Year 4 Class - 4D - Autumn - 2019 - 2020

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Welcome to class 4D!
Our class teacher is Mrs Dunbar and our classroom assistant is Miss Mills.
Some important things to remember:
 Our P.E day is Monday.
Our Dance day is Friday.
Children will need their P.E kits on these days but P.E kits should remain in school all week.  
Homework will be given out on a Monday night and should be returned to school Friday morning.
Children should read at home every night as part of their homework and ensure that their reading record is signed by an adult. 
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Below are the new curriculum spelling words for Year 3 and 4.
See if you can challenge yourself to learn all of the spellings below by the end of Year 4! 
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Times tables are an essential part of the curriculum, particularly in Year 4.
Please encourage your child to use TTrockstars as much as they can as it is a fun and interactive way to learn their tables, whilst battling  their friends to become the headline act in the class leader board.
This app/website is particularly useful as it mimics the speed and layout of the times tables screening test all year 4 children will sit in June 2020. 
Keep checking this page to see our TTRockstar of the month! 
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Similar to TTRockstars, Spelling Shed is a great interactive way to help children improve with their spelling. 
This app will help support children with learning new words and we will update the spelling lists regularly so children can practice their class spellings using the app.
Spelling is important because it plays a key role in both reading and writing. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters, which can help improve fluency in reading and can prevent children from loosing focus whilst writing. 
Just 5 minutes a night on both of these apps can have a huge impact on your child's learning in school. 

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To help support our History topic, we have been reading a non-fiction text all about The Victorians, in our guided reading sessions.

Our subtitles include, The British Empire, Queen Victoria, Living Conditions and Industrial Revolution.  We have used our clarifying skills to help us understand key, historical vocabulary and our inference skills to help with our discussion and understanding of the importance and effect of the Victorian era.   


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This week is anti-bullying week and our theme is Change Starts With Us.

Whether it is verbal, physical, online or in-person, bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life well in to adulthood. By making small, simple changes, we can break this cycle and create a safe environment for everyone. Because together, we can challenge bullying. Change starts with a conversation. It starts with checking in. It starts with work together.


Change starts here.
Change starts now.
Change starts with us.


Have a look at some of the great activates we have taken part in this week to help show our support for this fantastic week.


Monday – Making a school pledge to show our commitment to the cause. We also listened to this year Anti-Bullying Week song, Change. We’ve been singing it all week!

Tuesday – Odd sock day to show our acceptance and support of everybody’s individuality and uniqueness.  We then designed our own odd socks, using inspirational words.

Wednesday – We created Anti-Bullying posters to show that we do not accept or tolerate bullies in this class!

Thursday-  Focusing on the work of Martin Luther King we created our own ‘I Have a Dream’ poetry.

Friday-  We created film trailers to help promote anti bullying across the country.

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It is History week at St Matthews and we have started our exciting new topic…’The Victorians’ .

Today we used our math's skills to help us make a human timeline to show the key events that occurred during the reign of Queen Victoria. We then decided which events we felt were the most influential to the time period and discussed how they have had an effect on our society today.

We have also been looking at the living conditions during the industrial revolution, the conditions children were forced to work in (including mines, cotton mills etc) and how the revolution saw a boom in new inventions, many of  which we still use today!


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In our music lessons this half term, we are learning to play the recorders.

We have been looking at reading sheet music, recognising notes and playing songs such as  ‘Hot Cross Buns’.

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Today during our philosophy lesson, we took part in a class enquiry about Child labour during the Victorian times. We created freeze frames of what we thought life was like for children our age, and used our first words to say how we thought we would be feeling. We then formulated our philosophical question 'Should children ever have to work?' and discussed our views as a group. 


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We have started a new topic in St Matthew’s called No Outsiders.

The lessons aim to teach children about the characteristics protected by the Equality Act, including race, religion, gender etc.

Today we read the story of ‘Dogs don’t do ballet’.

This story showed us how we should always follow our dreams and support our friends in what they aspire to be. We then acted out scenarios to help show how it feels when you are not supported.

The message was clear, we can be whoever we choose to be!


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Our new class mentors are Cali and Lottie.
They have been chosen to represent our class by showing other children how to always follow the golden rule. 
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Our school attendance monitor is Reuben.
It is his job to inform the rest of the class of our weekly attendance and punctuality. 
Did you know that being just 5 minutes late a day for school is equivalent to children missing 4 whole days of learning? 
Let's aim for 100% punctuality and attendance before Christmas! 
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Today we have been listening to the story of 'The Heart and The Bottle' during our PSHE lesson. 
We discussed the different feelings and emotions the main character feels throughout the book and how we can identify with these feelings from our own experiences. We acted out the different emotions and joined in with one another to show how we can support  our friends when they might be having difficult times.
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During 'Other Faiths Week', we have been studying Judaism. 
We have been learning all about the importance of the Torah, the tradition of the Bar Mitzvah and today we have been focusing on the Hebrew alphabet and even tried to write some Hebrew letters of our own. 
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Continuing with our talk for writing topic 'Stories from Different Cultures', we wrote an opening to our own story using expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and lots of descriptive language. 
We can't wait to write our full story later on in the week! 
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This week has been unplugged week and we have been looking at how we can we 'computational thinkers'.
We transported our classroom back to WWII and had to try and crack an enemy code to help save the British troops! 

Enemy sub found. Stop.

D-Day a success. Stop.

Mission complete Code Crackers. Stop.

Well done. Stop.

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During our dance lessons this term, we have been looking at lots of different dance style by working our way through the decades.
This week was  80's style! 
Check out our class dance to 'Beat It!' 
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What a fantastic time we have all had at Robinwood this week!
The groups took part in over 13 different activities that included zipwire, trapeze, high ropes challenge, rock climbing, caving, night line, giant swing, canoeing and many more.
The activities were designed to challenge the children and help them to work on their team building, cooperation and resilience skills.
The children represented the school beautifully with great behavior and manners and all the children had a fabulous time with their friends making memories and facing their fears. 
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Our new literacy topic is called 'Stories from Different Cultures'. 
We have been reading the Aboriginal tale of the Rainbow Serpent from long ago, who awoke in the tranquil and serene time of the Dreamtime and gave life to the land. 
We are using expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials to help us write descriptions of the Serpent and we will eventually be planning and creating our own stories from different cultures. 
Today we explored the difference between formal and informal language and used formal language to ask the serpent some questions about his creations. 
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It's Science Week here at St Matthew's and our class have been busy learning about their new topic 'Electricity'. 
 We have been comparing appliances and using Venn diagrams to group them into categories depending on whether they are powered by mains or battery and today we have been using cells, wires, bulbs and buzzers to try and build a working electrical circuit. 
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Today, we took part in a class enquiry about Electricity.
We formulated our philosophical question 'How much do we need electricity?' and discussed our views as a group. We used our first and last words to see if our discussions had any effect on our opinions. 

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Our topic in maths this half term is called ‘numbers to 10,000’. 

We have been using our counters to help us with addition and subtraction. Next, we focused on rounding our numbers to help us estimate our answers. We played lots of games involving dice to really help us with our rounding skills, by the end of the lesson we were able to round numbers to the nearest million!

To help us remember how to round we learnt a new song. Take a look below…. We will, we will ROUND YOU!