees and recognised their features. The children used their mathematical skills to measure the length and width of the different examples before choosing their favourite to analyse further. The children enjoyed working together to identify the different part of plants and trees and loved using their observational skills to draw a diagram of each. Have a look at some of the examples below!
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The children have been learning about what life was like in the 1800s. The have discussed how people used to wash their clothes and compared it to how we do this today!
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The children have been learning about how messages are sent and the importance of messages. The children learned how the disciples spread the message of Jesus' Resurrection and return to heaven as well as the coming of the Holy Spirit. The children re-enacted the story of Jesus being Risen and also wrote newspaper articles, displaying different ways to share this good news!