Year 5 Class - 5E - Autumn - 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Class 5E
Our Teacher is Mr Edwards and our teaching assistant is Mrs Clews.
We're looking forward to a wonderful year!
Things to remember;
Our dance day is Tuesday.
Our PE day is Wednesday.
Please make sure P.E kits stay in school all week. Tracksuits will be needed shortly as the weather starts to get a bit colder!
Homework is given out on Monday and should be returned completed on a Friday. Each week there will be a Maths and an English task connected to the work we will be doing in class that week. 
Spellings can be practised every night using the look, say, cover, write, check method. And times tables can be practised with speed and accuracy sheets.
These skills are very important as we prepare for Year 6! 
Please also try to read every night! Children who read every night and bring their reading records in every day will be rewarded with certificates and book marks as they progress up our reading ladder. 
We appreciate all of your time and help and hope to make lots of progress and have lots of fun this year!
Mr Edwards and Mrs Clews
Spelling challenge!
See if you spell all the words from the Year 5 and 6 list.
Image result for year 6 statutory spellings
School Councillor
Angel won our election to be 5E's School Councillor for this year. She gave a very strong speech and promised to try her hard to make school and more exciting place for all.
Make sure you are visiting Times Table Rockstars regularly to perfect your basic skills! 5 minutes a day will make a huge difference!
Drama Workshop
We had a drama workshop based on the characters from Peter Pan.
Today we looked at what materials create the most friction and therefore make the best break pad.
Water Resistance

In this experiment we tested if the shape of an object effects the speed it move through water.

Researching Anne Frank
We have been reasearching the life of Anne Frank and using Purple Mash to write reports about her.
Jodrell Bank
Our trip to Jodrell Bank was very informative. It was great to get hands on with the equipment that thay had there.
Squared and Cube Numbers
We have been using blocks to explore square numbers and cube numbers. Our challenge was to work as a team to make them in sequence.
Room 13 - Whole Class Reading

“We looked at two versions of Room 13 and both of the looked like it was going to be a scary story based on the covers.”

“I inferred that the story was going to be about vampires because when we did research it sounds like Whitby is connected to Dracula.”

“The story starts with some tension because all the sentences are quite short and you don’t really know what is happening so you are a bit confused.”

Orbits of the Planets
We used the blow up planets to think about how the planets orbit the Sun.
Macmillan Coffee Morning
We help to raise money for Macmillian with a coffee and cake sale.
Trip to Moel Famau
We enjoyed our trip to Moel Famau as part of our Geography topic comapring North Wales to the Pategonia region in Argentina.
This week in French we have been learning the names for different family members.
Map Work
We have been researching where in the world Wales and Argentina are in our new Geography topic. We will be studying what these two countries have in common.
First Dance Lesson
Today we had our first dance lesson of Year 5. It might be early but we think we have a good chance of winning the Dance Competition this year!
Savanah Songs
We started learning 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' in our first Music lesson. It was fun taking on the different parts and getting the chance to sing solo.
Make sure you are visiting Spelling Shed regularly to perfect your basic skills! 5 minutes a day will make a huge difference!
Building Bridges DT
We have been building bridges in DT. We had to think about how we could strengthen them so that could hold up to 5kg in weight.
South and Central American Art
We have been studying art by some artists from South and Central America. We looked at Frida Khalo and focused on the monkeys that appear in a lot of her pictures. We decided to make some 3D versions using clay and plastercine.
Here are some of our final products.
Air Resistance 
We have been testing how the size of a parachute can effect the air resistance and the speed and object falls to the ground.
Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo

“I like the start of Friend or Foe because you can empathise with the character and understand what it would be like to be evacuated during the war.”

“A new word I leaned from the first chapter was rhythmic. I thought it was a great to describe the noise the steam trains made.”

Timelines in History
We have been plotting all of the eras in history that we have already studied on timelines today.
Savanah Songs 2
We have been learning Savanah Songs this term. By the end we all had a part and were very proud of our performance.
Code Breaking
During Computing Unplugged week we are studying how computers use code.
 We have tried to crack some codes that might have been sent during WW2.
Exploring Addition
We have been exploring the highest and lowest totals we can make using digit cards 0-9.
P4C in RE
We have been exploring the theme of friendship in RE. The question we chose to discus was; 'Is it always possible to be a good friend?'
Scale Model of the Solar System
We researched the distance of each planet from the sun. Then we decided one sheet of toilet paper should equal 50 million km. After that we were able to make a scale model of the Solar System in the school hall. It was amazing to think how big it actually is.
Poetry Workshop
Year 5 enjoyed their first Poetry Workshop this year. We got into small groups and learnt about how to perform poems using our voices and actions.
Geography P4C
We started our Geography topic thinking about what makes a house a home. We formulated the question;
Can you only ever call one place your home?
for our discussion.
Place Value
This week in Maths we have been looking at place value and comparing numbers up to 1 000 000.
Fitness in PE
This week in PE we worked on our fitness so that we are ready for a new term.