Year 6 Class - 6P - Autumn - 2019 - 2020

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Welcome to Class 6P!
Our class teacher is Miss Parry and our classroom assistant is Mrs Coleman. We also have Mrs Evans working with us this year. 
Some important things to remember in year 6:
- Our P.E day is Friday.
-Our Dance day is Wednesday. 
Children will need their P.E kits on these days but P.E kits should remain in school all week.  
Homework will be given out on a Monday night and should be returned to school every Friday morning. Homework is a very important part of year 6. It helps children to revise certain areas of the curriculum and prepare them for the homework they will receive in secondary schools. Homework registers will be taken every Friday morning by Mrs Coleman to ensure homework is being completed. 
Children should also read at home every night as part of their homework and ensure that their reading record is signed by an adult. 
Please feel free to explore our webpage and have a look at some of the exciting things we are up to this term! 
” For I Know The Plans I Have For You, Declares The Lord ” Plans To Prosper You And Not To Harm You, Plans To Give You Hope And A Future ” ~ Bible QuotesImage result for inspirational christian quotes
Image result for i can do all things through christ who strengthens me
If you fancy some extra spelling homework, then see if you can spell all of the Year 5 and 6 statutory spellings! 
Image result for year 6 statutory spellings
Parents: Don't forget to remind your children to visit the 'Times Table Rockstars' and 'Spelling Shed' websites/apps regularly to help improve their times tables and spelling skills.
These basic skills are essential in Year 6 and 10 minutes a night on these apps will really help them to improve! Children will be given login and password details in school to use at home.
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Parents: Below is the information from the Year 6 Welcome Meeting if you could not attend. 
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Year 6 have been using Adobe Spark player to create their very own websites all about Howard Carter. This has been part of their English and History topic. Have a look at their websites by clicking the links below! Lennon and Anthony Caleb and Maddy Ethan and Lexie OC HG CW Geogie and Dylan Ruby and Jacob Emily and Jack DD Lucas and James Coen and Ryan Eve and Lewis Rachel and Jack KD Amelia and Joe Jordan and Holly Mia and Olivia


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During Anti-Bullying Week 2019, class 6P have been looking at what is categorised as bullying and the difference between 'banter' and using comments that can be perceived as bullying. We looked at a range of statements and the children had to position themselves on a spectrum of whether they agreed that the statements were bullying or 'banter.' Children concluded that even as friends, banter can turn into bullying if boundaries are continually pushed and comments are said to deliberately hurt others. Finally, they signed a pledge to stand up against bullying in and outside of St Matthew's! 
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Father Conor visited us today to teach us all about Ancient Egypt. Father Conor completed a masters degree in Egyptology so we were lucky enough to have his expert knowledge in class. He taught us lots about the Egyptian Gods and how the Egyptians tried hard to understand the Earth.
Thank You Father Conor for your brilliant lesson! 
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Today, to mark Remembrance Day, children in class 6P completed a 'black out' poem.
We read three different types of remembrance poems and children picked their favourite.
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Image result for for the fallen poem
Blackout poetry is when a writer blocks (blacks) out certain parts of a text to create a new poem. Writers often do this for inspiration when they have ‘writers block.’
The children created new poems that were extremely powerful, emotive and thoughtful. Have a look at the pictures below. 
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Today, Year 6 visited Weaverham Village to explore and expand their mapping skills. We divided ourselves into groups and children had to follow compass points and ordnance survey map symbols to navigate around the village and find their way back to the coach. The day ended with a visit to Daresbury village and church to visit the birth place of famous author Lewis Carroll. Children really enjoyed sketching the special stain glass windows. Have a look at the pictures below. 
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Year 6 visited Reception today to read their Myths to the younger children.
Lots of children in Reception and Year 6 made new friends and really enjoyed spending time together. Reception loved listening to the stories and enjoyed spending time drawing the characters from Year 6's myths! 
Jack DD- Brody learnt a new word today. I taught him what the word victory meant. We then started to play a game all about my myth! 
Coen-James loved my main character 'Skyrim' and he loved hearing all about the dragon in my myth. 
Mia-With Holly, I taught her what the word rage meant and why my character was angry in the story. 
Caleb- I was paired with Max, he loved my story telling and we went outside to draw pictures from the myth. 
Lennon-I was with Bobby, I taught him what the word 'subject' meant. His favourite part of my myth was the sneaky snake. 
Eve-Little Jack loved the word 'bright' and was asking me how to write all of the letters. 
Ruby-I was with Mia and I taught her how to write some new words. She was really into the story and remembered all of my questions and characters. 
Anthony and Lewis- We were with Bobby and Mikey and we taught them that the word aroma means different smells. We enjoyed reading our myths to them. 
Jacob-My little sister Penny is in Reception, she was really excited all morning about me visiting her today to read my myth. 
Olivia- I was with Molly-Mae, she was really intrigued as to how the beast was walking into his cave. She made me write down some words from the story and she traced and copied them. 
Madison- I was with Harper, we loved drawing pictures of my hero fighting the beast. 
Christian- I made friends with Joshua, and I taught him how to draw the characters from my story. 
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This week is computing unplugged week! This week year 6 have been learning all about Alan Turing and his inventions. Alan Turing was one of the first ever computer scientists!Today we looked at code cracking during WW2 and cracked some of our own codes! Have a look at the pictures below! 


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Archdiocese Day at SJB

Year 6 had a fantastic time at SJB honing their gardening and craft skills. They looked at the Laudato Si, an invitation from Pope Francis, to everyone on the planet to care for our common home. They discussed the wonders of the world and how we can work together to help protect our beautiful world. With this in mind, the children created a beautiful alter cloth showing the impact of humans on our world. Later on, the pupils planted bulbs with the hope that when the plants grow and flourish, they can be transferred to their gardens. Have a look at the pictures below! 

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We have started our History topic and we are learning all about the Egyptians. Because the Egyptians are an ancient civilisation, we made a timeline showing different civilisations and when they existed through time. Have a look at the pictures below! 
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Children in Year 6 are currently learning all about different dances across different centuries! 
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Today children used counters to show factors of a number. The children were given the numbers 5 and 9 to represent using the counters. They also had to explain what a prime number is and what a composite number is and provide examples! 
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Today we completed our first 'No Outsiders' lesson.
No Outsiders is all about teaching the equality act to children.
We read the book 'The Island' by Armin Grender. The book tackles issues involving immigration, prejudice and racism. The children were extremely thoughtful and produced a story map summarising the main points of the story and how we can tackle and think about the issues highlighted in the book. 
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In Literacy, we are learning how to write our very own Myth!
Today, we worked really hard to produce a story map for the myth Beowulf. We thought about certain elements of the myth that we were going to change and adapt for our own myths later this week. Have a look at the pictures below!
We had some brilliant (and very gruesome ideas!)
Watch this web page for our published myths coming soon! 
Our sessions with James have started this week! 
James Riley has worked within the Criminal Justice system for over 18 years as a Probation Officer, specialising in Urban Street Gangs and Organised Crime Groups .
GANGS mission is simple:

"To educate, inspire and empower young people to take control of their future by rejecting the gang lifestyle"

The GANGS programme is an intensive 5 session educational, preventative and diversionary programme which aims to educate young people on the dangers of the gang lifestyle for the individual, their families and the wider community. The content covers issues such as joint enterprise, consequences, retaliation, victims and criminal exploitation. Year 6 children will work with James all week and so far we are loving it!
Eve-'I have learned that being in a gang can put your family at risk too.'
Lucas-'Gangs put your life at risk.' 
Olivia- 'Gangs can be very violent and dangerous.'
Lewis- 'Gangs can provide you with a life sentence or end up with death.' 
Dylan-'If you enter a gang, you will end up in prison.'
Well Done to Dylan who won a signed Liverpool shirt by Trent Alexander Arnold-an ex pupil of St Matthew's! 
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As part of our 'other faiths' week, we have been learning all about Judaism. Today the children tasted apples and honey. This is traditionally eaten during the period of Rosh Hashanah, the sweet honey and apples symbolise a sweet year ahead! Have a look at the pictures below!  
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In today's collective worship we thought all about love and the loving promises God makes to us. We considered the promises we made at our baptism and how we can continue to fulfill these promises today. 
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Year 6 became News Reporters today and reported on the recent fires in the Amazon Rainforest as part of our current English topic-'Journalism.'
The children did really well and their videos contained lots of facts about the recent disaster.
We will also be writing a news paper report to share our findings! 
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Year 6 were exploring reflection in our Science topic today! The lesson even involved using protractors to calculate angles of incidence and reflection! 
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Today in Literacy, we learned all about what it takes to become a fantastic journalist!  We used real newspapers to analyse the features of a journalistic report and came up with our own success criteria on the white board. Have a look at the pictures below and at how many ideas we had! 
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Today in PSHE we were paired with a friend who we do not usually work with. We had to tell our partner one interesting thing about ourselves that they might not know. Then we used 'compliment strips' to give anonymous compliments to each other. Some of them are listed below...
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Wow! What an amazing time we had in Lockerbie! The children were so well behaved and had a fantastic time on all of the activities! Many children conquered lots of their fears and were extremely brave!
We enjoyed canoeing, kayaking, abseiling, orienteering, zip wire and many more! 
James: I loved kayaking and falling in the water! 
Olivia: I liked archery, even though I didn't hit the target! 
Georgie: I enjoyed the canoeing and going really fast! 
Amelia: I liked orienteering and finding my way around the woods! 
Joe: I learned to ride a mountain bike and turn corners!
Miss Parry: I had some children who originally said that they were scared and did not want to do the activities. I enjoyed watching them find their inner courage and conquer their fears on the activities showing great resilience and perseverance! 
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We are having fun in our French lessons learning all of our numbers and days of the week!
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Learning all about The Beatles in our music lessons!
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Year 6 have been completing some complex Geography today!
We have been using an Atlas to locate continents, oceans and to mark the degrees of latitude and longitude around the globe. 
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Class 6P have been perfecting their coding skills on Code Studio today! 
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Class 6P are working hard and learning all about the different types of settlements.
Settlement geography | Homes around the world
We have looked at how Liverpool has changed as a settlement and compared a modern day map with a map from over 100 year ago! 
Image result for art in words
Year 6 spent the afternoon completing their self portraits.
We decided to make it even more difficult and give the children a picture of half of their face that they had to complete!
The results were fantastic, have a look at the pictures below!
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Today we completed our first Philosophy lesson to introduce our new Geography topic.
We were thinking about our homes and where we live.
We talked about why we move house and listed what we think are the most important reasons for moving house.
We then came up with our discussion question, 'What makes a house a home?'
We talked about different houses around the world and why people call somewhere 'home'. Some of our ideas are listed below:
- Love
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Well done to the children in class 6P who were given a very special role this week! 
Jack D- Head Boy 
Eve - Deputy Head Girl
Lucas- Prefect
Emily- Prefect
Anthony- Prefect
We are sure you will all be fantastic role models and make yourselves and St Matthew's proud! 
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A huge well done to all of the children who ran for school counsellor today. The children gave speeches about why they would be a good counsellor and what they would do for the school. 
Well done to Coen, our new school counsellor, class 6P are sure you will do a fantastic job and represent us well!
Coen said that he would like to be a school counsellor to make sure that no children are ever lonely on the playground. He promised to help make important decisions about the school and to listen to all children and adults in the school.
He said he would always show polite manners and be a perfect role model!