Year 5 Class - 5G - Autumn - 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Class 5G
Our Teacher is Mr Greaves and our teaching assistant is Mrs Wilkinson.
We're looking forward to a wonderful year!
Some important notes:
  • Our Dance lessons are on Tuesday
  • Our PE lessons are on Wednesday
  • Homework goes out on a Monday and is due back on the Friday
Parents: Please try to read at home with your child every night, even for just 5-10minutes and then sign their home reading record. It really does make a massive difference!
Year 5/6 spellings
We're becoming masters of finding the spelling patterns and using root words, suffixes and prefixes to get them memorised. 
Fancy a challenge? How many of the Year 5 and Year 6 spelling list can you master by the end of the year?
School Councillor
After a long process of nominations (there were a lot!), speeches, voting and re-voting, we were finally left with our elected school councillor. Congratulations to Ryan Mc for receiving the most votes and who'll now represent our class in the council meetings. Also a big congratulations to Evie for finishing runner up and will be a fantastic backup for the class.
Back to dance and it's like we've not had a Summer holiday! Straight back to the rhythm and fancy footwork. To start us off, we dived into a bit of free-style dancing, competing in groups to show off the best moves.
We had our first French lesson of the year today; learning all about members of the family, recapping numbers from last year and practising how to say our birthday. Lots of games, singing and chants to start us off. 
PE - Athletics
Mr McGrathin really put us through our paces today - literally! Racing against the clock, we started with sprint laps around the pitch to record the fastest time. After that and a short rest, we tried endurance running, seeing how many laps we could manage in a given time.
Moel Famau
To finish off our Geography topic on comparing Argentina and Wales, we took a trip to Moel Famau in Wales - one of the highest hills in the area. Not an easy climb at 555m! The weather was appalling but our spirits were high. Rain and wind did not get the better of us however and we made it to the top, soaked through but smiling. 
Amazingly enough, the clouds began to clear as we made our way down and we were left with the most breath taking views of Wales as we headed back to the coach.
Philosophy / Geography
To being our Geography topic looking at Wales and Argentina, we explored why people would want to leave their homes behind and start someplace else. After discussing the main reasons why people might choose to leave and placing them in order, we posed the question:
Is it ever truely possible to leave your home behind?
Lots to think about!
Poetry workshop
Some of our lucky Year 5s were treated to a poetry workshop today and had the whole morning in the hall where they developed their linguistic creativity, rhyming patterns and oral performance. Here's a few short extracts from the morning's work.
Collective worship
Today's collective worship linked in with the end of our RE topic about 'Ourselves'
We shared some of the scripture we had learned about and reflected on what they mean to us and how we can use them as inspiration for our lives
Science - The planets
We have been exploring our solar system in Science this week and set about discovering the planets' obits and rotations. We also compared the ideas of heliocentric (Sun at the centre) and geocentric (Earth at the centre) systems by using giant, inflatable celestial bodies outside on the yard!
Science - The size of our solar system
Continuing our work on the solar system, we asked the question: How big is it?
The answer is hard to consider. Unimaginably big!
We used toilet paper to make a scaled version of our solar system (1 sheet stood for 50 million kilometers) and placed the planets along our line. Mercury was only (only!) 1 sheet away from the sun - 50 million kilometers -whilst Neptune was 91 sheets away from the sun - a massive 4.5 billion kilometers away! Wow!
Today, we continued our class novel - Room 13 by Robert Swindells - and read chapter 16 together. We then set about being summarisers, trying to condense all of the book to date into a concise paragraph focusing on the key events and details.
There was amazing collaboration between the pairs and some excellent summaries.
This week, we began exploring our Geography topic of 'Argentina and Wales' by doing map work on the two countries - discovering where they were, which continent they lie on, nearby oceans and neighbouring countries amongst other details. We needed to use lots of our geographical skills to do this but worked hard and created some fabulous maps!
In today's music, we've been putting together the final finishing touches to our African-inspired performance - The Lion Sleeps Tonight. We're practising and using a range of different instruments and combining these with singing harmonies and even solos.
Have a little listen and see what you think!
No Outsiders
Our No Outsiders lesson this half term looked at human rights - what they are and why they're important. We began by reading a short book called 'How to mend a broken wing' by Bob Graham. Through reading this, we explored the actions of a young boy who helped an injured pigeon.
We realised that the story was full of symbolism: The boy representing us or our countries - our society -, the pigeon representing those people or communities whose human rights are limited or restricted and the passers by who represent whose who are capable of intervening but choose not to.
Here's just four examples of stunning work showing our reflections; we could have picked anyone's!
Computing unplugged week
This week, we focused on Alan Turing who was instrumental in stopping the continuation of WWII be designing 'The Bomb' which cracked the Enigma code. He was also pivotal to the birth of computers and coding.
As well as being codebreakers ourselves and trying to decrypt secret messages, we spent the week writing some poetry. Using 'Can we auto-correct humanity' as an inspiration, we wrote our own free-verse poems honing in on the problems of technology when it goes too far. Here's a few examples:
Jodrell Bank
Linking in our Science topic of Earth and Space, we took a trip to Jodrell bank - a giant communication centre involved in the exploration for how our universe began, how our solar system works and hopefully discovering new life along the way! The enormous satellite dish makes it stand out for miles around.
There were plenty of experiments to get to grips with and a mound of research of our own to do. Have a look at our photos:
The Battle of Britain
We've learnt so much about WWII and the Battle of Britain this term! The blitz, evacuation, 
Here's a few examples of our History work this term:
Science - Investigating friction
We spent the morning testing different surfaces to see how much friction they had using ramps and cars. We were careful to make sure that we worked scientifically, measuring accurately and finding averages - our focus for this lesson.
RE - Waiting
For our Advent topic on Hope, we looked at the hope people can feel whilst waiting for Christmas. We also considered how these feelings might be different for other people or perhaps even negative when waiting for different things. 
We freeze-framed scenes to show how people may feel during different situations. Some brilliant acting I think you'll agree!
Peter Pan
What an amazing treat this afternoon! We spent the whole afternoon in the hall watching a performance of Peter Pan with jokes, songs and chants throughout. Some of our lucky Year 5s will also get the chance to join a Peter Pan workshop next week to have a go at acting some of the scenes ourselves with some professional advice and tips! 
Christmas is coming...
Just to get ourselves in the mood, we used some time on our Festive Fun day to build some bright paper chains to decorate the class with. As you can see, they were pretty long and we were very pleased with our efforts! 
We also found gifts from the Elves' Gift Shop, danced around the tree, watched Christmas films and ate dinner with day!
Art - Monkey modelling
Using Frida Kahlo as an inspiration, we noticed how monkeys were a theme throughout many of here pieces of artwork. We set about making our own modelling clay monkeys, all individually formed, to create atroop of monkeys of our own.
Here's our work in progress:
Design and Technology - Bridges
Our final topic of the Autumn is a two-day building project. Our challenge: To build a bridge which is 45cm long, 30cm wide and which can hold the heaviest weight in the class.
Not entirely simple, we'll have to be using some serious designing skills and knowledge of forces to help.
We spent time today practising different designs and models to explore how best to create our final designs tomorrow.