Welcome to Computing at St Matthew's! 
"Computing" at St Matthew's can be seen woven throughout all curriculum areas. We use technology purposefully to enhance our teaching and learning at every opportunity. We may use a desk top publishing app to design and create an information brochure on "The Great Fire of London" in History, or some database software to store and collate information we find on "Rivers" in Geography. We practice our times tables by taking part in online "TT Rockstar" Tournaments and even use data loggers to help us conduct experiments in Science! 
As Computer Scientists the children are encouraged to think about and approach all sorts of problems creatively, breaking them down and working together (collaboratively) to find solutions.
"We're all computational thinkers here!"
 Computing Unplugged Week
During this week at St Matthew's we take the opportunity to look at Computers and Computer Science without using technology. 
Year groups 4-6 all became secret agents and worked on a project to intercept and decipher code sent by the Germans in WW2 during The D-Day Landings. The children worked in teams and using a "key" tried to crack the code to help the Allied forces. They learnt how to break problems down into smaller chunks and how to use logical reasoning to decipher the code, just as the code crackers in Hut 8 at Bletchley Park did in 1944.
The children in Year3 and KS1 considered what computers actually are, how they work and how importantant they are to us in our lives today.  Year 3 investigated different computer components and looked at the difference between inputs and outputs by labelling the components inside of an ipad.
Year 2 had so much fun; they pretended to be robots and tried to write their names using their feet instead of hands. They learned about how computers and robots cannot think for themselves but depend on precise instructions called algorithms to operate. They each created an algorithm and worked in pairs giving and taking instructions on how to draw crazy characters.