Covid-19 Information

FSM - Autumn Half Term
Please see letter below for how to claim your free school meal voucher from your local Children's Center. 
School Risk Assessments
Please see all current COVID-19 Risk Assessment within our school setting. These are reviewed and updated regularly.
Please see our policies below.
Please see below the latest letters from the school:
School Contact Information - Out of Hours
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Phone: 07704 364390

29th September 2020

Parents/ Carers,

It is vital that all parent/carers fill out the Digital Devices Questionnaire on the school's website on the main front page.

This is incase any bubbles have to close so we can find appropriate work for your child/ren.

Thank you.

School Snack
School will be providing your child's snack each day. A letter will be sent out to parents/ carers next week once we can finalise this procedure.
Thank you for your continued support.
Forms Required - Returning Back to School
Parents could you please fill out and complete the below documents on your child's return back to school.
Please return your child's data collection sheet to school.