Year 1 Class - 1B - Autumn - 2018 - 2019

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Welcome to Class 1B!
Class Teacher: Miss Byatt 
Teacher Assistant: Mrs Highm 
Support Staff: Miss Morton
Tuesday Morning- P.E.
Friday Morning- Dance. 
P.E. kits to be left in school and will be sent home at the end of term. 
Homework will be sent out every Monday and must be returned on Friday. 
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Phonics is the first important step to leanring how to spell and read.
In Year 1, the children will be given a reading book and a phonics pack to take home.
Please practice this as much as possible with your child, in preparation for the Year 1 screening test next year. 
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In maths we have been comparing numbers of objects and ordering numbers. We have been using many resources to help us solve maths problems, such as counters, ten frames, multilink cubes and number squares. 
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In collective worship we have been discussing how we serve God and others and how god love us all. 
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We love our manderian lessons and learning a different language!
The children have been learning how to greet each other and the mandarin teacher.
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In music the theme is traditional tales. The children are beginning to use small percussion instruments, such as a glockenspiel to explore the dimensions of music. 
Talk for Writing
In literacy, the children have started Talk for Write to retell the story about Oliver and Patch. This is an effective way for the children to talk about the story, in order for them to write their own story based on a familar setting.
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In geography, the children have been learning all about where they live. They have been talking about what country and continent they live in. 
 Have a look at the pictures of us working in groups, to sort out facts about the 4 countries in the United Kingdom!
Meet Our Digi Dog 
Coco Buster
Digi Dog is part of promoting online safety. The children have decided to name our Digi Dog Coco Buster. Every Friday, a child will get the chance to take Coco Buster home with them. They will have a diary to write about how Coco Buster has helped them keep safe online and about the adventure they have had together.
Last week Jacob took Coco Buster home. Have a look at what they have been up to.