Year 3 Class - 3M - Summer - 2018 - 2019

Welcome to Year 3
Your teachers are
Mr McNally and Mrs Dunbar
your teaching Assistant is Mrs O'Neill.
P.E. will take place every Tuesday.
Dance will take place on a Wednesday.
P.E. kits must be in school every day.
 Multi Sports will take place on Tuesday evenings.
Enjoying a day at Walton Hall Gardens in Daresbury
Exploring images in concave and convex mirrors.
D&T Pencil Cases, designing, sewing and making.
Messy Morning! 
Exploring plants and flowers
Father Dominic comes to visit 3M
Meeting the fire brigade during Industry Week.
Exploring the coastline at Formby
Class 3M summer Art topic was inspired by the work of Julian Opie and Henry Moore.
It involved  creating art pieces based on the human body using outline, bold colours and maquettes.
Class 3M travel back in time to Roman Britain

-Our Day at Chester!

Roots and Shoots: Experimenting with seeds