Year 6 Class - 6B - Spring - 2018 - 2019

Hello and welcome to class 6B - your teacher is Mr Brooks and your T.A. is Mrs  Coleman.
We have Dance every Wednesday and PE each Friday - please make sure your PE kit is in school all week. 
Homework is given out on Mondays and collected in on Fridays.
Please ensure that your reading record/reading book is brought into school each and every morning.
We all had the opportunity to enter the 2019 BBC Radio 2 '500 Words' Competition, and got individual certificates to show that we had taken part.
We all wrote pledges during Internet Safety Week, explaining how we can keep safe when online.
As part of our Geography topic for 'Will I ever see the water I drink again?', we studied hydroelectric power, and created a branching database on the iPads, which compared famous dams from around the world.
Our RE topic is 'Sources' where we have been studying the Bible and why it is so important for Christians.
Our class have really enjoyed making leek and potato soup from scratch  using fresh ingredients - and tasting the results (with a little help from some of our parents).
'We added chopped up potatoes, onions,celery,leek and garlic. Our parents peeled the potatoes and then we chopped them up and added them to a bowl with the rest. I enjoyed cutting up the vegetables because at first I didnt use the knife correctly and so it was hard, but then I learned the proper tequnique and it was easy.' Thomas
'I really liked the soup making. We had our parents helped us with some parts then we took over. We chopped up potatoes, leek, onions (that made us tear up) and celery. My group worked as a great team, making sure we all got a turn.The soup tasted fantastic - all the making was worth it!' Daniel
In Art we were able to closely study shells and produced lots of highly detailed coloured sketches.
2019 Science Week Spring 1- creating our own Dichotomous Keys.
Does damp bread go mouldier faster than dry bread? Our science experiment involving micro-organisms.
Creating line graphs from our results
Visitors from the NSPCC
'The main message from today is that everyone has rights to speak out and stay safe. We all have the right to say no.' Harley
'The idea of today's workshop was to learn that there are always people to help around us, and we can call Childline if we don't feel safe.' Daniel
Our class display showing what happens to our waste water.
Year 6 have been studying world water sustainability in Geography.