Design & Technology

At St Matthew’s, D&T skills are taught through our Creative Curriculum. The children learn to design, make and evaluate products in a range of contexts with a focus on creative and critical thinking. Throughout the school they are given opportunities to apply their learning and skills in some amazing projects! Some large scale projects and some small, they all help the children to see how the designing, making and evaluating process works in real contexts. 

These are the skills the children learn throughout each key stage: 


• investigate things and say how they work, what they do and what they are made of; 
• plan what to make and be able to tell someone else about it; 
• make things from our plans and be able to say what has or has not worked well and why; 
• work with tools and equipment safely to measure and mark, cut and shape, join and combine and decorate and finish different materials;
• learn about how to use different materials and mechanisms.


• investigate and evaluate products to help generate ideas for our own work; 
• make detailed plans for our ideas showing what we want to achieve and how to do it; 
• use our plans to make products, evaluating and adapting our ideas as we work; 
• work with tools and equipment safely and accurately to measure and mark, cut and shape, join and combine and decorate and finish different materials; 
• learn about how different materials and mechanisms can be used for a purpose


‘What is D&T – and why do we need it?'
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Year 3 Pencil Cases -Textiles 2-D shape to 3-D product
Children learnt about a variety of hand-sewing stitches, then either practiced joining pieces of scrap material using different hand-sewing stitches, or practiced stitches using a template.
Year 4 Seasonal Food – Healthy and varied diet
Children will learn about the nutritional content of a variety of sandwiches and fillings, and consider how grouping food can help us plan for a healthy diet. They will then design and make their own sandwiches.
Year 2 making Scotch Eggs
Year 1 Playgrounds - Freestanding structures
Children to explore and discuss various different playground equipment and the materials used to make it. They will choose two different pieces of equipment to draw, label and make.
Year 2 Perfect Pizzas - Preparing fruit and vegetables
Children to design and make a healthy and balanced pizza, making sure they remember to follow the pizza criteria chosen.
Year 3 Sandwich Snacks 
Healthy and varied diet Children will learn about the nutritional content of a variety of sandwiches and fillings, and consider how grouping food can help us plan for a healthy diet.
Year 4 Light it up - Electrical Systems Simple circuits and switches
Children will study a variety of lights, describing some of their features, e.g. the way they reflect light, how they are designed to be free-standing. They may then label and describe the features of a light, or examine a variety of different lights.
Year 5 Breads culture and seasonality
Children will learn about different types of bread and the cultures and/or regions from which they originate. They will then taste and describe a variety of breads
Cooking Mornings
Reception - Making Pizzas and Pizza boxes
Reception had wonderful morning making pizza and decorating pizza boxes with their parents and grandparents! 
They looked at how they could make their pizzas symmetrical when adding the toppings. The pizzas smelt delicious and the children were very excited to take them home to eat for tea.
Year 3
Year 5
D&T Autumn
D&T was taught over 2 days this term and it was a huge success, enjoyed by all of the children. Take a look at some of the projects we have been working on...
Year 1  Moving parts - Christmas cards
Children investigated what a moving mechanism is and how to create one. They focused on slider mechanisms, recognising different types and how they work before using a character to create their own moving picture
Pupil voice
"I like D&T because you get to learn to make stuff. My card was good becaues it went side to side." - Noah Spencer Class 1H
"I enjoy D&T because I like crafting. I liked it because it was a theme I liked and it moved." - Paige Breen 1C
Year 2 Mechanisms - Santa’s Sleigh 
Children explored and discussed a variety of different vehicles, their features and what they are used for. They made designs and  followed them to create and make their vehicles using a range of craft materials. 
Pupil Voice
"I like D&T because it's dead fun crafting. My sleigh is gold and i cut it out and put wheels on to test if it goes. If it goes you've done it." - Cian McKendrick 2R
" I like D&T because it's fun to make things. We learnt how to use the saw to cut stuff." - Grace Byrne 2P
Year 3 Structures Shell structures - Desk Tidy 
The children  investigated a collection of different shell structures including packaging. They  then designed and created their own shell structure with a specific purpose.
Pupil Voice
" I enjoy the lessons because you design, create and use your brain to make things." - Maxton Wong 3G
"I was pleased with my design because it held lots of heavy stuff." - Nicholas Ferguson 3R
Year 4 Mechanical Systems Levers and linkages - Christmas cards
Children examined a variety of books with moving mechanisms and discuss their design and construction using some technical vocabulary. They will then more closely examine some moving mechanisms, sketching and labeling them.
Pupil Voice
" I like D&T because we get to make tings and be creative and personalise it. I liked my card because it wasn't just a snowman it was in a scene that moved as well." - Lucia Dunne 4P
Year 5 Structures Frame structures - Building Bridges 
Children learnt all about how simple bridges are constructed using beams, pillars or piers, then make and test beam bridge designs
Pupil Voice
"I like D&T becaues it's a bit like art and science in 1 lesson. You have to work out how you do it. We learnt about 5 bridges then had to choose 1 to make on a budget." - Thomas Fury 5E
"I like D&T because you get to create things and find out if you can build things. I had to go in front of the class and present it and it held the weights. I felt happy." - Callum Lockett 5JE
Year 6 Fashion and Textiles Combining different fabric shapes  - Advent Calendars
Children will  learnt about the work of fashion designers, then they discover some ways in which textiles may be joined and decorated. Following this, they  practiced hand sewing stitches and designing their advent calendars.
Pupil Voice
"I like D&T because you spend a day on it and you get to share ideas. I wasn't that pleased with my design as it wasn't how I designed it, it was too big." - Molly Johnson 6M
Cookery In St Matthew's
In addition to cookery topics covered in class, the children take part in extra cookery sessions throughout the year. Parents can attend these sessions where the children learn to make delicious food like healthy pizza, smoothies, biscuits, stir fry and cheese and onion pasties. This is a experience that the children and parents can enjoy together. Take a look...
Making a chocolate reindeer in Raindrops
Making chocolate reindeers in Reception
Making Shortbread in Year 1
Making Chocolate Chip Cupcakes in Year 2
Making flapjacks in Year 4
Making brownies in Year 5
Making rocky road in Year 6