Design & Technology

At St Matthew’s, D&T skills are taught through our Creative Curriculum. The children learn to design, make and evaluate products in a range of contexts with a focus on creative and critical thinking. Throughout the school they are given opportunities to apply their learning and skills in some amazing projects! Some large scale projects and some small, they all help the children to see how the designing, making and evaluating process works in real contexts. 

These are the skills the children learn throughout each key stage: 


• investigate things and say how they work, what they do and what they are made of; 
• plan what to make and be able to tell someone else about it; 
• make things from our plans and be able to say what has or has not worked well and why; 
• work with tools and equipment safely to measure and mark, cut and shape, join and combine and decorate and finish different materials;
• learn about how to use different materials and mechanisms.


• investigate and evaluate products to help generate ideas for our own work; 
• make detailed plans for our ideas showing what we want to achieve and how to do it; 
• use our plans to make products, evaluating and adapting our ideas as we work; 
• work with tools and equipment safely and accurately to measure and mark, cut and shape, join and combine and decorate and finish different materials; 
• learn about how different materials and mechanisms can be used for a purpose


‘What is D&T – and why do we need it?'
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D&T Summer
This term we dedicated two days to teaching D&T. The children made a wide variety of products. Have a look at how they got on.

Year 1 Playgrounds - Freestanding structures 

Children to explore and discuss various different playground equipment and the materials used to make it. They will choose two different pieces of equipment to draw, label and make.

Year 2 Puppets - Textiles Templates and joining techniques

The children will research a variety of puppets and how they are made and joined. The children will practise joining techniques in guided groups including stapling, lacing and gluing, they will learn how to do a running stitch and thread their own needle,

Year 3 Pencil Cases -Textiles 2-D shape to 3-D product

Children learnt about a variety of hand-sewing stitches, then either practiced joining pieces of scrap material using different hand-sewing stitches, or practiced stitches using a template. The end product was a pencil case which they made by using their new joining techniques.

Year 4 Light it up - Electrical Systems Simple circuits and switches 

Children will study a variety of lights, describing some of their features, e.g. the way they reflect light, how they are designed to be free-standing. They may then label and describe the features of a light, or examine a variety of different lights.

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D&T Autumn
D&T was taught over 2 days this term and it was a huge success, enjoyed by all of the children. Take a look at some of the projects we have been working on...
Year 1  Moving parts - Christmas cards
Children investigated what a moving mechanism is and how to create one. They focused on slider mechanisms, recognising different types and how they work before using a character to create their own moving picture
Year 2 Mechanisms - Santa’s Sleigh 
Children explored and discussed a variety of different vehicles, their features and what they are used for. They made designs and  followed them to create and make their vehicles using a range of craft materials. 
Year 3 Structures Shell structures - Desk Tidy 
The children  investigated a collection of different shell structures including packaging. They  then designed and created their own shell structure with a specific purpose.
Year 4 Mechanical Systems Levers and linkages - Christmas cards
Children examined a variety of books with moving mechanisms and discussed their design and construction using some technical vocabulary. The children then closely examined some moving mechanisms, sketching and labeling them.
Year 5 Structures Frame structures - Building Bridges 
Children learnt all about how simple bridges are constructed using beams, pillars or piers. The children then made and tested beam bridge designs
Year 6 Fashion and Textiles Combining different fabric shapes  - Christmas Stockings
The children learnt all about the work of fashion designers. They researched ways in which to join and decorate materials. Following this, they then practised hand sewing stitches and designing their own stockings for Christmas.
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D&T Spring
During the spring term each year group will teach a cookery topic. Each class will get the fantastic opportunity to prepare and cook their product with a professional chef.
For these cooking sessions we also invite some parents from each year group in to help the children make their dish.
6B - Home Made Soup - Healthy and Varied Diet
Mr Brook's class took part in the first cookery session this year. The children in year 6 made a vegetable soup from scratch. The children had the opportunity to taste and try different soups to decide what ingredients they like before designing and making their soup. The children were able to measure out, cut, shape and combine the vegetables to make their own  soup.
6P - Homemade Vegetarian Casserole - Healthy Varied Diet 
Miss Parry's class made Vegetarian Casserole this week. The children had to measure out, chop, shape and combine the ingredients and were able to learn all about preparing different types of vegetables. They even learnt how to make their own vegetable stock! 
5E - Pittas and Homemade Hummus - Celebrating Culture and Seasonality
Mr Edwards' class had the amazing opportunity to make homemade hummus and dips in their family food cookery session. They got to make salsa, hummus and guacamole. The years fives were able to follow a basic recipe in order to prepare a savory product. They demonstrated how to use appropriate utensils in order to cut and combine the ingredients.   
4C - Spanish Omelette - Seasonal Food
4C made there very own Spanish omelettes. The children got the opportunity use a range of techniques to prepare their own ingredients hygienically to chop their own vegetables, using the bridge and claw technique, crack their own eggs and peel their own potatoes! 
4F - Stuffed Potato Skins - Seasonal Food
Class 4F made stuffed potatoes. The class got the opportunity to use a range of utensils and techniques to prepare ingredients hygienically to chop, using the bridge and claw technique, and prepare a  range of vegetables including, spring onions and peppers.
3G - Bread and Butter Pudding - Healthy and Varied Diet
Class 3G were the first class in the school to make a sweet product. Mr Greaves' class made some lovely bread and butter pudding by  following a recipe. They got the opportunity to prepare their own ingredients crack and whisk their own eggs and baking the final product.
3M - Scones - Healthy and Varied Diet
Mr McNally's class made some lovely scones by following a recipe. They prepared their own ingredients, cranked their own eggs, mixed the ingredients together and baked the final product. 
2R - Vegetarian Pizzas - Preparing Fruit and Vegetables
Miss Rush's class made some wonderful vegetable pizzas. They got to research different types of pizzas and design their own products. The children then closely followed a recipe to make their own dough and roll it into shape. The children then demonstrated basic hygiene by preparing their own vegetables by washing, peeling and slicing. The children then topped their pizzas with the different vegetables and bake them in the oven. 
2L -  Pin Wheel Pizzas - Preparing Fruit and Vegetables.
Miss Little's class made some brilliant pinwheel pizzas. The children researched different types of pizzas and designed their own products. The children closely followed a recipe closely to prepare the dough and vegetables. The children then demonstrated basic hygiene by preparing their own vegetables by washing, peeling and slicing. The children then topped their pizzas with the different vegetables rolled them into wheels and baked them in the oven. 
1B - Fruit Smoothies - Preparing Fruit and Vegetable 
Miss Byatt's class made some delicious fruit smoothies. They demonstrated their skills through following a recipe, using simple utensils to cut, as well as preparing their fruits and vegetables by washing, peeling and slicing them.