Year 3 Class - 3G - Autumn - 2018 - 2019

Welcome to Class 3G
Our Teacher is Mr Greaves and our teaching assistant is Miss Mills.
We're looking forward to a wonderful year!
Some important notes:
Our PE lessons are on Tuesday
Our Dance lessons are on Friday
Homework goes out on a Monday and is due back on the Friday
Parents: Please try to read at home with your child every night, even for just 5-10minutes and then sign their home reading record. It really does make a massive difference!
We will be making a big push on our spellings this year and there will be some words to learn every week with our homework.
If you're up for an extra challenge, how many of these Year 3 and 4 words can you learn before the end of the year?
We started our topic about families and homes by looking at what makes a place special through having a philosophical discussion. We came up with some lovely answers and share them with each other. Even though many of us had different answers, there were many connections between them with 'family', 'love' and feeling 'safe' being shared the most.
We learned all about different sounds - high pitch, low pitch, short and long - this week through exploring the sounds that animals make. Rosie challenged us to find partners with our closed eyes by using only our listening skills to find those who were making similarly pitched sounds. Sounds challenging? It was! But we managed it! Great start to our new music topic.
The first dance style of the year is ballet. Talk about a tough start! Danielle had us warmed up and learning in no time and after only 30 minutes, this is where we're up to.
Pretty impressive! Can't wait to see how good we'll be by the end of the year!
To start our new Science topic on 'Animals and Humans', we explored different diets and healthy eating. We first looked at how much sugar was in some of the items of food we eat or drink regularly and were surprised by some of our findings - especially sports drinks!
We then acted as advisors to 'Will' a boy whose weekly diet seemed pretty normal at first, but under closer investigation had far too much sugar and certainly not enough fruit or vegetables. We calculated exactly how much sugar he was having daily and then created bar charts to show our findings