Year 3 Class - 3D - Autumn - 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Class 3D
Your Teacher is Mrs Dillon
Your Teaching Assistants are Miss Bligh and Mrs Webb
Important information
P.E. will be on Tuesday and Dance is on Friday. Please remember to bring in your P.E. kits which will be kept in school.
Homework will be given out on Monday and due back in on Friday.
Children will receive spelling and times table homework which will be tested on Friday.
Please make sure you read with your child every night and that they bring their book into school every day. Children will receive rewards on our reading chart for each full week they have completed. 
Please can you practice reading and spelling the words below
Parents please encourage your child to go on TTrockstars and story shed at home. These can be accessed via the internet or by downloading an app. Your child will receive a login for each of these.
They are great resources to help your child with this times table and their spelling.
Your child's weekly spelling words will also be loaded on t spelling shed so they can learn them through different games.
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After some fantastic candidate speeches from all of the children who took part, Olivia Gibney was voted as the class councillor for 3D.
Well Done Olivia!
Well Done to Olivia Gibney, Heidi Hagan and Emily Johnston who have received their pen licenses.Image result for handwriting pen
We had a fantastic day at Martin Mere.
We explored the different varieties of birds bird that are there from small duck to large flamingos.
We had the chance to feed the birds and they even walk among us. We had a great time jumping over the stepping stones and building dens out of branches.
We finished our day there in the adventure playground and we were all really brave climbing the big obstacle course.
During Anti Bullying week we have been doing lots of different things from wearing odd socks to show it's ok to be different to looking at Martin Luther King's speech 'I have a dream'.
We wrote our own versions of his speech and read them out in our class to create one version.
We visited St Matthew's church and Father Dominic gave us a tour. He explain the different parts of the church and talked about why they were important. He also spoke to us about what happens during mass and the importance of the symbols around the church.
To link in with our History topic on early Britain we visited Norton Priory. We had a workshop in the morning were we looked at different artefacts form the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. We also had a go at throwing spears at a mammoth, only Michael and Shea managed to hit the target.
In the afternoon we did our own cave paintings and then had a go at making miniature stone age houses. 
We have been looking in mass in our maths lessons.
To start the topic we used scales to weigh different objects nd made predictions about which would be heavier. we then ordered the objects from heaviest to lightest.
We have been looking at and learning the poem 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough.
We wrote our own stanza for the poem an performed it in groups for the class.
We wrote and performed our own Onomatopoeia firework poems.
In Literacy we have been focusing on our class novel 'Kid Normal' by Greg James and Chris Smith.
To help us learn a section of the story we have been using our Talk 4 Write skills from KS1.
During guided reading we looked at an extract from a report.
We read through it together discussing any words we were unsure of.
We then wrote questions based on the text and answered them as a class.
For our new topic in Literacy we are looking at reports.
We read a report about a superhero and started to learn it through actions using our Talk 4 Writing skills.
The children had their first Dance session today.
They all worked really hard and picked up the dance really well.
For the past few weeks we have been learning the routine to Thriller.
This is the our final routine.
This term we are focusing on Autumn in our Art lessons.
We looked at different leaves and in pairs discussed the difference and what we could see.
We then chose our own leaf and looked at it carefully to do our own observational drawing.
We have been finding out about the artist Henri Matisse and looking at his different collage pictures.
We made our own versions of his work by cutting different coloured paper and arranging in different ways in our sketch books.
We created self portraits of ourselves. We followed instructions of how to draw the shapes of our faces and our features.
We used mirrors to check our eye and hair colour.
This term in Music we are learning how to play the recorder.
In music we have been looking at the story of 'The enormous crocodile' by Roald Dahl.
We chose and instrument that would go with each animal in the story and looked at timbre, duration, pitch and structure for each.
  In History we have been looking at what life was like in early Britain from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and how is it different to my life.
We looked at Stonehenge and had a go at making our own models out of biscuits. It was hard getting the biscuits to stand up but the models turned out great.
We even got to eat a biscuit or 2 after.
In French we have been learning how to say the names of colours, numbers and body parts.
We created posters today for people in Malopolska.
We were promoting Liverpool as a place to visit and included all of the main attractions that we think that people from Malopolska would like to visit. 
We have been looking at Malopolska a region in Poland.
We found out that SMOG is a big problem caused by Coal burning, traffic and power stations and made posters telling people all about it and what they can do to reduce it.
For our first Philosophy lesson we looked at our Geography topic 'What is special about Malapolska?'.
We started by looking a stimulus which was 2 images of England and Poland . We then talked about the similarities and differences of the images and of the two countries. 
We came up with our own question 'Does Poland have a similar culture to ours?' There was some great
discussion and ideas.
In RE we have been focusing on other faiths this week.
We have been looking at Judaism and have been learning all about Synagogues and how they compare to our churches.
We also looked at the different stained glass windows in the Synagogues and made our own.
Our new topic in RE is Belonging.
We have been discussing all the different groups we belong too and discussing the different rules and promises that we follow.
We designed our own badge for a club we belong to and decorated it with images and rules to follow.
Getting On and Falling Out
We've been exploring conflict resolution in 3D - that means how to make friends again after an argument. 

Class 3Ds Special Talents

In PSHE, we've been celebrating our special talents.

Michael is the most amazing footballer in Year 3.

Hattie is a brilliant drawer and gymnast.

Daniel is great at Maths and Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

Isaac is a great historian.

Marcus is the best swimming karate kid in Year 3!

Isla can draw, sing, dance and do gymnastics!

Olivia can draw, write, sing and do gymnastics!

Alana is a wonderful singer and swimmer.

Emily is a superstar reader and a great friend.

Heidi M is great at dancing and gymnastics.

Heidi H is a great singer and a great helper.

Noah is great at Ju-Jitsu.

Kaden is wonderful at taking care of animals.

Ryan can sing AND defend himself.

Harmony is the best karate kid in Year 3!

Ava is amazing at dancing, gymnastics and colouring.

Eve is brilliant at gymnastics, dancing and singing.

Lilly S is great at drawing AND singing.

Lillie C is the best tennis player in Year 3.

James is brilliant at reading and swimming.

Annabelle is very good at ventriloquism.

Reuben is the most amazing swimmer.

Neveah is an incredible singer.

Isabella is amazing at Art.

Amelia is the most wonderful dancer.

Teddy is brilliant at rugby.

Shea is an amazing footballer and boxer.

Ted is the most wonderful rock climber in Year 3.

Mrs Dillon can do an amazing cartwheel.

Mrs Webb can stand on her head and do a headstand.

Mrs Bligh is incredible at rapping.

In Unplugged week we have been looking at computers and how they work.
We looked at Algorithms and had a go at writing one for how to draw a Crazy Character. We gave the algorithm to our friend and they followed it to draw the image.
We then edited our algorithm to make it more specific but asking another friend to try.
We then had a go on Code Studio to practise using codes to complete tasks.
For our topic on Light we were looking at how light travels. We used paper with holes in to show that it moves in a straight line.
We also did an experiment about with material reflected the light best. We used 5 materials and made a prediction first before carrying out our investigation.
In Science our topic is 'Animals including Humans' and we have been focusing on healthy eating and the different food groups.
In our science groups we looked at different types of packaging and had to sort them into relevant categories such as foods high in protein and high in sugar.
We then discussed if all foods are bad and how some food that are high in sugar like fruit can be good for us.
We were looking at sugar in our drinks.
We looked at 4 different drinks Lucozade, Mountain Dew, Fruit shoot and McDonalds milkshake.
We made predictions and ranked the 4 in order from highest to lowest sugar.
During our investigation we measured out the amounts of sugar found on the label and were surprised by how much sugar is in our drinks.
We have been looking at the different bones in our bodies.
We drew round the outline of one of our bodies and then had a go at labelling the different bones.