Year 6 Class - 6B - Autumn - 2019 - 2020

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Hello and welcome to class 6B - your teacher is Mr Brooks and your T.A. is Mrs  Coleman.
We have Dance every Wednesday and PE each Friday - please make sure your PE kit is in school all week. 
Homework is given out on Mondays and collected in on Fridays.
Please ensure that your reading record/reading book is brought into school each and every morning.
If you fancy some extra spelling homework, then see if you can spell all of the Year 5 and 6 statutory spellings! 
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Children should be taking regular visits to the 'TTRockstars' and 'Spelling Shed' websites - they all have logins and codes, so no excuses!Image result for spelling shedRelated image
Our new Head Girl, Miley - we know she'll be amazing this year...
...and Ethan, our new Deputy Head Boy - a great choice!
Congratulations to our new prefects - I'm sure they will do a great job this year!
Well done to Summer - our new member of the School Council...
...and introducing our Attendance Monitor, Harry.
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Our class have designed and created their own websites, using their knowledge of the great archaeologist Howard Carter. Lydia and Lucia Heidi and Jess Mmesoma and Olivia Georgie and Josh Summer and William B Mark and Sonny Isabella G and Harry S William S and Katie Libbie and Isabella B Adam and Luke Miley and Harry M Ethan and Jay Charlie and Christopher

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We have been working on biographies in English, and have just completed our own on the famous Egyptologist, Howard Carter.
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Father Conor visited us today to teach us all about Ancient Egypt. Father Conor has completed a masters degree in Egyptology, so we were lucky enough to have his expert knowledge in our class. He taught us lots about the Egyptian Gods, burials and how the Egyptians tried hard to understand the Earth.
Thank you Father Conor, for your brilliant lesson! 
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Learning all about time, weather, numbers to 100 and everyday actions in our French lessons this half term.
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Today, Year 6 visited Weaverham Village to explore and expand their mapping skills. We divided ourselves into groups and children had to follow compass points and ordnance survey map symbols to navigate around the village and find their way back to the coach. The day ended with a visit to Daresbury village and church to visit the birth place of famous author Lewis Carroll. Children really enjoyed sketching the special stain glass windows. Have a look at the pictures below. 
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Year 6 visited Reception today to read their Myths to the younger children.
Lots of children in Reception and Year 6 made new friends and really enjoyed spending time together. Reception loved listening to the stories and enjoyed spending time drawing the characters from Year 6's myths! 
"What I liked about going to reception was meeting a new mate and reading the story. He really liked the story, and he laughed at every word he did not know."
Sonny G
"I enjoyed going to reception and reading my story to them. I'm pretty sure they enjoyed it too." Olivia M 
"My favourite part about telling my story to the reception children was seeing their reactions and what they thought about my story."          Luke W
"I  enjoyed being in reception because my buddy was really nice and he said that he loved mine story so much and he wanted to listen to my story again." Miley B
"I really liked telling my story to my little reception buddy and he was so polite because  he always agreed with what I had to say." Harry Morton.
"I really enjoyed reading my myth to Riley and Esmae - they loved my expressions as well." Isabella G
"My favourite part about being with the receptions was when I was reading my story, she was asking my what the words were when she got stuck on a word."  Isabella B 
"My favourite part was when I read the story to him and he really enjoyed it, he liked most of it."   Mark S
" I liked that I only read my story to two children, and I ended up playing with four and we all enjoyed it.When we talked about it, they all said I liked the dragon and how they all ran. "  Heidi G
"My child was really nice and enjoyed my story,"   Josh P.
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We created a timeline showing ancient civilisations. We were able to show that some happened at similar times to each other, but in different parts of the world.

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Other Faiths week - Judaism

Apples dipped in honey are eaten as a symbol of the sweet New Year that
each Jewish person hopes lies ahead.

'I don't normally like honey but the taste was really amazing.' Summer A
'I thought that the apples and honey was a sweet treat!' Harry
'I think it was really nice!' Ethan
'I really liked the apple and honey - it was sweet and tasty.' Isabella G
'It was an interesting taste, but I don't think you could have a lot of it.' Mmesoma
'I thought the apple and honey was a really sweet combination.' Olivia M
'At first, the apples and honey looked weird, but I never expected such a exquisite taste.' Heidi G
Our sessions with James have started this week! 
James Riley has worked within the Criminal Justice system for over 18 years as a Probation Officer, specialising in Urban Street Gangs and Organised Crime Groups .
GANGS mission is simple:

"To educate, inspire and empower young people to take control of their future by rejecting the gang lifestyle"

The GANGS programme is an intensive 5 session educational, preventative and diversionary programme which aims to educate young people on the dangers of the gang lifestyle for the individual, their families and the wider community. The content covers issues such as joint enterprise, consequences, retaliation, victims and criminal exploitation. Year 6 children will work with James all week and so far we are loving it!
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Philosophy P4C - We were asked to order reasons for why someone might move house, and we all came up with different ideas. After discussions, our final idea for a question was ' Do people always move for the right reasons?'
Today in PSHE we were paired with a friend who we do not usually work with. We had to tell our partner one interesting thing about ourselves that they might not know. Then we used 'compliment strips' to give anonymous compliments to each other. Some of them are listed below...
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When Banter Becomes Bullying - we discussed as part of anti-bullying week, with pledges, agree or disagree tasks and advice.
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Today, we were able to study some Ancient Egyptian artefacts, predicting what they might be, how they were used and who may have used them.
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Today, to mark Remembrance Day, the Year 6 children completed a 'black out' poem.
Blackout poetry is when a writer blocks (blacks) out certain parts of a text to create a new poem. Writers often do this for inspiration when they have ‘writers block.’
Firstly, we read three different types of remembrance poems, and then children picked their favourite.
The children then created new poems that were extremely powerful, emotive and thoughtful.
Below are just some examples...
Our Life Skills sessions help us to keep safe, make the right choices and to be the best person that we can be.
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This week is Computing Unplugged Week!
This week year 6 have been learning all about Alan Turing and his inventions. Alan Turing was one of the first ever computer scientists!Today we looked at code cracking during WW2 and cracked some of our own codes!
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Dance - Getting to grips with 'Beat It!'

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Archdiocese Day at SJB

Year 6 had a fantastic time at SJB honing their gardening and craft skills. They looked at the Laudato Si, an invitation from Pope Francis, to everyone on the planet to care for our common home. They discussed the wonders of the world and how we can work together to help protect our beautiful world. With this in mind, the children created a beautiful alter cloth showing the impact of humans on our world. Later on, the pupils planted bulbs with the hope that when the plants grow and flourish, they can be transferred to their gardens.

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Today, the children completed an experiment investigating the impact of distance from light source on the size of shadow. They looked at the meaning of independent, dependent and controlled variables. They discovered that the closer the light source to an opaque object, the smaller the shadow became. They used their maths skills to read scales, convert cm to mm and took repeated readings and calculated averages. Great work Year 6!

Lockerbie Year 6 Residential September 2019
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'Scotland was the best trip of my 6 years in St. Matthew's. The teachers in our school and the Lockerbie staff were laid back and let you have fun! I got covered in mud and even had a mud mask - it was great!' 
'My favourite thing we did in Lockerbie was canoeing and kayaking.'
Luke W.
'It was amazing - I especially loved the activities in the dark and the instructors were so nice.'
Jess G.
'It was so much fun because of all the activities like mountain biking, abseiling and archery.'
Harry M.
'I especially liked the instructors at Lockerbie Manor because if I thought I couldn't do something they helped me to do it.'
Ethan W.
'Lockerbie was an amazing experience!'
Lucia D.
'I really enjoyed the zipline because it was so much fun!'
Charlie W.
'I liked the orienteering so you could explore the whole of the manor.'
Mark S.
More quotes from Lockerbie...
'Hi my name is Isabella  and I really enjoyed Lockerbie in Scotland because it was really muddy and we got to roll in it. My favourite activity was canoeing.'
Isabella G.
'I liked all of the fun activities that we had the opportunity to try.'
'My favourite activity was abseiling because I got over my fear of heights.'
'I think Lockerbie was a good experience and a great opportunity to spend time with our friends whilst having fun.'
Libbie D.