Year 6 Class - 6B - Autumn - 2018 - 2019

Hello and welcome to class 6B - your teacher is Mr Brooks and your T.A. is Mrs  Coleman.
We have Dance every Wednesday and PE each Friday - please make sure your PE kit is in school all week. 
Homework is given out on Mondays and collected in on Fridays.
Please ensure that your reading record/reading book is brought into school each and every morning.
Last week, artist Faith Bebbington visited our school and worked with our Year 6 children to make a sculpture of St Matthew. She has made sculptures all around the country out of recycled materials. Some of her sculptures can be seen at the Albert Dock.
Reciprocal Reading
Science Week!
In Year 6 Science, our current topic is 'Light'. We have been learning all about how light travels and how we see objects with the human eye. We can explain that we see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes or from light sources to objects and then to our eyes. We have been taking part in lots of experiments, including investigating how light travels, building periscopes, exploring shadows and looking at a range of phenomena including rainbows, colours on soap bubbles, objects looking bent in water, and coloured filters.  In addition to this, we have of course been revisiting our usual Science skills of predicting, measuring, observing, communicating and inferring. 
From proving that light travels in straight lines... building and testing our own periscopes...
Year 6 Weaverham trip
Today, Year 6 visited Weaverham Village to explore and expand their mapping skills. We divided ourselves into groups and children had to follow compass points and ordnance survey map symbols to navigate around the village and find their way back to the coach. The day ended with a visit to Walton Hall Park and Gardens where children continued to explore their surroundings and develop their mapping skills in a new and unfamiliar environment. 
Mia-"I liked the zoo, especially the baby goats!"
Riley-"I'm great at map skills, I enjoyed reading the map."
Jack-"I enjoyed seeing the war memorial in the church."
Ruby-"My favourite part was going inside the church." 
James-"It's easier to read a map if you turn it on its side!" 
When we return to class, children will put what they have learnt into practice in further Geography topics throughout the year. 
Collective Worship - a time to reflect on our RE topic of 'Vocation and Commitment'
Father Conor was able to deepen our knowledge and understanding when he came in to talk about Ancient Egypt.
Three girls from Year 6 visited St John Bosco this week to face some super tough Maths challenges. 
Chidu, Olivia and Isabella had to first solve puzzles made out of wooden blocks.
They had to solve logic puzzles against other schools and St Matthew's won! 
They also made an advent calendar with maths challenges hidden under each day. 
Chidu-'It was really interesting to see how everyone solved the problems. Everybody had different methods.' 
Well done to Callum, Kevin and Olivia who attended a 'greater depth' writing workshop in Rice Lane Primary School. Your writing was truly phenomenal!
Our Mandarin sessions are lots of fun.
Year 6 had a brilliant trip today at the World Museum and Walker Art Gallery.
We visited the brand new Egyptian floor as part of our History topic and saw some real Mummies and Canopic jars.
We also had time to visit all of the other floors too!
In the afternoon, we popped over to the Walker Art Gallery and spent some time looking at all of the wonderful paintings. A huge thank you to the parents who helped out and Father Conor for taking the time to come with us as an 'Egypt expert.' 
Have a look at the pictures below! 
In PSHE, we all had to mime our hobbies whilst the class guessed what the hobby was.
Image result for gangs - get away and get safe
This week Year 6 have been working with James from the 'Gangs' organisation. 

Gangs was set up by James Riley after working within the Criminal Justice system for over 18 years as a Probation Officer,  its mission is simple;

"To educate, inspire and empower young people to take control of their future by rejecting the gang lifestyle"

This is what the children had to say about working with James:
SJB Archdiocese Day

Today, three of St John Bosco's Catholic feeder schools gathered together to celebrate our shared Catholic ethos. 250 Year 6 students and their teachers worked with St John Bosco Arts College staff looking at the theme of ‘Bread’. Children made alter cloths, prayer chains and a salt dough wheatsheaf symbolic of the bread of life. The day ended with a prayerful liturgy which celebrated the altar cloths, made earlier in the day. 

It was an amazing spiritual day that was enjoyed by students and staff. Have a look at the pictures below! 

Our finished altar cloth...
...prayer chains...
...and wheatsheaf.
Year 6 Weaverham trip
Jeremy visited our class to explain many interesting facts about Judaism.
 Our class have designed and created their own websites, using their knowledge of the great archaeologist Howard Carter.
We have been completing 'What if?' experiments today in class as part of our Science 'Electricity' topic. 
What happens to a buzzer/bulb/motor if you increase the length of wires used in a circuit? 
What happens to the brightness of a bulb if you increase the amount of cells? 
What happens to the circuit if you increase the voltage? 
We looked for patterns in our investigation and revisited our knowledge of building circuits safely. 
Our class band rehearsing for the Nativity.
Our art topic for this autumn term was a project based on self-portraits, leading up to designing and creating Egyptian death masks.
Here are our finished pieces of sculpture.