Year 2 Class - 2L - Spring - 2019 - 2020

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Our class teacher is Miss Little.
Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Walters. 


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For many of you school is now closed and you will be working from home so make sure that while you’re away you spend some time doing the activities from your packs or on the dojo board. You could also read some books, write some stories or draw some pictures but most of all make sure you’re staying safe and having fun!

We are so incredibly proud of you for everything you do but especially for being little warriors and helping us all out by making sure you wash your hands and stay at home when you can!

Look after yourselves and we will see you soon!

- Miss Little and Miss Walters.
Parents/carers, your child should have a QR code to log into the Class Dojo website/app. There will be regular tasks set for your child to complete! I can view their responses and leave a comment.
Thank you for your continued support! 
- Miss Little

Keep active!

It is super important to stay active during this time! Here are some resources to keep your children active.


Freeze dance:

Cosmic kids yoga:



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Joe Wicks has announced he will start online PE lessons to help keep children fit and healthy during the school shutdown. The UK-based fitness influencer, who is known as The Body Coach, will be holding free 30-minute classes every weekday to help children keep active during a live workout called 'PE with Joe'.

Follow the link below to his Youtube channel to join in with his fun exercise routines every day in order to stay fit and healthy! 

Below are useful learning links for each topic we are learning about this half-term, should you wish to support your child further at home, whilst school is closed.

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Phonics Play:
If you click on Phase 3, 4 and 5 there are appropriate games to support your child with continuing to learn Phonics at home.
Oxford Owl:
If your child does not already have a login, you can join for free as a parent.  This will give you access to phonics worksheets, games, spelling rule videos and further activities.
Spelling shed: (children have individual login)
The children can also practise reading and spelling Year 1 and 2 common exception words.

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In English this half term we are focusing on a book called Grandpa’s Island by Benji Davis ( – read along video with the author). 
The skills we are focussing on in writing are:-
-          Using expanded noun phrases – For example: ‘big, beautiful island' – an adjective goes before the noun to describe it ( )
-          Use present and past tenses correctly and consistently
-          Use conjunctions (and, because, when, that, so, but, if)
-          Use punctuation correctly (full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks, question marks)
-          Use inverted commas (speech marks)
If you wish to practice writing at home with your child during this time, it will be useful for you to focus on some of the above skills.
Further support in English:-
Topmarks: (punctuation, spelling, reading activities)
Oxford Owl:  (a range of online books you can read with your child at home)
BBC Bitesize: (phonics, grammar, punctuation, spelling, writing)
Teaching Ideas: (creative writing)
SATs: (practice SATs papers)

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In Maths, we are always recapping on our number and place value skills to 100.  We also continually focus on 2, 5 and 10 timetables (useful games and links to support this are below).
This half-term our focus is on fractions (halves, quarters, thirds of shapes and amounts), shape (2D and 3D shapes, lines of symmetry) and time (telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes).
Fractions games:
Timestables games:
SATs:  (practice SATs papers)
TT rockstars: (children have individual logins)
White Rose: (maths activities across all topics)
Topmarks: (a range of maths games)
BBC Bitesize:  
100 square splat: (useful for counting and timetables support)

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In Science this half term we are looking at living things and their habitats.  With a focus on living things living in habitats to which they are suited and describing how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of animals and plants and how they depend on each other.
Hamilton Trust:

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In RE we are starting our topic of Lent; looking at opportunities and listening to the different parts of the Easter story. 
CAFOD: (a range of resources focussed on Lent)
BBC Bitesize:
CAFOD Kidzone:

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We are currently learning about some influential nurses who had a positive impact on the conditions in hospitals.  We are focussing on the lives of:-
Florence Nightingale
Edith Cavell
Edith Cavell:
Florence Nightingale:

Please practise reading and spelling the words below with your child.


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Please use TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed to further consolidate learning!
They are a fun and engaging way for your child to learn their times tables and spellings.
Your children will have their personal login and can access these resources via the internet or an app. Children can practise relevant times tables and spellings, including their homework spellings in a fun, interactive way.
Link to Spelling Shed:  
Link to TT Rockstars:
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Please read with your child every night.
Class 2L earn points and rewards for their reading efforts at home. Reading records should be signed by an adult to earn these points!
Please bring your reading book to school every day.
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  • P.E. is on Thursday and Dance is on Wednesday. P.E kits should remain in school all week.
  • Homework is given out on a Monday and is due in on a Friday. Dojo points are awarded for the return of completed homework.
  • Children will be tested on their spellings and times tables every Friday.
  • Please read with your child every night and bring their book to school every day! Children will receive Dojo points for reading at home!
  • Music is on a Monday.
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We had a great time with our amazing visitor to discuss how we are all different and unique. As part of our school of sanctuary the children worked together to identify the importance of supporting others and working together and how we can do this. Thank you to our lovely visitor!
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In Maths the children have been learning about fractions. The children have been identifying different fractions of different shapes. They have identified halves, quarters and thirds and have begun labeling them.
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In History the children are learning about Florence Nightingale and her impact on hospitals and the role of nurses. The children worked together to observe and discuss the uniforms from the 1800 compared to now. They identified the similarities and differences and suggested reasons for the specific changes. They then used this to help them arrange the different uniforms from the 1800s to now on a timeline, using their inquiry and observation skills to make suggestions.
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In Music the children have been using different percussion instruments to make their own rhythms. They have been exploring different sounds and dynamics through playing different instruments focusing on the Djembe drum. They have learned the history of the drum which relates well to our recent Geography topic on Africa!
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In History the children have been looking closely at different artifacts. They used their observation and inquiry skills to identify what the artifacts are before using this knowledge to suggest what time period they are from, who they belonged to and what the profession of the person was. They justified their responses with reasons and gave examples. They had fun working in small groups to explore the different artifacts and write up their findings.
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In Science the children are talking about the properties of materials. They completed a test including sand paper and different fabrics to determine which material was the most durable. They counted how many rubs it would take to make a hole and observed that the strongest material is jute because it took 225 rubs which was the greatest amount of rubs!

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As this week is Book Week, the whole school has been reading, discussing and analysing the book, 'The Journey' by Aaron Becker. This picture book has been fun to explore and use as inspiration to describe characters and settings. The children looked closely at specific pages and asked and answered a variety of questions. They also identified the different things the main character could hear, see, feel and smell by imagining they were in the story. They used these detailed discussions to help write a detailed description about the unusual, magical setting; the castle.
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As part of book week the children used the book, The Journey, to form the question: 'Should we be friends with anyone?'
We explored this picture book about a girl's solo journey around magical places, where she meets different people and accomplishes different things. We used this stimulus as support for our opinions, but also made links to safer internet week by discussing being friends with people online.
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During children's mental health week the children discussed what mental health is and in keeping with the theme, discussed how they can and have been brave. We recognised that bravery is not always something big like jumping out of an aeroplane or bungee jumping, it can be just raising your hand in class, standing up at the front and/or speaking to someone new. We discussed that we can find out brave by speaking out and talking to others and reminded each other that it is good and brave to ask for help whenever we are in need.
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In Music the children are learning about different percussion instruments. They are learning how to control and alter their tempo and rhythm and use different dynamics by exploring different percussion instruments, including the Djembe. 
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The children enjoyed working together to determine which ball is the bounciest. The children selected different ball types and decided to drop them from 1m high and see how high they would bounce. They used their knowledge of measurement which we have been learning in Maths to measure how high the ball bounced. They did well to compare the results on concrete and on the carpet and were challenged to consider why some of the balls bounciness changed depending on the surface it was dropped on. The children determined that they made it a fair test by using the same person to drop the ball to ensure the same force was used and during our test we edited our approach to make it more fair by dropping each ball twice!
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In Science the children have been exploring materials and their properties. The children applied different forces to a number of different materials to observe if and how they could be changed or manipulated. The children enjoyed working in groups to observe these changes and note which materials could be twisted, squashed, pulled and stretched. They enjoyed identifying and comparing the materials and naming their properties to help them understand why some materials can and cannot be manipulated.
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The children in Year 2 had an amazing time designing and making pizzas as part of their DT topic. They really enjoyed using different skills during their cookery session with some of their parents. We had an amazing time cutting, rolling, kneading and designing our pizzas with the school Chefs. Thank you to them and the parents who helped us!
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In DT the children have been learning about how to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Through researching, designing and making pizzas the children have learned the different food groups and the need for each of these. The children researched different bread products and used different adjectives to describe them to help determine their suitability for a pizza base. They worked collaboratively to predict which would be the best and observe them closely to identify their qualities. Have a look at us exploring them below!
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The children have been learning about Kenya, Africa in Geography. They have researched and discussed the Maasai Tribe and their culture and traditions. The children then used their artistic skills to create their own necklaces because the tribe believe that the more jewellery you wear, the richer you look!
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In Geography the children have been learning about Kenya in Africa. The children used their observational skills to analyse images of rural and urban Kenya and compared how they both live. The children worked in groups to make notes about what they could see before watching a video of a day in the life of two young girls - one from urban and one for rural Kenya. They enjoyed working together to learn about different lifestyles and cultures.
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In Dance the children have been learning different styles of dance, including ballet and tap. This week they focused on tap and explored the different movements needed to make different sounds with tap shoes. They worked on their control and trying to match the rhythm.
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In Geography the children have been learning about Africa. The children have learned about the different animals in Africa, focusing on the big five . These animals are endangered because they are being hunted and killed. These five animals are rhinos, cape buffalo, lions, elephants and leopards. We first used our research skills to create paper fact files about the different animals. We worked on how to use and navigate a search engine and how to retrieve data. We then used this data to create a leaflet about the five animals on our ipads. Have a look at our amazing team work below! 
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The children used their ipads to gather data. They inputted data into a pictogram to show our class's favourite zoo animals. they worked together to create the pictogram before inputting the data. They then discussed their findings and discovered that our favourite animal is elephants! 
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As part of Global Week were we learned about Elephants, the children learnt how to use water colours today to create a sunset effect. The children then used this as a background to create an elephant picture. Have a look at our amazing skills below!
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In Geography we are learning about the continent Africa but have been focusing on the country, Kenya. We have learned about an African tribe called the Maasai Tribe and their amazing jumping dance. We tried it out ourselves!
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In Music the children are listening to and performing African music. The children listened to a performance of their chosen African song in an African language and identified the important features of a performance including, harmonies, volume and presentation. They then began to learn the song including call and response and movements. Have a look at our first rehearsal of the song!
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The children had an amazing time at the zoo. They saw lots of different animals including their focus animal the elephants! They saw a tiger eating its dinner, monkeys swinging and a bear drinking from a bamboo stick. We went in the bat cave and watched the giraffes playing. Thank you to all our helpers!
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In PE the children have been working on their movements and isolating and controlling parts of their body to manipulate resources such as a hula hoop. They enjoyed working with the hula hoop in many ways. Take a look at the videos below!
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The children used influences from other poems and their list of rhyming words collated at the beginning of the week to begin forming rhyming couplets. They worked together in pairs and small groups to finish different rhyming couplet examples before beginning to create their own. They will use these tomorrow to write their own poems! Listen to some of the many amazing examples below!
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During global week in P4C we looked at different statements regarding animals in zoos, including "animals are in cages," "animals are taken care of" and "animals cannot experience their own weather conditions". We worked together to identify whether we believed these statements were good or bad and gave reasons. We were critical thinkers when we recognised that some could be good or bad, for example, OT explained that it is good they are in cages because they are safe and we are safe from them but it is bad because they may feel trapped or do not have enough space. We used these statements and discussions to form and answer the question: "Should animals be kept in zoos?" Have a look at some of our responses below!
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The children worked in groups to read different Jungle poems and poems about animals. They first identified wow words and worked together to clarify them and define them. Following this, they identified the different rhyming couplets and noted them down, adding more examples to their lists. They enjoyed working together to explore different examples of poetry and will use them later in the week as inspiration for their own poems!
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The children from Year 2 visited St Matthew's Church for some quiet reflection time.
The children were greeted by Father Dominic who showed them the lovely Christmas Nativity and Crib and spoke to the children about the three kings and shepherds who visited Jesus after he was born. He talked about the importance of these visitors and the special celebration. It was lovely to see the decorations in our parish and have some time to reflect together.
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As part of our recent RE topic children have been thinking about different types of books and their purpose. We worked in groups to explore different types of books, identifying who they were for, where they could be used and why. We also used our knowledge from Literacy to identify if they were fiction or non-fiction. 
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In PE the children have been practising their throwing skills and doing relay races.
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In Collective worship the children have been talking abut dreams and goals. They have been reflecting on their previous year and have been working together to set goals for this year. They discussed how they could support each other with these goals and how God will also be there to help them. In days following they talked about the importance of reflecting on the past to learn from it and to forgive what has happened to start a new beginning. The children enjoyed sharing their dreams and aspirations including improving their handwriting, concentration, making new friends in the school, joining new teams and being more helpful at home.