Dear Parents/Carers
Whilst we are in the process of bringing our current children back into school after lockdown - please be assured we are still planning for your child to start school in the Autumn term land we can't wait to meet them.
Most of our children will not return until September and will need some time to adjust to being back at school.
With this in mind we will be looking to start our new Reception children slightly later than normal.  However, staff will be putting plans into place for your child at home before they start e.g. learning packs/home visits.  These cannot be finalised at this stage until we have further guidance from the government.
We will send out a letter with your child's class, start date and learning plans on it in early July.  
I'm sure you understand that this is a difficult time for everyone and we are doing our best for all of our children.
Kind regards
Dear Parents / Carers,
We would like to welcome you to our school and say how happy we are that you have chosen St. Matthew's for your child / children.
Below is all the information you will need for your child to start school.   An additional letter will be sent out after half term explaining what class the children are in and who their teachers are. This letter will also contain the children’s start date and information about more information about starting school at St. Matthew’s. 

The information has been split into 3 categories:

1. Things to look at with your child (at this point we are unable to do a visit but the video included should help with to ease your mind and provide a visual that you can use to help explain to your children)
2. Welcome information (some of this information should be read in conjunction with forms in category 3)
3. Forms to be returned (all forms need to be downloaded, completed and emailed back by 30th June)
Please email forms back to 
You can email any other queries to the email address above and we will try to answer them for you as quickly as possible.  If you would like a printed pack of information please email the school and we will be able to do this for you as soon as we are back in school with effect from Monday 8th June.
We would like to thank you again for choosing St. Matthew's for your child / children and we are looking forward to welcoming to the family of St. Matthew’s.