At St Matthew's we believe that English is at the heart of everything we do. The children live in a world in which communication, reading and writing are all essential parts of everyday life, this is why the staff at St Matthew's are committed to helping all of the children reach their full potential.

On this page, you will find relevant information about the English Curriculum at St Matthew's.
It is our intention that our pupils acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to become independent learners and communicators. We strive to ensure that all our pupils receive a well-rounded learning experience when reading, writing, speaking and listening. We recognise that well developed Literacy skills can open a world of academic success for children and we understand the importance of language in our lives. Staff at our school are committed to ensuring we do our very best to help the children in our care become successful readers, writers and linguists. By the time children leave St Matthew’s, they will be equipped with the skills and mind set needed to reach their full potential in English.  The children are provided with opportunities to explore and practise a range of genres from EYFS to Year 6. Teachers plan lessons that instil and encourage a love for reading, a passion for writing and a confidence to verbalise their creativity. The desire to embed and consolidate Literacy skills is reflected across our curriculum. Confidence in basic language skills enables children to communicate creatively and imaginatively, preparing them for their future journey through education and beyond.
At St. Matthew’s, children are given daily opportunities to explore and develop their reading, writing and oracy skills through a number of rich, engaging and creative activities in order to prepare them for the world they live in.

We understand that children need to be able to listen to and recall genres orally before writing their own, which is why we use Talk for Writing to help develop children’s oracy skills. We strive to ensure children can communicate clearly in written form and become masters of language. We promote reading throughout our Curriculum and children are given opportunities to develop their reading skills every day. We use Reciprocal Reading to improve pupils’ reading and comprehension skills.

We teach children at St. Matthew’s to write using a cursive script from the beginning of their time here. We know that using a cursive script helps most children become more confident, fluent writers and also helps improve spelling. We believe that good presentation skills are important as we want children to value their own work and for others to do the same.

We understand the importance of writing and language in our lives and we are committed to ensuring we do our very best to help the children in our care become creative writers and successful readers.
We strive to ensure that our children's attainment is in line with or exceeds their potential based on their varied starting points. We measure this using a range of materials, whilst always considering the age-related expectations for each year group. Children will make good progress in Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. We intend the impact of our English curriculum will ensure our pupils are academically prepared for life beyond primary school and throughout their educational journey.
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Performance Poetry by the children of 4M
Sample of persuasive writing in Class 4M
Poetry inspired by our author visit Matt Goodfellow
Year 5
Year 5 were extremely excited to meet children's author Patrice Lawrence. She took time to answer our questions about her book, 'Diver's Daughter', which we have been reading extracts from. 
Year 6
Useful Resources
Oxford Owl
To help support all of our children during Covid-19 we have purchased a subscription to Oxford Owl online reading books. This is the same scheme that the school uses for home reading books. Each class will be given their own login details so that the children can access reading books online at home.

Please ensure your child reads books from the level they are currently on (the level can be found on the back of your child's current book or you can ask your child's teacher what level they are on). There are a variety of books available across different genres and topics. We also have access to decodable phonic books to help the children with their phonics and reading.

Please see the link and the guide below showing how to access and use the Oxford Owl website.