Geography @ St Matthews
Spring Term
Global Week 2020
This year our theme was conservation. All of the children explored an endangered animal. We looked at why they were endangered, their dwindling environment and human behavior and where we can locate these animals around the world. Our studies included geographical enquiry, Art, Philosophy, creative writing and Mathematics.
Have a look at some of the work samples below
Class 6P
The Golden Mantella Frog
Class 4D
The Tiger
Autumn: Samples of work this term!
Year 3 exploring Tectonic Plates
Y5 exploring the common heritage
of Wales and Patagonia
Year 3 create erupting volcanoes!
Year 3 exploring the mountains of Snowdonia with an OS map and coordinates.
Reception have been exploring how the world works through buildings and structures.
Class 3M 
The Rhinoceros
Class 5G
The Orang Utan
Autumn: Classroom displays this term
Year 1 creating their first maps.
Big Culture Week ends with The Big Picnic
What a fantastic week Big Culture 2017 has been. This year we focused on the plight of refugees, where they come from, what has happened to them and why has this happened? Across the key stages children and staff have faced some difficult questions, facts and scenarios. We have explored them through art, philosophy, creative writing, story telling, enquiry, RE, History lessons and of course Geography.  We obtained 'School of Sanctuary' status, not just because of the week but because of our Catholic ethos and our British values - 'all are welcome, all will be safe.' We ended the week celebrating with a 'Big Picnic' lunch on the playground were children eat and talked with children they don't normally see.
Year 6 Cross-curricular Maths in Geography - working out water usage in our homes.
Year 6 explore the wider area using Ordinance Survey maps.
Year 2 explore Kenya and the continent of Africa
Year 5 display their work on Rainforests