Welcome to Computing at St Matthew's!
We love technology in our school and take every opportunity to use it across the whole curriculum.  Have a look at our vision for computing and the photo's of some of the exciting activities and events we have run recently...... 
Safer Internet Day 2019 #SID2019

Online Safety is a very important part of our Computing Curriculum here at St Matthew's. Our approach is to educate and equip our children with the skills and knowledge to make the right decisions online. Digital safety messages are ever present in our everyday work however, International Safer Internet Day each year helps us to engender digital resilience and allows our children to celebrate their skills & knowledge in a variety of fun ways.

Safer Internet Day is a very important date in our school calendar, it enriches our Digital Literacy Curriculum and it is an event that the children particularly look forward to. At St Matthew's we are supporting  the campaign for what will be our fifth consecutive year! The theme is an empowering message for us all and discussions in class will focus on how consent and permission work in an online context and how our choices can make a positive change online.


See SID 2019 TV links below to watch short video clips created to facilitate discussion 

Merseyside Community Police Visit Years 5 and 6
Officers from Merseyside Community Police came in to school to talk to our children about Online Safety and Hate Crime. Afterwards our children said........
"We had no idea what a 'hate crime' was before today and we didn't realise how much trouble you could get into just by being unkind online. We were also really shocked to see how easy it is for people to find your location online".
Riley & Daniel Yr6
"We now know how important it is to ask or get consent before posting a picture of a friend or family member online, as some people are not 'ok 'with it!  Friends and family as well as strangers can commit 'hate crimes' and social media can be used as a weapon". Kaiden, Jack and Ruby Yr6 
SID 2019 Class Activities and PHSE
EYFS and KS1 thought about the things they like to do online and mimed their favourites for their class mates to guess. They considered what the internet actually was and made models of it out of paper cups and string. In PHSE they retold the story of Zap & Zoom and learned about how important it is to get permission before doing anything online.
SID 2019 Class Activities & PHSE KS2
Some children looked at the age restrictions on Social Media platforms and did  drama activities acting out how to make good decisions online. Others made posters and pledges to always get permission or consent before doing anything online, in particular posting pictures of others.
"Back to The App" by Altru Drama
Key Stage 2 children having lots of fun and enjoying a high energy performance about the online  safety issues surrounding some of their favourite apps; Fortnite, Snapchat, Youtube and Google
Digital Literacy in KS1
Making sure everyone is safe and having a happy time when they go online is very important to us here at St Matthew's. So, in KS1 and Reception we have a team of Online Safety Hounds or Digi Dogs, one in each class, to help the children with their work and to remind them how to stay safe online.
The children take it in turns each week to take their class Digi Dog home, there they can sniff out great ideas and can share important safety messages with their friends and family.
Computing in Geography
Year 1 use Bluebots and directional language to learn about the compass points on a map; North, South, East & West.
Year 2 investigate a database in Purple Mash and carry out internet research to sort information and find fun facts about the "African Big 5" animals.
Year 5 identify animals by creating their own branching databases using Purple Mash 2Question.
Computing Unplugged Week
"Unplugged" week at St Matthew's gives our children an opportunity to focus on and develop their skills as "Computational Thinkers" without actually using computers! 
During this week the children take part in paper based, drama and other practical hands on activities in order to teach them Computer Science.
Year 2L Looking at Directional Language and practising writing shorthand Code.
Year 2R Creating Algorithms (instructions) to draw a Crazy Character. To Evaluate  (test) their work, they asked their friends to follow their Algorithms to see what their characters looked like. 
Year 5E Working Collaboratively to find their way out of a pencil maze. In programming pairs, one student gives instructions whilst the other follows the path.
Coding in KS1 and KS2
What our children think about computing in school....
"I really enjoy using the iPads in Music. I am learning to play the guitar myself and when we use 'Garage Band' I can experiment with different sounds and instruments, my favourites are the piano, drums and guitar." Reece Yr6
"I love Monday afternoons because that's when we get to do 'Code Studio'
I am doing really well and at the moment I am learning how to put 'if'and 'or' statements into my coding".  Daniel Yr5
"The best thing about using technology in year 4 is when we are allowed to 'play' (teacher code for 'Computer Science and Coding! ) and use Purple Mash to make bar charts for Maths and Science.  Summer Yr4
 "We have used the iPads and MacBooks to look at different countries in Geography. We researched their famous landmarks and the food  people eat. My favourite thing to do on the iPads is 'Math Man' it's a bit like 'Pac Man' but it makes learning Maths really fun!" Alfie Yr3
" I like playing with Alex the Robot and Angry Birds on the iPads. Also it was cool to make an Avatar, I gave mine brown eyes and yellow hair. Avatars help to keep you safe and so you don't share too much information online."  Addison Yr2
"I like the Rocket game (Code Studio) and I made a crazy sculpture using dots (Purple Mash 2Paint)." Ruben Yr1
Year 2 Created their own Avatars