Important Information: 25th June 2020


As I am sure you are already aware school we re- opened for year 6 from the 22nd of June, for those parents who registered for a place. On Tuesday I was informed that Liverpool Local Authority were looking at the possibility of schools being to re-open for a further year group if schools are able to do so. In preparation for this possibly happening parents of reception children were called to see if they would want their child to return to school; this year group was the next agreed year group to return as directed by the DFE.


School also continues to be open for children of keyworkers and identified vulnerable children. From next week we have 104 children registered to return to school.


As already stated in my previous letter following government guidelines, detailed risk assessments and an assessment of capacity measurement; school is able to accommodate a maximum of 152 children however, in realistic terms this number would be closer to 100 with the number of staff available to work and with the tight restrictions on group size and the need to ensure the integrity of the pods. This will mean that school will be full and no more further places will be available until we are informed to amend / reduce the social distancing guidance. I have been advised by the local authority to inform parents that once school reaches total capacity number like we will have if parents need a school place for their child/ren they should contact the local authority who are looking to try to provide alternative provision. I am aware how difficult this maybe for families but I am sure you can understand how hard it is for us to manage this very difficult situation. I would love nothing more to be able to re-open for all the children but I have to think of the safety and well-being and ensure it is not compromised. This is not something that as a parent myself and head teacher I am able or willing to do.


I am sure you are aware there is a lot of media attention with regards to children returning to school with the media suggesting it is safe for more children to return to school and a wider re-opening should take place with social distancing being reducing to 1meter. I want to clarify with you we have been following the local authority guidance and they have yet to issue any information about a wider re-opening or changing the social distancing guidance. Further school re-opening will only happen when we are told it is safe to do so.


 I am confident that I will receive further information in the next couple of weeks about how we move forward with the next stage of reopening and how things may look in September. I will of course keep you informed of all updates and plans as and when necessary.


Thank you for your continued support.

Key Worker Criteria
Please note the local authority have clarified the list of key workers and identified the following:
• Social workers, care workers health and social care staff and those required to maintain the sector
• Teachers, specialist education professionals and Nursery staff.
• Staff essential to the operation of the justice system • Staff involved in the management of the deceased
• Administrative staff in local government essential to the delivery of the COVID-19 response
• Staff delivering essential pubic services such as payment of benefits
• Staff involved in the distribution of food or other key goods.
• Police and police support staff.
• Fire and rescue staff and support staff.
• Transport workers • Utilities workers
• Probation staff
• It staff necessary to support COVID-19 response
• Payment providers
• Waste disposal service presumably including refuse collection In addition, other workers described include:
• Armed forces personnel
• MoD civilian staff and contractors
• National Crime Agency
• Border security
• National security staff
• Religions and charity staff
• Journalists and broadcasters
Many parents working in these sectors maybe able to ensure their child is kept at home every child who can be safely care for at home should be. However, if a parent or guardians work is critical to the COVID-19 response or is in a key sector such as health and social care and the child/ children cannot be kept safely at home, then they can attend school.

Parents please note:


If you have already been allocated a place for you child in school you do not have to apply for a place each week. This google document is only for new children who require a place in school. 


For new key worker children requiring a place in school, please follow the google document below. 

Forms Required - Returning Back to School
Parents could you please fill out and complete the below documents on your child's return back to school.
If you are unable to complete these forms please ask at the schools entry point on your child's first day back for the forms as they will need to be completed.
Capacity in School 
Limited places are available currently for Year 6, Reception and Key Worker children in accordance to government and council guidelines. 
Please Note: Detailed risk assessments and an assessment of capacity measurement school is able to accommodate a maximum of 152 children however, in realistic terms this number would be closer to 100 with the number of staff available to work and with the tight restrictions on group size and the need to ensure the integrity of the pods without compromising safety and well-being. Once school reaches its 100 children capacity will be full; we will not be able to accommodate more children returning as at this time it would be unsafe to do so.
School Risk Assessments
Please see all current COVID-19 Risk Assessment within our school setting. These are reviewed and updated each week. 
8th June 2020
18th June 2020
25th June 2020
2nd July 2020
Please see policies below.
Free School Meals
Important Free School Meals Information below.

Information for Parents/Carers: Free School Meals 


If your circumstances change and you think your child is eligible for free school meals after the schools close for the summer break you need to apply for FSMs using the link below


If you are eligible, you will receive a notification confirming this.  During school’s summer holiday period, you will be sent vouchers by Liverpool City Council on a fortnightly basis.