English 2018 - 2019

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At St. Matthew's we believe that English is at the heart of everything we do. The children live in a world in which communication, reading and writing are all essential parts of every day life, this is why the staff at St. Matthew's are committed to helping all of the children reach their full potential.
On this page you will find relevant information about the English Curriculum at St. Matthew's as well as keeping up to date with what the children are learning.
 English Lessons
At St. Matthew's English is taught daily in every class. We are developing the Talk for Writing approach to planning and teaching. This involves the children orally retelling a text through the use of pictures and actions. Then the children analyse the texts to explore the different features and use of language/punctuation.The children then innovate the text they have learnt to make it their own.  In the final week the children produce their own pieces of writing which include planning, drafting, editing and publishing.
During lessons children are encouraged to develop their reading and writing skills.
There is a strong emphasis on phonics in EYFS and KS1 to develop children's early writing ability. From the end of Year 2 upwards the children will begin to learn spelling patterns and rules. Children will take weekly spellings home to learn which are based on phonic sounds or spelling rules that they have been taught. Writing across a range of genres is effectively modelled by class teachers then practised by the children. The children learn how to develop the whole writing process from planning to publishing.
At St. Matthew's we promote lots of cross-curricular writing opportunities to allow children to apply their writing skills across a variety of subjects.
At St. Matthew's we use Talk 4 Writing across the school to help develop children's writing skills. Talk 4 Writing allows children to orally retell a number of different texts using pictures and actions. the children then innovate story maps to create their own versions of the texts. Talk 4 Writing has proved to be very popular with the children and the writing they produce is a credit to them.
Reading is taught in a variety of ways at St. Matthew's this includes; daily guided reading sessions and activities, 1:1 reading with an adult in school, shared reading as a class, comprehension and phonics lower down the school.
Children are encouraged to read for pleasure throughout the school day and at home. At St. Matthew's we promote reading opportunities through all curriculum subjects.
We have also recently introduced Reciprocal Reading into the reading curriculum. Reciprocal reading is an independent method of guided reading where children are gradually taught to take on group roles to explore and find meaning in texts. Reciprocal reading emphasises teamwork and supports independent comprehension skills. Children are encouraged to build on the skills of: summarising, predicting, clarifying, questioning and being the 'boss' of the group. Have a look at the links below that explain Reciprocal Reading in more detail. 
Reading Scheme
At St. Matthew's our core scheme for reading is Oxford reading Tree. Oxford Reading Tree is a highly structured reading scheme that introduces new words in a controlled way. All children are provided with a reading book and home reading record. We have recently purchased a wide range of new reading books including an EYFS scheme that includes fully decodable home reading books. As part of your child's homework they are expected to read every night. We ask that when you listen to your child read, you record it in their reading record. This along with their reading book should be returned to school each day so children can continue to read in school with teachers and teaching assistants. We would like to emphasise that teaching a child to read is a partnership between home and school.
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Well done to Callum, Kevin and Olivia from Year 6 who attended a 'greater depth' writing workshop in Rice Lane Primary School. Your writing was truly phenomenal!  
Related imageYear 6 have been using Adobe Spark player to create their very own websites all about Howard Carter. This has been part of their English and History topic. In History we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt and in English we have been writing Biographies. 
Use the links below to have a look at their websites!
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Take a look at our Talk for Writing work across the school.
Year 1
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Year 1 have been reading Oliver and Patch as part of their familiar settings topic. The children have retold the story using actions and are now beginning to use the story to help them plan and write their own stories with a familiar setting. We can't wait to read them Year 1!
Year 2
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Year 2 have been studying the Tear Thief as part of their familiar settings topic. The children orally learnt and retold the story before writing their own versions. We had the Shadow Thief, the carrot thief and even the teacher thief.
Year 6
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Year 6 have been studying myths and legends. They orally learnt part of the legend Beowulf before producing their own pieces of writing.
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We have lots of displays in school to encourage reading for pleasure and reading at home! Have a look at our displays in the pictures below! 
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We also have a fantastic reading yard at St Matthew's. Every day, children are offered a selection of books and they can choose a nice relaxing place on the yard to go and read. 
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Children at St Matthew's enjoy the independence they are given during a Reciprocal Reading session and love practising the skills of predicting, summarising, questioning and clarifying! Below are some pictures of Reciprocal Reading sessions.