Year 2 Class - 2R - Spring - 2019 - 2020

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Please click on the homework hub tab on the green tab bar above this class page for ideas and work during home schooling lockdown.
Welcome to Class 2R!
Your Teacher is Miss Rush 
 Your Teaching Assistant is Miss Carter.
Important information
  • Please remember your P.E. kit for P.E. on Thursdays and Dance on  Fridays.
  • Homework is given out on a Monday and is due in on a Friday.
  • Children will be tested on their spellings and times tables every Friday.
  • Please read with your child every night.
  • Music is on Wednesday .
Please practise reading and spelling the age expected words below with your child.Related image
Parents please encourage your child to go on TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed. They can both be accessed through the internet or downloaded as an app. Your child will receive their own personal logins for these sites. They are a fun and engaging way for your child to learn their times tables and spellings.
Your child's weekly spelling homework will also be put on Spelling Shed-what better way to help your child to learn their spellings than through playing games.

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To my stay at home superhero's I know tomorrow will be very different from the normal Monday's we spend together but I want you to know how very proud I am of you all for doing your part to help us all stay safe and healthy.
To my key worker superhero's I know you will be feeling very nervous about going somewhere different tomorrow but I want you to be the brave, happy confident children I have the pleasure of teaching everyday. You are doing an amazing job helping your mums and dads go to work to help us all stay safe. So treat it as one of our acts of kindness and make a new friend today by asking someone if they want to play and just so you know I am extremely proud of each and everyone of you.
You all have your packs of work to be getting on with and I will post extra activities on our class website page and on dojo's.
So do your bit by washing your hands, remember to do your act of kindness every day, complete your school work and don't forget to have some FUN!
see you all soon.
Love Miss Rush x
Useful links

Phonics Play:

If you click on Phase 3, 4 and 5 there are appropriate games to support your child with continuing to learn Phonics at home.


Oxford Owl:

If your child does not already have a login, you can join for free as a parent.  This will give you access to phonics worksheets, games, spelling rule videos and further activities.


Spelling shed: (children have individual login)


BBC Bitesize: (phonics, grammar, punctuation, spelling, writing)


Teaching Ideas: (creative writing)


SATs: (practice SATs papers)


Topmarks: (punctuation, spelling, reading activities)



Topmarks: (a range of maths games)


100 square splat: (useful for counting and timetables support)


SATs:  (practice SATs papers)


TT rockstars: (children have individual logins)

Congratulations to Amelia who is our first member of Class 2R to take home the snuggle suitcase. Enjoy sharing a story with your family Amelia!
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We had great fun making story characters out of potatoes. Can you work out which characters they are?
The children had a great time sharing a story with their reading buddy on World book day. We especially enjoyed the treats with our story.
The children and staff had a great time dressing up for world book day today. Can you work out which characters we all are?
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Gangster Granny last seen stealing books from class 2R. Please approach with caution.
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The children have begun learning about Florence Nightingale in their History lessons. The children looked at how nurses uniforms have changed over time and ordered these on a timeline.
The children have been learning about famous people in their history lessons. They ordered the famous people on a timeline.
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Today the children chose the philosophical question 'Should everyone get the same amount of help?' to discuss. The children came up with some good points such as whether everyone deserves to be helped and whether help is always a good thing.
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The children have been using talk 4 write actions to help them to retell the shirt machine explanation.
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The children have been exploring different ways to share a cake between 2 people. We learnt that each piece was called a half.
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Deacon Eddie came over to school to give us ashes for Ash Wednesday. We reflected on different acts of kindness that we can carry out during Lent.
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The children have been learning how to play the African drum called the djembe.
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The children have been learning about the Eucharistic prayer in their R.E. lessons. We decided to perform a group dance to add actions to the prayer.
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The children tested the durability of different materials by counting how many rubs of sandpaper it took to create a hole in the material.
The children have been exploring different ways that they can share a piece of paper between 4 children. We learnt that each piece is called a quarter.
The children have been testing which material is the most rigid to create a bridge for the 3 billy goats gruff. We used weights to test the materials.
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The children have been finding 'their brave' this week and wore something inside out to raise awareness for children's mental health.
The children have been learning about how we can be connected to others when using the internet to help them learn about internet safety and the importance of keeping information private.
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Our pizzas have arrived fresh from the oven. We can't wait to share them with our families and see if they taste as good as they look.
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The children had a great time making their own pizzas with their families. We were very impressed with the chopping and kneading skills from the children and well done to all the children who found 'their brave' and tasted some of the vegetables they don't usually like. A big thank you to all the families who came along for the morning, I'm sure your child will be making your tea very soon.
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The children have been researching to see which bread would be the most suitable for a pizza base. The children discussed the properties of each of the bread bases and experimented to see what they would be like after adding the tomato puree. We came to the conclusion that the barm or the wrap would make the best pizza base.
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The children listened to a Digi-duck story to help them to learn about staying safe on the internet. The children then created a safe profile for one of the characters from the story.
Today we did our final performance on the African hymn we had been practising. We are very proud of how much we have learnt.
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The children have been celebrating safer internet day. They learnt all about identity and profiles. We learnt that what we do online forms part of our identity. The children then created bunting titled all about me. We had great fun trying to guess the identity of the bunting.
Today the children investigated which fabric would be the most suitable for a headband.
The children have been investigating which ball is the bounciest. We tested a range of balls made from different types of materials. We also practised our measuring skills.
Class 2R have been looking at different ways to make £1 using different coins. We came up with lots of different methods.
The children have been investigating and observing to see what happens when we apply different forces to different types of materials.
The children have been discussing whether they would rather live in a house with no windows or a house with no bricks to start off their Science topic about materials.
Today the children created their own lap books to present everything they have learnt about Africa. 
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The children have been comparing rural and urban Kenya. They sorted a variety of photographs into rural and urban before using their enquiry skills to describe what rural and urban Kenya is like.
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The children have begun learning about money in their maths lessons.
Parents: can you help your child to recognise the different coins and find different ways to make total amounts of money?
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The children have been learning about the big five animals that are native to Africa. The children used a data base to collect information about their chosen animal and then presented their findings to the rest of the class
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The children had lots of fun learning the macarena dance as part of their dreams and goals topic in PSHE.
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Class 2R are learning about Africa in their geography lessons. The children began the topic by practising their map skills. We can now name the 7 continents of the world and are beginning to learn the names and location of the 5 oceans.
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Well done to Ava, Ivy and Kaden who acted out a short play in our weekly collective worship assembly. They helped us to reflect on being leaders and followers of Christ.
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The children have been measuring the length and width of objects and lines in centimeters using a ruler.
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The children have been exploring a number of traditional tales during their literacy lesson. The children where looking for features of traditional tales by looking at language patterns, opening and endings, character traits, problems and resolutions.
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The children have been learning about units of measurement and measuring length during their maths lessons. Today we measured objects in the classroom to see if they were longer  or shorter than 1 metre.
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The children have been talking about their favourite books during their RE topic about books. 
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The children have been learning the African song Siyahamba in their music lessons. We have watched African children performing the song and discussed what makes a good performance. We have also been learning about call and response.
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We are very proud of our finished elephant fingers puppets to end our Chester Zoo work with. We have really enjoyed learning all about elephants and we loved getting the chance to see them at the zoo.
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Wow what an amazing time Class 2R had at the zoo. We spent a lot of time looking at the elephants and we think we spotted the elephant calf Indali who we had learnt about in class. We also saw the golden mantilla frog which is an endangered species, chimpanzees, orang-utans, crocodiles, lizards, snakes, camels, vultures, flamingos, penguins and many more. We even got the chance to see the giraffes being fed close up. We ended the day by having a sing a long on the coach journey home.
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The children have been exploring pattern and animal prints to create their own elephant collage.
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The children learnt how to use water colours today to create a sunset effect. The children then used this as a background to create an elephant silhouette picture.
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The children have been learning how to draw an elephant today. We learnt about line, size, proportion, scale and shade. We are very proud of our elephant sketches.
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Class 2R have been using their computing skills to create pictograms for their Chester Zoo work.
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The children have been practising their sewing skills to make their own elephant finger puppets today. We can't wait to decorate them.
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The children carried out a conscience alley today to give George Mottershead reasons for and against keeping animals in a zoo.
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This week we will be doing lots of work about Chester Zoo as part of our global week. Each year group has been given a specific animal to concentrate on and our animal is elephants. Today we revisited how to use search engines to help us find out lots of interesting facts about elephants.
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The children have been reading poetry during their guided reading sessions. They have been practising their clarifying and retrieval skills.
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The children have been learning about division in their maths lessons.
Class 2R are looking at different genres of dance in their dance lessons. This week they learnt about street dance.
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The children have been learning and reciting poems based on a jungle theme. The children used musical instruments and body percussion to add to their performance.
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The children used their avatars that they created to produce some pop art in the style of Andy Warhol. The children used a range of different media to create their pop art.
The children have created their own avatars on the ipads. Can you guess who they belong to?
Today the children have been practising their throwing skills and doing relay races in their PE lesson.