Year 2 Class - 2R - Autumn - 2019 - 2020

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Welcome to Class 2R!
Your Teacher is Miss Rush 
 Your Teaching Assistant is Miss Carter.
Important information
  • Please remember your P.E. kit for P.E. on Thursdays and Dance on  Fridays.
  • Homework is given out on a Monday and is due in on a Friday.
  • Children will be tested on their spellings and times tables every Friday.
  • Please read with your child every night.
  • Music is on Wednesday . 
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Please practise reading and spelling the age expected words below with your child.Related image
Parents please encourage your child to go on TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed. They can both be accessed through the internet or downloaded as an app. Your child will receive their own personal logins for these sites. They are a fun and engaging way for your child to learn their times tables and spellings.
Your child's weekly spelling homework will also be put on Spelling Shed-what better way to help your child to learn their spellings than through playing games.
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Class 2R have been learning about the importance of symbols and keys on maps. We also learnt about human and physical features and identified some of these on the maps we were looking at.
Parents: Can you help your child to identify human and physical features on their journey to ad from school?
The children have been using their listening skills in music to listen to pieces of music from different decades. They even practised a hand jive to join in with the rhythm of the song.
The have been practising their number bonds to 10 and 20.
Parents: can you help your child to know all pairs of numbers that make 10 and 20?
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The children practised their Geography enquiry skills by creating their own maps of the school grounds.
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Class 2R have been discussing whether they would rather live in a world with no land or in a world with no oceans as part of their Philosophy and Geography lessons. Take a look at some of our thoughts and reasons why.
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The children have been learning about aerial photographs and plans during their Geography lessons. The children made an aerial plan of their classroom.
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The children have been practising their oracy skills today. They had to explain two things in the classroom in 30 seconds. The children also did some peer assessment by giving advice on how they could improve their explanations
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The children have been practising their directional language by giving their partners directions to follow to lead them to different locations on the school playground. We found this very challenging but had lots of fun too.
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The children have been practising their clarifying skills during their guided reading session today. We have learnt some great new words and their meanings such as clearing and muttered.
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The children have been looking at different types of punctuation and sentences during SPAG week. Today we classified sentences into questions or statements.
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The children have begun learning about maps in their geography lessons. We learnt about different types of maps and when we use them. We also looked at the Compass rose and started to write directions to get to different locations on a treasure map.
Parents: can you help your child make a treasure map and encourage them to use directional language to travel around the map?
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Class 2R had their first music lesson today. They have begun learning the song 'London's Burning'. Rosie was very impressed with our first attempt at singing the song and we can't wait to see how much we improve for our final performance.
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Congratulations to Amelie who has been elected as Class 2R's school councillor. We are sure she will make a great school councillor and will represent our class well.
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Today we had our first Year 2 Philosophy lesson. We started by piecing together a cut up map of our school as a stimulus. We then talked about the importance of maps before discussing the question - "Do we need help if we know where we are going?". Some of us changed our initial thoughts after our class discussion. 
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Our nominated candidates have been delivering their speeches for the class school councillor. We can't wait to find out who will be elected.
Related imageClass 2R have been learning about place value in their Maths lessons. They have been using ten strips and ones to help them to partition numbers.
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The children have been exploring the theme of Responsibility during their collective worship.
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The children have been practising grouping objects into tens to help them count large numbers of objects.