Year 3 Class - 3D - Spring - 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Class 3D
Your Teacher is Mrs Dillon
Your Teaching Assistants are Miss Bligh and Mrs Webb
Important information
P.E. will be on Tuesday and Dance is on Friday. Please remember to bring in your P.E. kits which will be kept in school.
Homework will be given out on Monday and due back in on Friday.
Children will receive spelling and times table homework which will be tested on Friday.
Please make sure you read with your child every night and that they bring their book into school every day. Children will receive rewards on our reading chart for each full week they have completed. 
If you need any extra spellings please practise these common exception words.
Parents please encourage your child to go on TTrockstars and story shed at home. These can be accessed via the internet or by downloading an app. Your child will receive a login for each of these.
They are great resources to help your child with this times table and their spelling.
Your child's weekly spelling words will also be loaded on to spelling shed so they can learn them through different games.
We had a fantastic day out at Chester zoo.
We started the day by visiting the rhinos and it was great to see the animal up close after learning so much about it.
We then tried our best to see as many other animals as we could.
We braved the bat cave and got to see a cheetah up close.
We all had a lot of fun!
For safer internet day we have been looking at our online identities. We looked at all the different ways we use the internet from emoji's to games we play.
We filled in a profile of ourselves which included information such as our usernames, apps we like and who we keep in touch with online. We then had to guess who was who.
We discovered that our usernames can give away who we are easily.
We also made posters telling people how to safely use the internet.
In our RE topic we have been looking at sharing and one of the lessons was based around food banks.
The children decided that they would like to collect things to donate and we plan to take it over to our local food bank.
Thank you to everyone who donated, it was very kind and will help someone locally.
In D&T we looked at the different ingredients needed to make bread and butter pudding. We tasted different ingredients such as raisins, sultanas, cherries, custard and cream and chose our favourites to add to our design.
We then invited some of our parents and carers to come and help us to make our own bread and butter pudding.
In French we have been learning how to say and read the days of the week.
We learnt a song to help us remember them and the order they go in.
For the start of Global week we have been looking at endangered animals.
The focus for year 3 is the rhino.
Today we looked at the different continents were the rhinos live and found out how many are left in each place.
We also created our own rhino art pieces using water colours to decorate the background of a rhino outline.
In science our topic is 'Rocks and soil'.
We looked at the 3 different types of rocks igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We then looked at some specific rocks and had a go at sorting them into man made and natural. We then discussed the uses of each.
In Geography we have been looking at different mountain ranges throughout the world and also within the UK.
Today we focused on Snowdon in Wales and did some map work on Snowdonia.
We had to identify different things labelled on the map and give
their grid reference.
In Literacy we have been looking at calligram and shape poems.
We wrote our own poems based around the 4 seasons and then chose our favourite season to turn into a calligram.
In our No Outsiders lessons we read the story 'This is my house' by Michael Rosen which was all about a boy who wouldn't allow children into his house because they were too small or wore glasses.
We discussed how this was discrimination and how this can make people feel.
We then made posters showing how our school invites everyone in and how we take care of others.
We  have been looking at money this term in maths.
We looked at the different values of the coins and notes and had to find different ways of making the same amount with different coins.